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WAR: Coalition Headquarters in Baghdad Under Attack

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posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 12:30 PM
A series of loud explosions has been heard in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
The attack appeared to target the heavily-fortified headquarters of the US-led coalition, but so far there has been no word of any casualties.

The explosions were close to the building where the new constitution was supposed to be signed on Monday.
Mortars and RPGs were used in the attack on coalition headquarters, with five rockets targeting the al-Rashid hotel, where senior officals are based.
No report yet on casualties.
US aircraft were seen soon afterwards flying over the area, using heat sensors possibly to detect the source of the rockets. This area last came under attack on last Wednesday, when Paul Bremer was to brief the press about the attack which killed 170 people.

More as it develops
BBC News

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posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 04:01 PM
Just thought I would add this from NE Intel site....

We are including the posting in Arabic, with a translation into English.

Urgent News! Urgent News!

News of a huge shattering explosion on the American forces in Baghdad

We heard the ringing of 10 huge explosions in Baghdad

The explosions were at at the conference center where the signature of the constitution will be completed tomorrow.

The explosion hit the main building.

God bless the Mujahadeen of Al Ansar in all their works
God bless the entire world of Islam
God bless the great Sheikh Osama Bin Laden خبر عاجل .. خبر عاجل ..
الآن يتم قصف وتفجير مواقع للأمريكان والخونة في بغداد ..

سماع دوي عشرة انفجارات في بغداد .

انفجارات تهز قصر المؤتمرات الذي سيتم توقيع الدستور غداً .

انفجار يهز فندق الرشيد .

بعده الحبل على الجرار

اللهم انصر المجاهدين في كل مكان .
اللهم اقم دولة الاسلام .
اللهم احفظ الشيخ اسامة بن لادن.

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 04:05 PM
Interesting, the god bless bin laden bit.. at the least shouldnt it be Allah praise?

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 08:40 PM

Originally posted by browha
Interesting, the god bless bin laden bit.. at the least shouldnt it be Allah praise?

Yes that is quite strange. Most of there messages end in "Praise Allah" or something of the sort concerning Allah...

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