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New proposal for GOM "Gulf of Mexico" oil

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 12:21 PM
Possable solution, short or long term, what difference would it make and will it ease the prices of petrol in the US & other Nations?

I'm all for increased drilling & refinery activity, so long as it brings the gas prices down at least $1 American. Some thing needs to be done to offset the riseing prices, and increase distribution.

Could this be a better alternative to putting more wells in Alaska? What happens when another rig is destroyed by a hurricane, what is the eniornmental impact then? Prices would rise only that much more, to compensate for the costs of construction.

Was brousing though some recent releases and found this;

FONSI/Leases Off-shore Oil and Gas Activities
Environmental Assessments are used as a basis for
determining whether or not approval of the proposals constitutes major
Federal actions that significantly affect the quality of the human
environment in the sense of NEPA Section 102(2)(C). A FONSI is prepared
in those instances where MMS finds that approval will not result in
significant effects on the quality of the human environment.

Environmental Documents Prepared for Proposed Oil and Gas

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