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A Haunting Dream

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:52 PM
A dream of mine as originally recorded on my MySpace blog on the date:

July 20, 2006

"Doom is here." He said, rushing past me to go tell the others. We all knew it had been coming, the world was acting strange these past few months. The sky was different, clouds traveled fast, but on several different channels of wind. It looked strange. There were visible holes in the sky, rips, tears, whatever you want to call them. On the news yesterday they reported how a celebrity couple's home was smack dab underneath one of the holes in the sky, and the temperature in that area boiled. It was so scary.

Doom came in the form of a giant tidal wave. The last thing I remember is being on the balcony of a hotel resort with other people who were suposed to be my family and friends (I didn't recognize any of them). So we watched as the inevitable happened and nobody knew what to do "This is going to be the hugest tsunami the world has ever seen." the same man said to me that had rushed past me a few minutes prior. We all just stood and watched and waited for it to hit us. It was so huge and scary, I remember thinking frantically "Will I die immediately? Should I hold my breath?" ....

And thankfully my cell phone rang and woke me up, at 4 a.m. Another private caller and I don't answer those.

So that was a dream I had two nights ago, I was just reminded of it when I heard a loud jet in the sky. I've also had one dream where the end of the world came in the form of a big meteor/comet. And another in the form of an atom bomb. Woot.

All three of these dreams have been hella visually detailed. In this last one the Earth's climate had just run amock, there were several different things going on in the sky, in the air, with the ocean, etc. and it had become apparent the end was near. In the one where the meteor/comet is coming towards Earth, it was nighttime I was staring at it head on, it was a huge round fireball in the sky, it had a ring of fire around it. When it broke into the Earth's atmosphere, it produced a large "BOOM" and sent invisible ripples through sky.... like waves.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 02:00 AM
I've been wanting to post my dream for couple of weeks now, but had no idea how to put it in words even...
It was so vivid and kind of frightening that I woke up in a cold sweat and slept with the lights on for the next few days after that.
I also had a similar dream less than two years ago and until today I am truly puzzled of what it all meant. In my dream, I found myself standing on this so-called bridge which was connected from Los Angeles to Chicago. And all these people were running around me in panic, screaming that they don't want to die. Then I heard the voice, saying that in order to survive, you'll have to cross this bridge saying to yourself (thinking to yourself) the following numbers: 4, 3, 3, 2, 1. And while you say those numbers crossing that bridge, you can't look back. If you look back, you won't survive. And in my dream, I was telling people those numbers, urging them not to look back as they were trying to save themselves.

The second part of my dream was even more weird than that. I found myself and many other people flying on this so- called "tram". It looked like a mini train. All of a sudden, I hear the same voice telling me to look at the window on this "train"... and when I did, I was terrified. I saw the earth or whatever was left of it I should a dry island, with no light, no life, no people...I started to cry, asking myself: "What happened? When did it happen?" and until today, I will never forget that voice saying to me, " This is November, 2012" Then the voice told me to look down from the window again, but to make sure "they won't see me"?!?!....
So I did... I could not understand who they were or what they were doing but two things I could remember vividly: they looked like the manequins(those naked, bold manequins that we usually see at the clothing stores)... so they looked exactly like them! And for some reason, I was so afraid of them, I don't think I was ever so terrified before the way I was experiencing that fear in my dream. I think I even screamed... because the next thing I see in my dream is one of those "manequins" lifting his head up , looking up in the sky and seeing me watching him through that train's window. I got this unexplainable feeling of fear again, remembering of what the voice told me "make sure they won't see you", and now they did... fear of what was about to happen because of that.... I thank God I woke up!!!! I think I had tears in my eyes and just sat there for a good hour on my bed, trying to understand the meaning of my chaotic dream.

I never experienced dreams like that before. I keep thinking about it once in a while, and when I do... I get chills down my spine.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by elllisDee

Wow, that's a really weird dream. I've had a lot of end-of-the-world dreams too, their pretty scary and weird.

So you have visually detailed dreams as well? It seems like mine are always like that, kinda weird.

Oh and btw, cool avatar!

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:10 AM

I had such dreams, tool.
Where the world burned and many comets came down and the hole city was burning. People cried and run around, whitout knowing what to do.
I took my child and my animals and run to a big mountain, where a cave was. I run inside, but nobody want to follow me. I cried and said to the people: "Come in! There it´s secret!!!" But nobody followed me.
Crazy or...
Then I waked up and must look out of the window, to see that the world was the same as I went to bed.



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