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Interview With An Open Mind by an Open Mind

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 03:28 AM
Well in case none of you have checked it out, there is a four part interview with David Shearer. He is highly regarded in Canada, in the field of Art and philosophy , and he is widely respected. He just so happens to be my son, which makes me a really lucky and blessed person.

David's journey to get where he is today was and is a challenge and also an adventure. Now is your chance to hear his first ever podcast and it is here on ATS and BTS, now... you can find it under 'recent posts' in ATS, or in the podcast center. Enjoy and have some fun, the interview went great.

His site links are as follows... under the name REK0

He is also seen on Red Ice Creations under the name David the Artist, in the open forum.

Also you can find many of his videos on You tube under the name of Notarecordplayer.

He covers many topics, '___', Salvia, NWO, Bush, Spirit Energy, Politics, Aliens, 2012... and lots more... this is both in the podcast and at his sites. But at his sites he is much more in depth.

Please feel free to leave comments here and I will get them too him...

Enjoy your life and I will probably be in the chat room again soon...


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