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A General Categorization Of Threads.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Howdy everyone, I have compiled a small list of threads here at the 'Peak Oil' forum. The list contained the most popular threads this forum has ever seen; plus some small threads but real gems. So here we go...

Oil -The World Needs Another Addiction.
At what point will you stop buying gas ?
How to Increase MPG [Miles.Per.Gallon]
Should congress be in session.
OPEC - Oil To Reach $170 This Summer; West Leaders Look Dazed.
Will Gas Prices Go Down Again?
Do you believe in Peak Oil Now?
The World will Never run out of OIL!!!!
Nymex Crude over $66.6 tomorrow - coincidentally just in time for ...
Who killed The Electric Car?
Most Important Video You Will Ever See...Lindsey Williams - The Energy Non-Crisis
Two Hundred Billion Barrels of Oil in North Dakota
$6.00 a gallon, when?
European Truck Drivers on STRIKE!!
Oil climbing to $15 a gallon, followed by rationing.
China Drills For Oil 50 Miles Off The Florida Coast???
‘Perhaps 60% of Today’s Oil Price is Pure Speculation’
Oil Skyrocketing? No! USD Plummetting!
ENOUGH! I am boycotting gas!
Is Gasoline going to $6.00 a gallon?
Sick n' tired of these gas prices! What can we do?
Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse
Don't let gas prices scare you into a hybrid- Do The Math.
What can we do about high gas prices???
No such thing as peak oil
A word of warning... fill your tanks tonight!
Production in the world's 2 largest oil fields rapidly coming to an end - Soon
U.S. to begin selling Iraqi oil for $50 per barrel
Could the US be in its final hours already?
Peak Oil and the end of civilization?
We have our own oil, the Tar sands, oil shale.
Gas Prices Drop (Election time)
Oil Alternative
Armed Militants Storm US Oil Platforms In Nigeria
Obnoxious gas prices
Can the Use of Acetone as an Additive really improve your miliage upto 35%?
Alternative energy sources... which are best to support?
New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production
Remember John Titor???
Running out of oil faster than expected. War looms in the distance. zzzzz
Russia to trade oil in rubles - a new threat to the dollar
Zero Point Generator ready? Solution to oil?
The Reasons why Hemp can save our environment
China's Geo political strategy
When I gassed up this week, I got angry!
When and what happens when oil runs out: The answer
History of OIL- Video
Substitute for Oil
Pelosi and her merry band of democrats will steal
U.S. has largest untapped oil reserve in the world
Biodiesel. World catastrophe in the making. (but the profits are good).
Chavez Ships Discounted Heating Oil to Needy US Families
Iran warns of $200 oil if US pursues sanctions
When will the US start using their oil
Stop using oil from Venezuela and Arabia.
The end of the age of oil? I think not!
3 trillion barrels of oil found in Colorado !

That's all that i can post.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:40 PM
NASA discovers that Oil is not a fossil fuel. Peak Oil Confirmed Hoax
A short post on why Hybrids are moot...
What are Gas prices now ?
What would you do when your told Oil and Gas isn't available?
peak oil my bottom
The End of the World.. as we know it
OIL: Conditions are Ripe for another Great Depression.
The Absolute Answer to Oil Peak: Cold Fusion.
oil peak starting to look like hoax...thoughts?

There are a few more that i could not get in the first post, i used up too many letters. So they are the best of the best in my eyes. I hope this helps some people see what this forum is about; and thank you to dbates for giving me the go-ahead with this.


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