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Wesley Clark was Right!!!

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Yes I am a fan of Both of Obama and Wesley Clark and I am a democrat but I thinking critically I can see clearly that Wesley Clark's comments about McCain are not only true but long overdue

The political debate in this country has reached all time lows. 99.9% of our presidential campaigns is about the "horse race" of the campaign and not about substantive policy issues.

We don't discuss which polices are better, or who has the better idea. No we talk about personality and the candidates life story.

McCain wants to start another war in Iran which would be disastrous for the U.S and will stay in Iraq no matter how much money it sucks out of our economy and how many American Heroes are killed or sent home with horrific injuries. Or the fact that this war was a terrible idea and its taking troops out of Afghanistan

Obama is for getting out of Iraq before it bleeds our country dry and is against starting another war in Iran while we can't even win the war in Afghanistan, THE REAL WAR ON TERROR.

Yet every time there is a debate on war and foreign policy. like a group of parrots the media squawks McCain was a Pow he has to know about war right!

Well wrong Clark, a decorated war veteran and general was right to criticize McCain, he said nothing disparging about McCain, he only said getting shot down does not mean you get to be president.

Some of our best wartime presidents never served, FDR, Ronald Regan, Abraham Lincoln( who very very briefly joined a miltia for about six months but he himself said he did nothing). Look at the disastrous military blunders under veterans such as JFK and Nixon.

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