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Is Planet X Nibiru Real ??

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Quickfix
The link showed the planets are visible by night (duh), and some aren't visible by the naked eye due to the sun.

If planet Nibiru were to exist you could see it from the southern hemisphere with a nice infarred telescope (the Vatacan). And as soon as someone can show a picture from a scope like that then I'm sure it would clear alot up, but until then everyone has to make up their own mind.

Unless the earth has flipped over in the last ten minutes, the Vatican City is DECIDEDLY in the norther hemisphere.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by NightDweller
Yes, it is real.
and yes, we'll all be able to see it soon enough.

It's a 'red' planet when seen from the sky,
and can be seen from the Southern parts of the World already.

NASA has released they have found a 'Dwarf Star' that is 'getting bigger'.

But the photos they have of it depict a watery planet, engulfed
in flames on either side. Dwarf Stars do not contain water.
Showing it's on an inbound rotation to the sun. it is a solid object, gradually getting closer. Not a 'Dwarf Star, Getting Bigger'
Nibiru used to be a planet, but has become a comet.

Have you read the bible? I personally haven't, found it too boring,
And excuse myself to say, but I'd personally rather be considered an Occultist. but I have read some passages from it.
There is a time when fire will rain from the sky it says.
And that's true.

Nibiru is atleast 6-8 times bigger then Earth,
and has a huge flamefilled tail coming off the end of it.
It's not going to hit Earth, but it will go past,
creating an Eclipse and the Moon is said to also cop alot of damage from the passing comet.

Now, because it will be going past us, we won't get it.
But we will be getting roasted as the tail hits Earth.

Whilst this eclipse happens, it is said that because of the huge gravitational pull this new object will have on the planets,
it will personally push Earth off its axis and the 'Poles' as we now call them,
will be in totally different locations.
As will whatever country you're in.
The Earth will spin for a few days, like it always does, but much more noticeablely. Creating massive mph winds, huge tsunamis, and other stupid 'natural' disasters.

If you want proof to back up my theory simply ask,
I really can never be bothered putting effort into backing up my claims
if the person wasn't insterested henceforth.

You sir, are deluded. I don't actually believe you believe in this #, just an act of attention seeking.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 05:08 AM
reply to post by L.HAMILTON

its just as real as the big foot in a freezer.. and mr. hobibob from the future and his logo time machine.. and clifford stones knowledge of alien spacecraft.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 02:13 PM
The existence of a planet that orbits as a comet in a trajectory that is off kilter with much of the rest of our planar solar system is as real as the subject of human civilizations' most ancient documents. That's debatable, though I've looked at quite a few pictograms and such and it seems rather extraordinary to have such astronomical ideas within them, as well as many less natural creations that appear to be "spaceships". They also talk about travel between planetary bodies. That's there in history. They are the earliest histories recorded by human civilization. The interpretation is up to you, and to scientists and other such peoples. It seems simplest to me, though, to take the historical documents plainly as they state things, in which case they talk a great deal about this planet (Nibiru).

These ancient documents don't, from what I've seen, say anything about a star, or a brown dwarf star, or a mini-solar system. They also don't say anything about this planet returning in 2012. 2012 is the Mayan date thing involving the galactic center alignment and a mark-point of planetary precession, not a Sumerian returning of Nibiru thing. So let's keep that clear. Nibiru may in fact be quite real, but that doesn't mean it's orbit is returning today or in 2012. It could be another 1000 years before the object returns to this part of the Solar System. I think that would be an obvious reason why no one is seeing it, if it exists.

The Sumerian texts defining the creation myth provide a rather cogent account of the creation of our solar system and provide greater explanations for the planets and orbits and such than does the simple accretion explanation, which is overly simplistic for the complex system we see which contains many anomalies.

What one needs, in order to determine more efficiently the possibility of a planet with a comet-like orbit returning, is 1. the orbital period and 2. the last time it was near earth. - I've seen some wide ranging ideas on the orbital period. I think Sitchin had something like four hundred and something thousand and based it on some 3600 year increments. I've seen some other guesses as well, but more research needs to be done. Perhaps the orbital period is 3600 years? (probably not, but let's use that for the moment). Now let's look at history and say, well, maybe this planetary body's orbit caused the floods of myth (in many cultures). That might be your last marker of when the object was near. Once you have these two pieces of info, then we can determine when such a planetary body would be in this vicinity again.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 02:21 PM
My nephew a while back about 7 years ago told me about his science class because he really loves science, he wanted to remember all of the planets for some test at school so I told him all of the planets and in order, Pluto was a planet then, but he said to me, "You forgot one". I said 'no I didn't that's all 9 planets, the moon isn't a planet'. He said 'no my teacher has on a map planet X it is far from Pluto. At that time I had no idea about any planet X/Nibiru. So I told him that he must have been seeing wrong because there is no tenth planet only 9, so he argued that with me for a little while. I consulted my sister that the teacher doesn't know what she is talking about and is lying to my nephew. So my sister talked to the teacher and my nephew was right, the teacher had a map and it had on it a planet with an X on far away from Pluto and she said it was planet X.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 04:42 PM
Ya, there were a few years (maybe like 5?) in there where planet x was on maps. I'm still uncertain if it was indicated as beyond beyond pluto just because of how far away it was or if they were actually referring other keiper belt objects which were later named (xena). The whole matter was a little confusing and none of the textbooks or maps were clear about this planet x. They don't put it there anymore though. The gravitational effects were never adequately accounted for, so they kind of pushed it under the rug as Keiper material in general, rather than have an unknown planet running around on the loose.

Something about positioning planet X in the same plane as the rest of the solar system always bothered me.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by Incarnated
Planet X = a gravataional body assumed by science to be real as to have an effect on other planetary bodies in our own system that seems to be observable to scientists.

Nibiru = a speculated upon mythological planetary body assumed to be litteral.

Planet X is NOT EQUAL to Nibiru. There is no reason to believe planet x equates to being Nibiru.

Thus the question is not a valid one.

I wonder if what they thought was "Planet X" was actually the blackhole at the center of the universe.

Here's why I think this is possible.

In the 80's, the supposed location of "Planet X" just so happens to be the same exact direction as the center of the galaxy.

I hear reports of a satelite sent up in the 80's that looked in the infrared in that direction.

In the 70's, Hawking thought that the black hole would put off radiation of sorts that would be visible with infrared. So, satelite goes up shortly after looking in that direction in the infrared at a time when blackholes were still theory I think is pretty reasonable.

As well, the black hole would also have pull on all the planets, and in that direction. It's gravity keeps the sun in rotation around it. If it's got enough gravity to hold the position of the sun etc, then it's got enough gravity to effect the planets.

This is the same as the earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth.

If you take the gravity wave thing, where the sun pulls down on the space/time fabric, which creates the pull on the planets, then the sun itself is also inside one of it's own with the blackhole at the center. Thus, the plane of the of solar system isn't exactly "flat", it is in the curve of the black hole. And as such, the black hole would have some gravitational effects on the planets.

I could be way of base here, I'm in no way an expert. But it makes sense to me.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 10:13 PM
You will not be safe anywhere if this does happen. Not even underground. I once had a converstation about this topic one. I asked a friend what his planZ was for when the SHTF. His response was to go to Wind Cave in South Dakota. Something the Indians call the heart of mother earth. I asked... what if mother earth has a heart attack then??? It has been 2 years and he prosimed to get back to me with an answer.

If you are underground and all of the worlds plates start to shift... it doenst take a genius to see that you are SOL. When LIQUID HOT MMMMAGMMMMA start to seep through all the new cracks. When the earth shakes like never before I dont care if you are miles below the surface. The only thing that means is nobody has to dig a hole for your body cause your already in one.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 03:07 PM
If it exists and is coming towards us now, it has done so in the past as well. There might be an event and certainly some issues, but the solar system at this point has come to a balance, with whatever is in it and whatever orbits the sun. It's unlikely that after so many aeons that the orbital path is going to knock everything asunder. World changing events? perhaps. World destruction? extremely unlikely.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 03:42 PM
I didn't know we had discovered Nibiru! Does this not mean the Sumerian Tablets are right once again and they pose a more plausible explanation for life on earth? Is 2012 the end of their 3600 year cycle?

Would appreciate if anybody knows this I'm not as clued up as some on the ancient tablets and the annunaki.

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