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UFO over leeds UK? 27/6/08 pics/vid Debunkers Welcome

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 04:13 PM
Hi I would just like to post some videos/Pics I recorded last night of what I believe to be a UFO.


The time was around 1:15am GMT, it was almost a clear night with the very little cloud cover. Now I first noticed the object when I went to have a cigarette at my bedroom window. My first thought was a chopper or a plane coming towards me, I then noticed this thing was too still to be any of the things I just mentioned. Also there was no sound, at the distance it was at (3/4 of a mile give or take a little) I would of thought that I would of heard some sort of sound “There was nothing” all I could hear is traffic on the main road that runs behind my house. Now as for the high of the object I would say between 500-800ft, note this is just a rough guess. I will not lie as I am no expert of judging how high things are at that distance.

Once I realized there was something strange about the object I dashed for my camera: A Sony DSC-W90.
The Pictures were taken on the cameras auto ISO setting, maybe I could have picked a better setting but never really used the camera for taking pictures of UFO’s. The video clips were taken on the video setting on full zoom.

The best I can describe the object is:

Shape: It was sphere shaped the lights seemed to be coming from the bottom, the top part of the object was not really that visible other that a dark outline. All in all it looked like a sphere shaped object.

Sound: The object made no sound, now we get the police chopper flying over here a few times. At that distance I would have heard the chopper, this thing was totally silent.

Color: The only colors I could make out where the lights, it started off yellow (Rotating strobe) then sort of went to red. There was no sequence to the flashing so I think it’s safe to rule out beacons of some kind. As the object started flashing red it started to move.

Height: 500-800f (Rough Guess)

Distance: ¾ of a mile, this was over a place we call “Town Street” You can use Google maps, Leeds, Armey Town Street. This is roughly where the object was over.

At the time of seeing this object I was on MSN to ATS member “Shakesbeer” as soon as I got the first video clip I quickly PM him to tell him about the object. Didn’t wait for a reply I just went to the window and filmed some more. I filmed it in clips as I knew I only had so much memory on my camera and didn’t just want to get this thing doing nothing. I managed to get it changing from yellow to red but unfortunately my memory went when this object moved away.

Just before it moved it randomly flashed red and then slowly started to move, At this point my memory had gone. As I say it flashed red and slowly started to move away out of view to my left “South” it seemed to be picking up more speed but stayed at the same altitude. Then there were a few more red flashed and it was gone (too quick for the eye to see) Maybe the lights went out or maybe it just moved that fast I missed it. Either way it was there one second and gone the next.

Now the funny thing about this even it the fact that I had a Dream about seeing the same thing only a different setting. I am just becoming familiar with Lucid Dreaming with much appreciated help from shakesbeer.

Continued on next post….

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 04:13 PM
Here is dream from my dream journal.

23rd June 2008
Well last night took me by total surprise in yet another intense dream; I started off in what looked like a desert area maybe a little more plant life but not much. It was dusty and dry on a very clear night; I could see stars for miles and miles. As I was stood there on this open plane I noticed something shoot across the night sky. This thing was fast and had like a red/orange trail behind it.

Then within a split second I am filming it with a video camera because all I could think of was “Shakesbeer has to see this” As if by magic the camera appeared and I got some pretty cool shots of this thing fly past.

That was it then it was like I was some UFO hunter, I saw more lights in the sky and moved to a better location to get some more shots. Once again I rolled the camera and filmed these bad boys; it was if they were giving me a personal show. I remember one bit where there was a military jet chasing one of these UFO’s. The jet fired off a missile only to shoot down one of his fellow Jets, this then turned into like a mass air war between jets and UFO’s.

I remember moving into position for my next bit of filming; this was when I noticed a bush that looked out of place. I shun the camera light onto the bush and could hear like a grunting. As if by magic Shakesbeer appeared and said “Hey what the hell is in there dude” I replied “Not sure let’s move away” as we moved away with our backs to the bush we heard something come out. The footsteps were gaining on us so we turned around and saw a fox “OK” I though it’s only a fox. It was we noticed the Fox "shakesbeer" said “He Mr Green saw one of them when she saw a UFO”

So I explained that the reason I was out there was because I was filming UFO, “Shakesbeer let me show you this tape come back to my house” I said. So within a split second I am in my front room setting the camera up on the floor. I noticed my camera LCD was cracked “Dam must of dropped it or something “ I said. I was messing around for a few minutes trying to hook the camera up to my TV but just could not get it to work.

Next thing I look and Shakesbeer is on the sofa talking to my sister and he says, “Check this TV out” when I look at where my TV was I noticed the biggest, best looking TV I had ever seen. It even had a card reader (My Video cam in my dream was a card one so it was pretty useful) Took me a while to get my card in the TV though as I was so excited.


A little more about myself and my other UFO/Alien sighting.

In 1997 I saw both Alien and UFO in Ilkley Moor England, or should I say what I believe to be Alien and UFO. I was very skeptical about other life forms from out of space until that very event, me and a friend were killing some time while out of work and claiming benefits. We decided one day to take a trip out to ilkley moors; it was more of a motivation thing than a Alien/UFO hunt. We knew the area was knows for sightings but that was not the reason we went up there.

Well we went pretty far up the moors and saw some pretty near rock formations, after getting most way up the moors we decided to start heading back down. We got almost near the bottom and it was already getting dark. There is like a white lodge of some kind not far from the bottom that sells refreshments. We nipped in there with the little money we had and bought some crisps and pop, as soon as we walked in there everyone looked at us as if to say “You should not be here” we could just tell we were not wanted.

Well we got our refreshment and started eating/drinking once we got back outside. It was almost dark at this point there was very little light showing us the way back down the moors. We got around 200ft from the lodge place and out of nowhere a strobe light started spinning just behind some trees straight in front of us about 500ft away. Our first thought was people with flashlights or something e.g. hunters, search parts, walkers. I mean we thought of everything that it could be, that’s until we looked closer, what we saw stopped us in our tracks.

These things were like white long being on all fours running around this light; we could just make out these being through the trees. They were all running around this strobe light attached to some sort of craft, I have never seen anything move at that speed. You could hear nothing but the branches and twigs on the ground snapping and whipping.

The beings were at a guess 5-6ft with wide black eyes, even though they were 500ft away we could still make out these black eyes. Well once we realized what was in front of us we ran like hell, we didn’t stop to think about what it could or couldn’t be any more we just ran.
So there you go anything I have missed please feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer your questions. I am completely open to being debunked so fire away, I have nothing to hide and I sure hope I come a little closer knowing what this thing was even if it turns out to be a bird on fire.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 04:49 PM
This is fairly high on the "trippy"-meter I would say seeing how we where talking about lucid dream stuff a bit at the time when Psycho messaged me about seeing this thing. I already scolded him for shutting off the camera and not getting it leaving, but feel free to do it again
So what's going on with the UFO's in the UK right now? Not sure if everyone's seen these but there's been a proverbial UFO storm in those parts lately:

Police chase UFO over Cardiff
And this one
UFO photographed over Hampshire

So now UFO in Leeds too?

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 04:55 PM

THE SUN : The green green men of home

THE SUN : Cops chase a ufo over cardiff

links to more

Sure something going on there, but what it is. Human or ET who knows?
Like sombody said on another site: It can't be human not at the current price of fuel

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 05:04 PM
good ufo snaps.

though i do get the same ufo's round my house. i live about 60km south of brisbane QLD. when aircraft take off from brisbane airport heading south for sydney they head straight over my house and at night when they have their headlights they seem to linger in the one spot for about 5 minutes. they look very similar to your photos.

sorry for throwing tomatoes at your story.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 05:21 PM
I am fairly familiar with the flight paths around my area; I have lived here for over 17 years. I have seen enough planes at night in that time to know what is and what isn’t a plane. The sequence of the beacons on a plane is a big give away that it is in-fact a “Plane”. As I said this object didn’t move until is started flashing red. I appreciate your response as I could have done a lot better with the video.

BTW here are my camera specs.

lens / zoom 35mm - 105mm (3x) (dig. 2x)
focus / macro auto / 4cm
metering mode multi-pattern, center weighted, spot
aperture auto / F2.8 - F5.2
white balance auto, 7 presets
shutter auto | manual / 1s - 1/1600s
exposure +/- 2EV in 1/3EV steps
flash / mode internal - 4 modes and red-eye reduction / 0.2m - 3.3m
viewfinder optical
iso ratings 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 , 3200
image size W90:3264x2448/2592x1944/2048x1536/640x480/ 1920x1080/3264x2176; W80:3072x2304/2592x1944/2048x1536/640x480/ 1920x1080/3072x2048
image format jpeg (exif)
image compr.
lag/cycle times
remote control self timer
video options mpeg1, with sound - 640x480 (16.6fps, 30fps), 320x240 (8.3fps)

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 05:21 PM
and that proves that's what he saw how....? Occam's Razor doesn't count...

There seems to be something going on in the UK. What's interesting is a NASA researcher has turned up murdered too:

Not sure it's related but I find it a "coincidence" that we're seeing a proverbial UFO storm, and a man who works at an exotic technologies research center ends up dead at the same time. Then Fox news announces the they're testing the supposed SR-71 replacement Blackswift too:
Oh yeah the above NASA guy, used to work on the SR-71 simulators...

So Psycho, how close are you to an airport, and do you think this was a plane heading towards your locating then veering off?

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

As I was saying I know what a plane looks and sound like at night. The way this thing just hovered there was noticeably different to something like a plane chopper. The light from the object didn’t get any closer or further away, the only time it did move was to my left “South” it started off slow and then sort of stopped flashing, then I noticed 1 brighter flash just before I totally lost sight of it.

If it was a plane I would have seen it continue flashing into the distance, unless the plane crashed but I have not seen any reports yet.

I am more than happy for somebody on here to maybe pick something up and tell me it’s not a UFO. I would love to know what it is, I’m not the kind of person to say “I know this is a UFO I have the proof”
There has been a lot of activity in the UK at the moment; maybe it’s all some scare tactic who knows?
Just though I would add what I saw to the huge archive of sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects, well that’s until it’s identified, then it’s no longer a UFO.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 03:47 PM
Double Post

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 06:58 AM
Good pictures, the first large one remind me of the ones I saw on a link recently about the ones NASA edits out of shots before the public see them. (Sorry I cant remember which thread it was on) but they were recorded all around mercury I think. Just like yours they were large orbs of light.

On the vid there is something much smaller above it to the right, can you remember what this was, it seems to be in shot all the time and goes bright and then dim?

[edit on 30-6-2008 by Mr Green]

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 07:17 AM
Nice one.....good to hear that they are being spotted in Leeds too....Im from Leeds, whereabouts from Leeds are you from ???....

Might stay up tonight and keep an eye out....

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