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Are Aliens Religious?

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 11:22 PM
Are Aliens Religious?

Although some contactees are convinced that aliens abduct humans for “spiritual” reasons in order to bring us into a larger kind of one-ness, most aliens would probably differ. For example, how do we define spirit? Most humans define it as enduring yet tend to see it in terms of their own, unique character. Aliens don’t dwell on unique character in that sense. Instead, they define what we call “spirit” as that of a greater, universal whole, which is highly scientific, not simply a glowing quality of a primitive sort. However, a given regime or collective may try to selectively categorize the universal whole as they choose, so the alien notion of spirit and sentience is biased, in some cases.

While some humans think of spirit as their higher individual consciousness, aliens think otherwise--if they even use the word “spirit,” at all. We usually don’t hear their internal discussions on the subject; they’re too subtle. Aliens think of (the notion of) spirit in a collective sense. In other words, only the part of you that’s universal could endure.

Do aliens believe in God or a Creator? The question assumes that there’s a single, individual entity, a kind of superbeing with singular character. Aliens usually don’t think in such terms. Instead, they talk about a multiplicity of intelligences that can converge in a collective community of mind (which you participate in and are part of). Our idea of a Creator assumes that there was a first cause. Meanwhile, in various statments aliens have said the universe is, or can be, infinitely re-cycled, provided certain ecological conservations are respected. In other words, there probably isn’t a single character, a single-voiced deity that was first, in a linear sense of causation. To reduce universal mind to one single personage would exclude great awareness that can collectively dimension into and through any moment. So when aliens tell humans about a “Creator,” they’re probably just couching the subject in terms that a non-scientific human can relate to.

If I’m not mistaken, aliens see the notion of a single creator as immature. In our case, rather than collective social consciousness, we get drunken kings and wannabe upstarts posing the singular and elevating themselves, in the process. So, we see bad presidents and feeble-minded aristocrats all hiding behind the illusion, which is convenient for them because it all fits into the mouth of any literate gofer, at any given time. He or she can simply mouth the idea as though equal to it.

Meanwhile, when the universe cycles or folds into itself, time cycles back into itself also—in either great leaps of context or in tiny increments, depending on the mind of the observer. That’s why remote sensing is (or can be) as it is. That’s how the best minds cohere within a higher, finer order than is immediately visible. In other words, by simply deciding to do so, you can step right out of your old identity—your old science and limitations—and be part of a better kind.

Of course it’s possible that before recent universe cycles with aliens, a nascent earlier kind of universe could have existed, one with more subtle singular vs. non-singular shadings---a darker energy continuum in which intelligence only evolved as a kind of order within order, a shared kind of hyper-mind. Maybe such were the precursors of our more "physically" detached, if not distended-from-darkness, bodily kind. Science suggests that complexity increases with time, making a more darkly interconnected precursor universe possible, theoretically.

The irony would be that a darker precursor cycle would have begun as what we’re still striving to become: peacefully mingled and composed of disembodied, gentle but thoughtful order--easily creative, within certain limits. Such precursors could then have evolved in complexity and knowledge with every later cycle of the universe, although we might think them primitive. Meanwhile, by now “they” would be hyper-intelligent, a nearly all-knowing community of mind cycling within or beyond dark states nearly instantaneously. We could, conceivably, have borrowed from them to even exist in the first place. In such a scenario, we would only be beginning to understand their precedent.

Again, our zero moment of the universe coming into being isn’t a typical alien’s idea, at all. Aliens point to the same kind of mathematically balanced conservations of energy that human scientists discuss, but aliens discuss it in terms of negative and alternate cycles, not linear waveform. More importantly, aliens talk about and strive to be part of all mind that ever was, is now, or ever will be. That corresponds to a human idea of God but is different. It’s more scientific.

The best alien understanding is scientific and all-inclusive with a complex, inter-dimensioned multi-character---the many dimensions of all existence. And just where are those extra dimensions of mind and spirit? In every aspect of existence, everywhere. Aliens don’t sit and not work on the science and breadth of awareness in it. Unlike humans who tend to wax authoritative and recite dogma, i.e. do this and that, or else, aliens walk you toward a more deeply scientific understanding in a larger sense. The (western) human version of religion tends to be passive, externalized and is thus used by “authorities” to tell others what to do. It’s rather slave-like, isn’t it?

The typical alien understanding is better. Everyone must think and behave accordingly because mind and consciousness are ultimately collective, overall. The alien version requires that you be actively responsible for the highest understandings, actively included in such, not just an outsider appealing to “God” to give me this or that, or allow me such. To aliens, no single book is adequate to embody it all—better to read the whole library yet still not know it all.

We can say with certainty that no gray, Verdant or any other advanced alien believes in a masculine god. Why not? Because there’s no gender in the sum total of universal consciousness. Gender is peculiar to an individual's body, and some aliens aren't even sexual. Some clone or reproduce otherwise. Some aliens are feminine and would be offended by an attempt to portray universal mind as masculine. So it can’t be done.

Meanwhile, abductees report that some aliens view humans as an uncorrected species,
a population that's scientifically backward and easy to take advantage of. Given the human tendency to think that alien intervention is a God-sent revelation, aliens have long known that they could manipulate humans by staging technologically simple phenomena framed in religious terms. In one sense, this poses a problem for human governments because any attempt to expose basic facts about aliens and alien intervention may, in some way, have to touch upon the history of religious phenomenology. Failure to do so could leave the door open for alien manipulation of religious prejudice, which would allow IFSP aliens to propagate conflict here in order to take crude advantage of us.

Believe it or not, military intelligence sources have reported that the IFSP claims to have had a role in the lives of “three human prophets.” In a sense, this poses an obstacle to public disclosure about aliens because if human governments announce the presence of aliens, that might invite the IFSP to step in and exaggerate its role in three related religions (presumably Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

So at present we’re vulnerable when governments deny that aliens exist because that retards normal scientific inquiry. The situation is complicated by economic disparities, plus the fact that 3.4 billion humans affiliate with the three religions. Although only a few hundred million believers would be naïve enough to be swayed by such aliens, there are potentially destructive strains among that fraction. The problem isn’t their religion, of course. It’s the manipulation of religion by corrupt authority.

Various aliens, including IFSP aliens, have challenged humans to think rather than simply accept what others tell us. Such aliens see life as a process of active, thoughtful discovery, a lifelong inquiry. They know that more advanced aliens exist, as does larger community of mind. It challenges them to think. Thoughtful inquiry leads to fantastic possibilities and successively more evolved kinds of being. So, good aliens see a need to purify themselves, in a sense, in order to advance their awareness.

When we discuss alien thought we encounter limitations. No matter what we think at at given time, we’re always learning more. So, in a sense, a book like this is always being written and re-written. It will never be complete.

***the above is the latest section of Alien Mind - a Primer. Now I only have a final, brief discussion of "Ultimate Implications," then it's done. The print version will come out shortly.

Next, I'm working on a new book titled "After Contact and Conflict; the Hyper-Conservations of Advanced Communities."

It's not as boring as the title sounds. It's about new categories of alien and mixed community awareness--where we are today, rather than where we were 10 years ago.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by gl2

We can say with certainty that no gray, Verdant or any other advanced alien believes in a masculine god. Why not? Because there’s no gender in the sum total of universal consciousness.

where are you getting your facts from ? you have no way of proving any of your theory's(correct if i am wrong please) and you speak as if you know what the aliens are thinking................ is this coming from the Galactic Federation ?

got any evidence to back up your claim that there is no gender in the total sum of the ' universal consciousness' ??

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:02 AM
After thousands of hours of contact with aliens since 1995, I do know how some aliens think. In truth, no one on Earth can know how all aliens think, but we can certainly speak based upon direct observations, limited as they may be.

Not a Galactic Federation routine, here. See my (free) book Alien Mind - a Primer, which discusses that notion.

And universal consciousness explicitly, definitively can't be framed in terms of one gender or another. That much is manifest, scientifically self-evident. To frame the entirety in terms of but a part is inadequate. Aliens aren't primitive, in that sense. I didn't say there was "no gender" in universal consciousness, just that our notion of God certainly isn't theirs.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by gl2

After thousands of hours of contact with aliens since 1995, I do know how some aliens think.

can you elaborate on this ? are you channeling these aliens ?

and do you have a link to your free book ? i will read it if you post a link

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by gl2

If you really want to know check out the Urantia Book. All types of "alien" beings are written about in that book along with the spiritual understanding of the universe as a whole.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:26 AM
Conjuring up such convoluted explanations of the alien perspective on humanity is a common symptom of withdrawal from reality, better known as schizophrenia. Let me guess, these "aliens" have also shown you a number of future events, but didn't bother to give you any specific dates for those events, right?

Are you on medication for depression or schizophrenia? Truth, now. Have you taken your medication lately?


posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:32 AM
DV: that would have been easy to say before 1947, not as easy afterward. 61 years later, in the 21st century, when thousands of contactees, abductees, and official sources openly talk about interactions with aliens, your retort is off-base.

(from my book at which can be read free)

In their interactions with humans, aliens are good observers. To some extent, all are studied scientists. More importantly, all aliens who visit this planet are skilled in telepathy, the ability to not only read another's thoughts, but to communicate complex, diagrammatic information in ways that often astound the human initiate. As such, they can see through humans with a kind of extra-dimensional insight. To do so is the norm, not the exception among alien societies. They're able to do so for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, telepathy is possible via a brain's propagation of extremely low frequency waves (e.l.f.’s). Human brain wave frequencies are e.l.f. and higher. *Low frequency means a long distance between two wave crests.

For more on the subject, we turn to Eisenhower White House National Security Council member Col. Phillip Corso, who wrote a book about how he helped the Army distribute downed alien technology from the famous 1947 crash of an alien craft near Roswell, New Mexico. Corso’s book is required reading for anyone who wants to understand US officials’ attitudes and awareness of aliens. Corso wrote that the Pentagon only realized how a thought-reading alien headband found in the Roswell crash worked after the Pentagon did research on long brain waves (i.e. e.l.f.’s).
Corso wrote, "The medical examiner wrote that measurements of brain activity taken from the EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) who was still barely alive at Roswell showed that its electronic signature, at least what they were able to measure with equipment back in 1947, displayed a signal similar to what we would call long, low-frequency waves. And the examiner referred to a description by one of the Roswell Army Air Field doctors that the creature's brain lobes seem to have been not just physiologically and neurologically integrated but integrated by an electromagnetic current as well." In other words, extremely long waves not only occur in the human brain; they are found in alien brains, as well. Extremely low frequency waves, or e.l.f.’s, are used in alien mind-activated technology (p. 192, The Day After Roswell).
As a University of Chicago physicist is famous for proving, long, low frequency waves can pass straight through the body of a human (or alien) and through other dense structures. Why? Because an atom is mostly just a void of seemingly empty space. The nucleus of an atom can be compared to a small, bizarrely fluctuating pea situated at mid-field in a large football stadium, while the electron is but a tiny micro-dot located way out in the furthest bleachers. So, energy waves can pass through an atom easily.
Energy waves can pass through the internal and external structure of your head, as well
as the seemingly solid objects around you. As was documented in a series of ground-breaking experiments done under carefully controlled conditions at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto during the 1970's, people can sensitize themselves to certain energy waves in order to remotely view a distant person's perceptions, effectively reading another person's thoughts.
How can they do so? Human brain wave frequencies normally range from about 5 hertz (cycles per second) to 30 hertz, although they can spike beyond that range, which allows for some unusual phenomenon, to say the least. Brain waves from 5 to 11 hertz fall within those “extremely low frequency” wavelengths (e.l.f.'s) and are part of the basis for telepathy.
The Army’s discovery in Roswell implies that we, too, can cause thoughts to stream out and away from, or at angles to our brain synapses (the so-called wetware wiring) via e.l.f.'s. In addition, we may be able to leap beyond our brain nerve structure via what some physicists call “scalar electromagnetic” frequencies in order to nearly instantaneously communicate across great distances (more about this later).
In short, Corso suggested that way back in 1947, the Army had evidence that aliens could reach out beyond their brains to interact via mind-activated/mind-sensing “psychotronic” technology. Evidence suggested that even without advanced technology, the Roswell aliens’ brains were able to communicate with each other. In later pages, we’ll see how humans can do so, also.

How does a brain focus energy waves in order to do telepathy and remote sensing? Your brain has about 10 billion brain cells in it, each of which has gentle curvatures within it that can focus your attention in every direction, without even turning your head to face one way, or another. Better yet, each one of those brain cells has from 10,000 to 20,000 string-like dendrites reaching out to communicate with other brain cells, and there’s abundant curvature there, also. Given that there are 3 trillion smaller atoms contained in the last section of your index finger, alone, your brain contains more than 100 trillion atoms in it! Each atom has different varieties of curvature within it, and that too, is conducive to complex focusing (via nearly instantaneous communication across energy plasma). Better still, within each atom are an even greater number of quanta (particles and packets of energy) that can focus energy in various ways. Although it isn’t easy to control one single quantum, your thoughts are a larger, aggregate manipulation (cohering and decohering) of many quanta. As a recent feature film noted, the variety of possible combinations of signals between brain cells in your head is greater than the total number of atoms in this universe! So, there are fantastic capabilities in your mind, and there are even more between a number of minds. As some people say, there’s a universe within.

Some researchers confuse alien telepathy with “channeling.” David Jacobs, PhD, who’s skeptical of channeling, defines it as when “a person in a self-altered state of consciousness believes he/she is receiving communication from an unseen spirit or entity who answers questions or imparts wisdom.” Some channelers speak of contacting ghosts or spirits from another time. Meanwhile, telepathy is starkly different---it happens in real-time and always involves at least some remotely visual aspects. Basic telepathy allows an individual to neatly identify the other individual(s) with whom he/she is communicating. Telepathy is a nearly immediate exchange in which the mind’s vocal and other physical characteristics (of all participants) are clearly manifest, due to intricate mind-body networking. Although advanced technology may be used to try to secure an alien telepath from unwanted probing, the individual alien is always identifiable to those who are practiced in telepathy.

Some, like Jacobs, are cautious about telepathy because it isn’t private, or because it can apparently navigate faster-than-light fluctuations in space-time. Much of Jacobs’ abduction research is premised on alien statements communicated telepathically to abductees. In some cases, however, telepathy may be abused by aliens in the same way that propagandists use neuro-linguistic programming for manipulative control.

The best defense? An educated awareness.

So, how can we tell the difference between human and alien telepathy? To begin with, we must be able to distinguish our own thoughts from those of another human. In telepathic interactions, the initiate must first become sensitized to the difference between his or her own active thought processes and his/her more quiet states of mind. As Russell Targ, PhD in physics, writes, in order to recognize message content from an external source, you must be able to make your mind essentially blank. Targ likens this state of mind to stilled water, or a dark black screen. As such, we can discern the thoughts of others, which are unlike our own. They are out of character. They have a different internal tenor and may contain information and images entirely new to the receiver. If the initiate can’t still his or her mind, he/she may not be able to make such distinctions. *Targ trained hundreds of remote viewers for the US government.

One must first become skilled at noting the difference between one's subtly and gently inter-dimensioned thoughts, versus one's thoughts that have a nearly audio-like verbal character. Some of our thoughts are framed in terms of how they might later be spoken, while others are more complex and may converge from a number of different internal perspectives. Once the initiate sees the difference between the two, he or she will know his or her own internal tenor. Thoughts communicated by an external source may have a more audio-like, verbal character. They may diverge from the receiver's accustomed way of thinking, hence they are out of character. They stand out.

When we mull an idea over, we tend to examine it from a variety of perspectives, which have a soft and familiar precision in our minds. A kind of internal dialogue may go on, yet we’re in complete control of it. A telepathically communicated message will diverge from the receiver's precise internal configuration. It will seem different in a number of ways. More skilled telepathic communicators can carefully monitor a receiver's thoughts in order to pose certain ideas at fairly natural-seeming junctures, yet, once the receiver is able to still his or her own mind, he or she will note that the external source communicates in a way that’s unlike the receiver.

Over time, one gets a feel for how other humans think. This is important because when an alien comes into the mix, as may happen, the alien's thoughts will be strikingly different from those of the receiver. The alien will begin from a more scientifically and telepathically advanced frame of reference. To the human receiver, the complexity and the insights conveyed by the alien will seem unusually intelligent, highly profound and different. Focused alien telepathy tends to arrive in imagery that is subtler and more complex, with softer outlines than the thought of a typical human. To the human initiate, such thoughts may seem like surpassing genius, which they are, in a sense. Telepathically communicated alien thoughts may involve a variety of new ideas and artistic-seeming details, an astounding inventiveness--sometimes even a complex kind of humor. Compared to a human, aliens thoughts seem relatively abbreviated, finely textured, yet multiply-packed with information: words, graphics, a geometric kind of modeling, and a resonance with the nature surrounding you/them--all at the same time.

As abduction researcher David Jacobs puts it, “The aliens communicate telepathically with humans and with each other. When abductees describe the communication process, they say they receive an impression in their minds that they automatically convert into their own words for comprehension.” (The Threat, p. 95). Abductee “Karin” told Harvard psychiatrist and abduction researcher Dr. John Mack about alien telepathy: “Do you know what telepathy is? People say it’s the ability to hear somebody’s thoughts, like you can hear inside their heads. But that’s not (merely) what telepathy is. It’s a resonation… We’re so telepathic on a normal everyday basis.” (Passport to the Cosmos, p. 71)

Writing about the Roswell crash, Col. Phillip Corso cited military documents about the alien(s) who briefly survived the Roswell crash in 1947. Corso wrote that on approaching an injured alien, “witnesses said they heard no ‘words’ in their mind, only the resonance of a shared or projected impression much simpler than a sentence but far more complex because they were able to share with the creature a sense not only of suffering but of profound sadness, as if it were in mourning for the others who perished on board the craft.” (The Day After Roswell, p. 97) In other words, telepathy conveys more than mere words. Sgt. Clifford Stone, former Army telepathic interfacer with aliens says, “you can hear, either verbally or mentally, what they are saying, but as an interfacer you feel what they feel (i.e. saddest, happiness, fear, anger, hate, love, sorrow).” (ATS posting Je ’08)

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:48 AM
The great weakness of these phantasmagorical revelations from on-high is that the "aliens" in question always come off as more intellectually mature compared to humans — as though there is some sort of universally-recognized progression of intellect (which always seems to be based on human intellect). Given what we know of Life on Earth, there is no such progression of intellect evident in Nature. Each species is just as intelligent as it should be.

Are humans more "intellectually mature" than sand crabs? Are chimpanzees more intellectually mature than mayflies? Of course, those are absurd questions. The mayfly is the most intelligent creature in the mayfly's universe. The sand crab is the most intellectually mature creature in the sand crab's universe. There is no valid comparison of intellect. And if there is no valid comparison of intellect among the millions of species presently inhabiting Earth, then how much less likely is it that a species from beyond Earth is going to think in terms of "intellectual maturity"?

I mean, if we're talking about alien species that are so advanced that they can make comparisons of intellectual maturity on a cosmic level — and that they can choose to communicate with us poor, slow, primitive humans in terms that we can understand — then these alien species would surely be aware of the fact that you can't accelerate evolution by simply talking about it. You can't coax a snake into shedding its skin.

As much as the intellectuals out there want to believe that they are somehow "more evolved" than the rest of humanity, or that we're currently experiencing some sort of quantum leap of intelligence and spirituality, the fact is that homo sapiens is no more intellectually advanced today than we were 35,000 years ago. Our earliest human ancestors were just as intelligent, just as creative, just as transcendent, just as spiritual, and just as warlike as we are today. We're no different than the cavemen.

When we naturally evolve into another species (perhaps millions of years in the future), our mental processes may be different than they are now, but you won't be able to boast that we're more intellectually mature, because we won't be humans anymore.

Any "advanced" alien species out there who have been following our antics on Earth would know this.

So, why do you think these "advanced" aliens are offering to mentor us or to help us join the Interdimensional Brotherhood or the Galactic Federation or whatever the hell you want to call it? I mean, they could have mentored us as soon as we evolved into homo sapiens, if that was their intent, because humans were as "intellectually mature" as we would ever be. The aliens could have stepped in on Day One of Homo Sapiens and extended their services — there was no need to wait tens of thousands of years, because we weren't going to become any smarter.

Or perhaps these aliens have been visiting us all along, preaching the same message, and we just keep turning their words and visitations into religions.

No. The reason that these "advanced aliens" are so concerned with our intellectual maturity — the reason they seem so illogically obsessed with our species above all others — is because we invented the aliens. We're fantasizing, to the best of our ability, about our next step in evolution. The "aliens" are us, or they represent what we think we can become.

Just for the record, I very seriously doubt that humanity has ever been visited by an extraterrestrial intelligence, and I don't mind saying that every person out there who claims to be in contact with extraterrestrials is either lying or is suffering dementia of some sort. I haven't met a believable alien contactee or abductee yet.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by gl2
After thousands of hours of contact with aliens since 1995, I do know how some aliens think.

So why didn't you, after all this contact, ask one about religion???
Kinda blows a large gapping hole in your credibility if you ask me.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by gl2
Alien Mind - a Primer. An e-book by G.L. Index and Foreword

the links do not work for this free book ?

haven't decided yet if i want to download a whole book.

you know this is starting to remind me of the Allies of Humanity website were the first book is free but the others are not.
The Allies of Humanity - Revealing the Extraterrestrial Intervention
Allies of Humanity-urgent message from aliens ?, page 1

here is an interview that you did with Jerry Pippin...listening now
Alien Mind - a Primer

from the Coast to Coast web page....

The aliens are physical in nature, he continued, but the universal standard is for non-sexual reproduction, which allows for precise population control and a reduction of territoriality. He estimated the average lifespan for several different species: Greys: 350-400 years, Verdants: (as described by Philip Krapf) 20,000 years, Hyperversals: 11 million years.

i think if aliens are non-sexual and want to influence us to become like them we are in big trouble.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by gl2

the good races are spiritual..i dont think they have religion like ours here...

going to this link will help you understand some of the beings out there and whatnot.

Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates. Quote

This pretty sums up a lot so I thought I post the whole quote from Peggy:

Peggy Kane on June 28th, 2008 at 7:52 pm

......... The Annunaki are in fact reptilians. There are lots of factions and families, different orders and levels of reptilians, but they are all essentially the same reptilian race. The generic term for them is aliens. That is what they call themselves. Pleiadians and Sirians are called by those names, but aliens is the term for reptilian. I didn’t know that at first and it was very confusing for me, but I soon learned.
Good point asking why we aren’t all reptilians if they created us. No, they didn’t create us, they thumped our heads and shut us down.
It is a myth that we were created or enhanced by them. I have heard that the human race was fairly advanced but naive and overwhelmed by the invaders. I just wrote about that above in the post to Randy.
DNA is very important to these reps because they need enough of their own DNA inserted into a human being to be able to cloak themselves inside of that person. People like Cheney and Bush are not reptilian, but have a symbiot inside of them running the show. The human being means nothing to the reps and both Bush and Cheney have been killed and cloned, probably a number of times.
Essentially all of the bibles and holy books of Earth have been written by this race with some information and disinformation to keep us always confused. Every religion on Earth has been manufactured by them to keep us separated and fighting and arguing with each other.
There are good things in religion, and loads of good people, but they always create divisions and that is their main objective. Taken to extreme, and wala you have war and more astral meat.
So to look to the bibles of the world for real answers is always going to disappoint. The objective was never to let us know about the true Creator, nor our true divinity.
The true Creator, also known as The One, is in a fierce battle with this race almost single handedly and is cleaning up the mess.
All of the reptilians will die and go into a hell dimension for a very very long time, perhaps forever.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by Skipper1975

Peggy Kane on June 28th, 2008 at 7:39 pm

The reptilians are from the constellation of Orion and their home world was in tact until very recently when the Creator heated it up and there was a mass exodus, mostly to Mars. Then again just in the last two months, Orion was hit by the Creator, and while it wasn’t destroyed since that would hurt others near by, it was made uninhabitable.
But a very long time ago there were great wars in the heavens and the reptilians won the Earth. The big fix began and in fact, humans were not enhanced, but shut down. I believe the human race was actually fairly advanced, but naive and could not deal with the aggressors who had the muscle and the smarts, to start this whole charade, this matrix. They saw a planet ripe for picking and they moved in.
They were already master geneticists and so the idea of massive cloning is really not much of a stretch. They have experimented on humanity and other life forms constantly and the information that comes out from underground installations like Dulce is easy for me to believe.
The main adversary of the reps have been the Pleiadians. The reps also fouled the main planet in the Sirius system and that is why we have Sirians as part of the Alliance, although they are not as numerous as Pleiadians.
The greys are another matter and I’m not sure what happened to that race, but now they are completely the cloned slaves of the reps and do their bidding or die. They live in terror.
Virtually every structure and system in this 3-d reality is manipulated, especially our minds through all manner of controls from HAARP, to small scale technologies. They also chip people and create psychic links.
They number 1 reason for all of this is not power, or wealth although these play a big part, but meat and energy.
They operate openly in the astral world but cloaked within people of the right DNA in the physical world. They run everything, but hardly anyone knows they exist, that is how good they have been at hiding their presence. When you say reptilians to a mainstream person, they laugh and think you are crazy.
The reptilians have devolved, (although I’ve heard them say they have always been like this)and virtually everyone of them are vicious, murderous vipers who care only for their own pleasure and that’s the bottom line. They are a totally selfish and cruel race.
I don’t know how long they live as they also manipulate our sense of time.
They didn’t wind up here, this was a huge battle to win Earth as it is a prize of meat and energy.
But it is very true that all of the ancient gods are reptilian based and they set up every religion to keep us fighting. You have to hand it to them, they’ve done a really good job of it.

take care and much love to all

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:28 PM
One would think if they believed in a all powerful god that they would not allow others to perceive them as GOD.... however in the same token where did the concept come into being originally? If from them, where did they get the idea... however it is most likely that god and religion is a creation of man in an attempt to understand something that was a mystery to them at the time.

When you don't have an answer.. make something up.


posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 01:34 PM
DV you make some very good points. I agree about supposedly "primitive" humans and us. And I wouldn't tell you to discard your skepticism. Aliens can be predatory, in a more evolved way, and your argument about maturity is dead on when it comes to questions of right vs. wrong in alien interventions and manipulation of people like us.

When you see material that meets your criteria, and only then, will you be interested in the details. So, good scientific skepticism is good, but think about the science discussed. It will take you into new terrain.

**I'm not religious, so I don't ask about religion. It's not like I just sit and go down the list. Subjects only arise in context, and, with a non-religious person like me who's keen on the science, the approach is different.

That old Eyepod site may be inactive--it was only the first 16 chapters or so. The owner of the site died of cancer about a year ago, so it may not be entirely active. See my new, complete site: It has lots of new info.

Don't accept what others say; challenge them and test it all.

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