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Visiting with the 'dead' when dreaming

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 12:58 PM
There are so many threads in this forum about dreaming that I have been much more vigilant about paying attention when in the dream state. The thread on lucid dreaming inspired me to take more control when I realize I am in a dream, which is often, but generally I just become aware of it and then let it 'play out' with a heightened sense of being in a dream.

Anyway I decided to fly, which I had never done before, the next time I had the awareness. So last night I was having a 'visiting' dream with a friend of mine who died tragically and suddenly 11 years ago. I see him pretty regularly, a couple of times a year, and we have long chats wandering around various places. This always triggers lucid dreaming as I know he is 'dead', so I got all excited and told him to hang on while I tried flying. He was bemused and patient as I kept taking off, interrupting our dialogue. SIDE NOTE: After pushing through the fear of lifting up, flying was awesome.

Which brings me to the point of the thread -- my first, so if possible be kind. I take for granted that these visiting dreams are 'real' in some sense. The texture and overall quality is completetly different from any other kind of dream I have. They are extended and linear and my friend is the person I used to know, but also... more of himself. Like his personality has expanded and he is not carrying around any of the baggage he had when 'alive'.

I know from other friends that they have had visiting dreams when parents die. They may deccide not to believe that there is any reality to it, but they all say the same thing... it was so real and they have linear conversational dialogues, often the content of the conversation is blurry but the emotional intent is very clear.

So I would love to hear from any of you who have, or have had, similar experiences; and what your thoughts and opinions on it are, if you think it is just sub-concious wish fullfillment, etc.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 01:12 PM
I am always the "receiver" in the family as far as dreams are concerned.

I dont like it, really, but when i lost a nephew to a drowning, i was the one he came to in a dream to tell everyone in the family that he was ok and to tell his mother to stop crying for him.

Just recently, we have a family friend who is a scientist, always very active and travelling all over the world. In the dream i was told i should call her as soon as possible. I told my mom and she called her. Turns out she is having a terrible bout with cancer!

I have countless stories like these. While some dreams i cant interpret at all, when the obvious ones come through,i always follow up on these..i have to because i know its meant as a message.

Also i have this peculiar talent, or, iwould rather call it an inconvenience:
I love to paint, but my paintings, although can be pretty, are always an omen of something to happen. That beautiful lake i painted (made up lake), the sand, the trees, the flowers, were all the exact scene of where my nephew drowned- i painted it the day before.

I only do abstract stuff now- :shk:

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