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Ridley is SOOOOOO annoying

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:01 AM
if anyone here has played metroid prime, then you know of ridley(unless you've only played prime 2 echos), anyway, in prime, you fight Ridley, some giant dinosaur thing

and a while after that, you fight meta ridley, a robotic revived form of ridley

and i thought he was gone after this, but no, i just recently got metroid prime three corruption, and who do i find myself fighting while falling to the core of a planet, why its meta ridley, he came back to kill samus, AGAIN

ok, ridley is dead again, go through the game, you get to the space pirate homeworld, and guess who, OMEGA RIDLEY, this sucker just wont die

here is the boss battle

RIDLEY IS DEAD, or so we think will he come back, i dont know, anyone else share my views on ridley, if so, please post here, ridley sucks, thats the point of this thread, there i said it, i feel so much better now.

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