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The true purpose of nukes?

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 04:01 AM
I was just reading about India's rise to power... the fact that it's now a nuke weilding country, on it's way to becoming a huge world superpower... and I notice similar behavior/attitudes of citizens in all of the nuke countries, especially the countries that have been nuclear for a while now.
I was also thinking about space-based weaponry, and just war in general.

Then it hit me.... dunno why I never realized this before... but the only people that suffer at the hands of nukes are the citizens. What does that do to your subconscious mind, always knowing in the back of your head that if enough people dissent, all they have to do is drop a bomb to wipe out an entire city?
Why do that when you have spaced based precision laser weaponry and HAARP?

What ARE the purpose of nukes? There's no winner in a nuclear war. Everybody dies, pretty much. So what is the purpose? The purpose is simple.

It was a demonstration. They made sure everybody in the world knew about their weapon's devastation. Think about it. Do you think governments get a kick out of constantly having to beat us back?
No. They'd rather we were made incapable of being able or willing to push back.

They don't need a concentration camp or police brutality or public killings to send the message to the people to stay put and do what we say or you will die. They just need leverage. How can anyone think they can win against a government that's nuclear? Why haven't they used nukes on other countries since WW2? Because not even whole COUNTRIES will dare mess with a nuclear power. All the rulers of the world have to do to get what they want is threaten annihilation. It's much easier if it does not have to get to this point, but everyone knows it and everyone is afraid of nuclear war, and I think honestly the whole thing was another part of this mind control program they all MUST have in order to stay in power. I mean, nukes are a last resort.... not for rogue countries either.... but for the worst enemy of any government.... its people. You have to ask yourself why we didn't nuke the middle east after sept 11th (I won't get into my views on THAT here... but ehh it all has the same effect).

All major superpowers have major major mind control programs going on.
All major superpowers have nukes. All major superpowers hide behind suits, ties, fake smiles and handshakes. All major superpowers are part of the Council on Security, the UN, the WTO, the multinational organizations.
All major superpowers have become highly Westernized and homogenized into the corporate fascist soup of symbolism and idol worship and whatnot.

If you are surrounded by flat out violence and oppression and slavery, you lose your fear of it. This is what most people don't understand. They see third world nations embattled and impoverished and every day is literally a fight to survive, and they compare here with there and it's so far removed from them and we're so far removed from our governing bodies and the world at large, that most people just accept that dribble "factoid" hardcore loyalists and general hypocritical pricks who like to complain about complainers always vomit out at me: "America has got it great. You have no right to complain. Try moving somewhere else and then you'll learn to appreciate nehnehneh whatever that we have here."

What have we done giving our powers away like this over things that we supposedly cannot control? If we can't control something, then how is a government going to help? By controlling us. By controlling what we think we can control and what we think we can't. By controlling what we fear. THAT is the only purpose of all of this ridiculousness.

We're not savages anywhere in the world. I don't understand why people think that "Oh that's just the way they are over there." Ya know... I don't get how people just assume that evil dictators bent on world domination and chaos could never rise to power here in the US, and I don't get people's stagnated visions of what evil looks like. Evil doesn't have to look evil at all.... the devil in a blue dress. Happens every day on a personal level. Ever been in love with just the cutest little button of a girl, who looks and generally acts just like an angel, but then who turns out to have been a backstabbing deceitful bitch the whole time?

Ya know, on a personal level, the nuke is finding out she's had a romp with all your best friends, who you come to find out are all actually evil douche bags as well? You'll lie to yourself and be ignorant to no ends until the day of revelation comes. The big revelation will fall right on top of you, and it'll have a big ol' american flag on it.

The true reason for nuclear proliferation is mind control. Same with war, the economy, public education, the government, the media, the corporations.

They are trying to control God's mind through controlling his manifestations, but what they don't realize is that creation and will is more powerful than any weapon man or alien could ever make. I don't know where the trail ends. Does it end with a human being? For some reason, I doubt it. Humans are clever, and I would not want to make the grave error of thinking that the genius minds who made the nuke possible did not know the implications of such a device. I don't believe that humans would ever desire to build such a device.

I often wonder if multidimensional beings are responsible. I often wonder if beings that we cannot sense have literally been invoked to be the oversouls of nations, and this could be why we're always seemingly blindingly leading ourselves towards bad places, because MAYBE there really is no person or people at the very top. Maybe it's just a giant entity living like a macro-parasite off the collective mental power of people's minds.

John Dee's Macrobes, perhaps? Supposedly, one of the things these "macrobes" told him is that in order to break the "quarantine" of Earth from the rest of the universe, humans had to master the atom's energy. What if that was a lie? I mean, all we've gotta do is move our hand along the pavement, and the ants will scatter in whatever direction we point them. With macrobes, it's like herding ants. On a galactic/multidimensional level, we're ants. We don't know how advanced beings have gotten, but we can assume that consciousness has all sorts of stages of evolution past this current one we're in.

Did macrobes trick us into making their hands physical in the form of nuclear weapons and SDI?

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 02:47 PM
If anyone can disagree with me on the true purpose of nukes, I would love to hear it. Guess what freedom loving democratic peacful SOBs invented the nuclear bomb?

Interestingly enough, it was the same people who brought all those wonderful Nazis over from Germany after WW2... just a couple of years later, too. Wow, I guess that's just a coincidence!

If you cannot disagree with me on the purpose of nukes in the hands of America, then you cannot disagree with me about what America has become.

We have stockpiles of the deadliest bombs known to man, 100 times deadlier than hiroshima or nagasaki, and THE CITIZENS never chose to make that decision. Make the deadliest weapons imaginable to hold the world ransom with.. and keep it a total secret.

Why don't you think we'd like that idea very much?

Nuclear bombs' very existence is indisputable evidence that very bad things are on the minds of our keepers, and we can't vote to change their motivations. We can't vote to change their financial swaying power. We can't vote to take all the power back...

but we can decide not to play the game anymore.

The economy.... that's our leverage. Crash it. Bankrupt all the scum ass corporations that have bought out this world and it's armies for a while now, refuse to continue paying for war and death, refuse to work under any corporate entity. refuse to listen to the cops. Refuse to bow. Refuse to give them power. THAT'S WHAT WE ARE DOING!!!!

We have the power. We're batteries, man... and batteries with legs better have cetain measures to hold them in place to get sucked dry of energy.
The nuke is just one of those measures.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 03:50 PM
This thread has no place in the Weaponry forum.
We are here for factual discussion, not 'multidimensional beings'.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 03:57 PM
I think mutually-assured destruction served it's purpose for its time. These days, at least within context of some countries, I think the purpose of having nuclear weapons is to blow s*** up!! M.A.D. doesn't do much for a governmental authority that wants to hurry us all along to the blue-glowing end. Put another way, someone with nothing to loose, or that doesn't value what they have, is a dangerous opponent.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 11:15 PM
Sounds like you've been reading your Tsarion - good stuff.

Remember how John Dee was told three things by the macrobes:

1)Sand will be important (silicon for computers)
2)You must learn to release energy from matter
3)You must learn to create matter from Energy

We know that two of these goals have been accomplished, but we have yet to officially create matter from energy. That Leads Us to CERN, which I believe could be designed to use energy to pluck a particle from another universe or to actually create one.

I Do believe that passing through the Photon Band may have something to do with the construction of CERN. Perhaps it is just large enough to protect a certain area of the Earth from the effects in this area of space. Tsarion believes that the Photon band might have some sort of negative affectations on the Race he refers to.

Perhaps CERN will shield them from from the Photon Band, and in case it doesn't they have prepared a vast subterranean network to protect themselves.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 11:22 PM
According to the Theory that the Universe is a Novelty Conserving Engine, and that we have currently entered a period of Time/Space where Novelty is presenting at an increased rate according to the predications derived from the Laws of the Inverse Square and Ilya Prigogine's Fractal Universe Theory.

The fact that so many in the Fields of Quantum, Theoretical, Fractal, Novelty, Hyperdimensional, Torsion Field Physics et al are able to coalesce and show quantifiable relationships between these varied fields is proof of a new Period of increased Novelty having been entered. Some sort of Nexus is approaching and the current physics lacks the flexibility to describe even the precursory Affectations.

Corresponding to this is the beginning of our passage through the Photon Belt - Potentially one of the Most Data-rich environs in the Galaxy. One could indeed say that synchronicity and corresponding level of Novelty has undoubtedly begun to Present at a rate predicted by the Fractal Universe Theory and it's adjuncts; Torsion Field, Quantum & Hyperdimensional Physics.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 01:17 AM
To clear things up, let me tell you all a little story here called World War Two:

A crazy man named Adolf Hitler decided to go on a psychopathic European killing spree, with the end result of world domination. However, conventional warfare was much too inefficient, so ICBM's and nuclear weapons began to be research and developed. The allied powers simply could not fight a nuclear war without nuclear weapons, so the USA started the Manhattan Project, which ultimately produced the world's first nuclear weapon. By the time that it was completed, Nazi Germany had been decimated in a conventional war, and only Japan remained. The USA, not wanting to waste thousands of soldiers attempting to fight the suicidal Japanese on thier home soil, decided to bring WWII into the nuclear age. Two bombs were dropped on Japan, and WWII was over. Horray!!

Nuclear weapons originated as an efficient means to kill people, not the garbage the OP is talking about (Ghosts developed nukes!?!?!) The arms race has escalated from August 1945 onwards. The expression "Fight fire with fire" comes to mind. Total war against a nuclear weiling nation is, literally, suicidal.

The political aspect of nuclear weapons, however, does play a role. Nuclear wielding nattions often have more presence on the international stage, and are less likely to be "messed" with. North Korea wouldn't be in existence right now, if China had never acquired nuclear devices.

The development of nuclear wepons by a nation is usually the result of:

A.) Arms Race (It's about as powerful as you can get)
B.) M.A.D. (I.E. Hostile nation has acquired nuclear weapons)
C.) Political Means (Think North Korea. They developed nuclear wepons in order to be taken "more seriously" by the world

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by hpsfl

You are confusing this issue. If the True purpose of nukes is to yet be made known - then we must assume (for this thread only) that the reason we were told we developed nukes was not the TRUE reason...

The second world war was just a means to an End - Global Dominion. Dominion Not by the Fascists or the Commies or the Capitalists, but by an unseen force that has been manipulating human history.

The wars have always been only a means to an End. A sacrifice to a greater power for reasons you will never read about. What happened during WW2?

A Holocaust happened, and the word 'holocaust' means "A burnt offering"

Who was burnt and who were they sacrificed to? (See 'macrobe')

What would be the bounty for such a deed? World Government? Total power?

Coincidentally after the second world war, The United Nations organization is created to "End all War and Unite the World.

The Most powerful people alive during the second world war were alive after it. The only difference was they now had access to Nuclear weapons and and had an International body prepared to bring about their World Government.

The second World war and those who participated played a minor role in a very big show. The same power controlled all the players, it was an illusion of history.

The two largest holocausts, according to the definition of the word at the time of the war, were those Holocaust made at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Perhaps the Nuclear weapon was the only thing that would suffice to meet the requirements of such an evil sacrifice.

It reminds of of a quote by Seaborg

"...And it did not stop, would not stop until it had eaten it's fill,
only then did it steal back from whence it came."

He had just witnessed an atomic bomb test, and knew what it really was. He himself had helped to crack the code that woke up that particular daemon.
We gave it form, if only for a moment.

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:36 PM

The second world war was just a means to an End - Global Dominion. Dominion Not by the Fascists or the Commies or the Capitalists, but by an unseen force that has been manipulating human history.

It's funny how everyone is classifying a nuclear weapon as a "religious object" now. It's a killing machine, just like any other sharp, pointy object ever invented. Is a Glock religious too now, or a butterknife? And we ended this "supernatural force" how? By killing six million Jews, and carpet bombing Berlin and Tokyo? Did the D-Day invasions vanquish this "almigthy and everlasting" force from Europe? Funny, because I don't recall alot of Flying Saucers involved in the Battle of the Buldge.

A sacrifice to a greater power for reasons you will never read about.

The Nazi's sacrificed God's people (The Hebrews) to God? I guess God was also craving Communists, Homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses, and people with disabilities. There isn't a single religion that's fundamental beliefs bely genocide, and mechanically exterminating millions of people for thier God. I doubt the Masons wanted six million Jews, either.

The Most powerful people alive during the second world war were alive after it.

Adolf Hitler, nor Benito Mussolini was, and they were pretty damn powerful. Franklin Rossevelt wasn't alive either. Was E.T. alive then?

A Holocaust happened, and the word 'holocaust' means "A burnt offering"

Greek ὁλόκαυστον (holókauston) holos "completely" and kaustos, "burnt". I'm still trying to find "offering". Maybe you can point me in the right direction?

The two largest holocausts, according to the definition of the word at the time of the war, were those Holocaust made at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Funny, Becuase alot of Jews were thrown in the Ovens in concentration camps. Alot of them were burned in mass graves too, so by definition, the Holocaust is slightly worse, only by 10.78 million.

So are you saying that this "orginization" is human, supernatural, or extraterrestrial. If it's anything other than human, take this to the UFO forum please. This is a place for factual arguments regarding past, present, and future weaponry. E.T. doesn't play a part in any of this.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by doctormcauley

Nuclear weapons are "weapons", developed by man. All other ideas of are franky silly and foolish.

This thread is nonsense and should be moved / deleted / closed so I agree with Iblis.


posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 05:11 PM
This is a theoretical dicusussion, not an historical one.

You two are in the wrong thread, we are discussing the ramifications of the developments of nuclear weapons in-so-far as they DO NOT relate to military power.

This thread is to talk about the other possible uses for nuclear weapons aswell as alternative reasons for their development.

We already know what official history tell us. Should you post common historical knowledge; You will not not informing anyone of anything they don't already know - We want your OWN theories behind the development of nuclear weapons, not the one you read in a book.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by doctormcauley

My thoery: That this is not a factual dicussion, and you should take all this E.T. garbage to the UFO forums.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by hpsfl

Slander doesn't belong in any forum, please take it elsewhere.
This is thread to discuss ulterior motives behind the development of nuclear weapons;
So your theory has E.T's in it? Fine, so long as it is an alternative to what we have been told about these weapons.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:09 AM
A nuke could be used to break the world popcorn poping record

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

...well they are the worlds most powerful microwaves.

They could also break the record for most people killed in one instant - which I believe may have some occult or sacrificial purpose.

The project developers were perennial members at Bohemian Grove, and we all know what goes on there...

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Nuclear weapons were developed for multiple reasons.

The main reason to was to act as an area of denial weapon. It also acts as a major deterrence to war in of itself. It's a very useful political weapon. Nuclear weapons were also developed to ensure complete destruction of a single target even if it wasn't a direct hit, carpet bombing may just be getting old at some point.

Also, damage per cost yield; kill a lot of people per quantity of bomb dropped. It's an exponential graph, I happen to think math is fun.

Shattered OUT...

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Although i find the OP's ideas over multi-dimensional beings attempting to tear apart space-time and enter this dimension in order to enslave/consume us all rather interesting, i'm afraid i'm going to have to stick to what i know for sure.

Nuclear weapons are one-shot genocide tools, thinking of them as anything else is sheer ignorance.

I'm pretty certain there are enough nukes on this planet to ensure humanity's extinction if we were to use them.

Isn't that a pleasant though, folks?

We've got weapons that are so good, we can annihilate our entire species with very little effort!

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:47 AM
To win war with the least number of US dead. And to insure that if we are loosing a big war and US soil can be taken we can turn the lights out on the entire planet. POOF nobody wins.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 04:52 AM

Originally posted by TXMACHINEGUNDLR
To win war with the least number of US dead. And to insure that if we are loosing a big war and US soil can be taken we can turn the lights out on the entire planet. POOF nobody wins.

Or if the population turned against the Ruling elite, their control over the Nuclear arsenal would allow them to blackmail the whole planet....

Then there is the inevitability factor- as explained by Ilya Pregogine's Fractal Universe Theory.

That the Universe is a Novelty-Conserving Engine and nuclear weapons are merely a side effect of entering a new period of novelty is a theory that is beginning to prove itself - via the fractal increase of computing power as it relates to the law of the conservation of novelty and the laws of the inverse square.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by doctormcauley

The only "supernatural mind-blowing" thing you can say about nuclear weapons, is that they can utterly destroy the human race within a day. Nothing else we ever developed could do that.

Other then that, they're just a REALLY big bomb. Nuclear bombs are measured in Kilotonnes and Megatonnes, so if I went outide right now and stacked up 40 Kilotonnes of TNT, would that be considered "The square root of an inverse square?" No; It would just be a really big explosion.

Are you saying that we can use Nuclear weapons to blackmail the corporations? We can do that simply by not buying anything from a specific corporation. The Republicans? Don't vote for them.

This thread is just getting silly. Nuclear weapons are just efficient killing machines, and that's that.

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