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Go Ahead Be A Guinea Pig

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:07 PM
It never ceases to amaze just how stoopid some people are. I have thought long and hard about many things, and this is one of the conspiaracy theories I have thought on quite a bit.

You know how sometimes you get the free samples of food items in the mail, or with youur daily paper. Do you just go right ahead and pour the milk on that free box of fruit loops and proceeed to scarf it all down without thinking of just why it's free?

Could it be laced with some form of drug? Maybe it has some kind of chemicle identifier that will show up on your next blood test and identify you as one of the simple sheeple who goes ahead and eats what your master has laid before you.

How often has this actually crossed your mind? What about the huge co-ops like Kraft using cheese powder made by our friendly communistic little buddies over in China. And doesn't kraft mac n cheese really suck now.

Of course this could happen very easily, and I guess there is a ceratin element of danger in everything, but the next time you get a free box of zippidy doo dah's ask yourself this question...Do you feel lucky punk?

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