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Decifering gods code about the end times.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:19 AM
Through out time people have been trying to predict the end of times. Its one of the moust fasinating and debated topics of human kinde. "Ever"

Hove its all going to happend. Who is the devil "666" And which nation is the evil one "The beast with 7 heads and 10 horns"

Now i read a lot of history. But not until i came over Richard Perry did i start to read the Bibel as well.

Now i cant tell you what you should belive, but you should whatch a few of his videos. I for one think he is onto something big. I dont agree with everything, But again i dont know the bibel that well yet. But he sure cought my tention.

Now will these videos get youre atention!! now i know there is a lot of belivers and non belivers out there. But would his predictions change youre wew on the though of God and the time og the end.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by spy66

I promise. Anyone trying to make a buck off of this, is the first you need to discard. If I may suggest, you are the best resource for information, as all the past and future is you. If you start looking for the end, it just might come, so I would say Thank the father of lights for his awesome ride and pray it get increasingly better and not worse, not that scripture won't be full filled, but the son of man said, "many will fall and be broken(speaking of the cornerstone=himself), but WOE unto whom it falls on them, for they will be pulverized and scattered to the wind". One other thing that I think is odd. People are always worried about the "Anti-Christ", but have not asked themselves if they are him. Looking for another man to hang all of our problems on has already been done. We all need to start asking ourselves, what have we done to NOT be Anti-Christ. After all, Christ is from Christos, and means "Anointed" and anointed means "Chiefest" "Eldest"(which is really the youngest)....the one to still be walking the earth. If you don't have a child, which is "be fruitful and multiply"then your not letting the son of man "Sow" the seed, so that Angels may be born to be reapers. "But of that day, know man knows the hour, not the angels, nor the son of man, but only the father in heaven...Peace

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 11:48 AM
The Ancient Code team are currently filming throughout Europe for their project tipped to be bigger than 'The Secret', 'What The Bleep' and 'The Da Vinci Code' combined, but what is it about?

At the moment the content as well as the two directors names are being kept secret, but it has been leaked that warfare, end times and natural disasters are going to be examined in relation to the history of civilisation itself, apparently presenting new answers that will affect everyone.

Just like 'The Secret' but with a twist, the key to this film appears to lie in our distant past and have been carried, through conspiracies and secret societies, into the present, coded into sacred symbols and the landscape itself.

Their website - - allows interested individuals, Cinema's, Festivals and Press and Media representatives to become part of a mailing list of 'chosen ones' so that they can find out more about the film as news breaks.

'Ancient Code is a real film made by leading researchers with real answers' say the team.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:40 PM
i find his videos entertaining...
but he presses the wrong buttons, for example he uses prophecy from Daniel to make the point he wants us to follow.
(the video on: the forming of the anti-christ kingdom)

but he excludes other prophecy from Daniel which does not jibe with his interpetation that the Middle Eastern nations of Iran,Iraq... et al

in the book of Daniel, he & we are told that the anti-christ will come from one of he 4 kingdoms that will arise after the death of Alexander the Great.

We are also told in scripture that the kingdom & anti christ will come to attack Jerusalem from their position from the North and West of Jerusalem.

only two of the 4 kingdoms that arose from Alexander the Great fit that location.
see for yourself only the Macedonian kingdom=Lysander
and some of the Mediterranian coastline in the kingdom awarded to =Ptolomy have locations that are North & West of Jerusalem.

(the other Generals lands were too far to the North and West =Seleucid kingdom, is what the video proports is the anti-christ kingdom,
so that Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc
do not fit the area in biblical prophecy for the growth of the 'little horn'

but after the 'little horn', gains leadership & does away with the other 3 kings...the 'little horn' becomes the anti-christ and expands the kingdom...probably to include a great portion of that Seleucid body of modern nations in the middle east & central asia.

thanks, i'll look at a few more of those videos,
thanks again

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