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Should we have a dedicated public owned effort or a base / facility built to understand UFO's?

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 07:03 AM
I think that we the people of Earth should have a dedicated , concerted effort to understand the UFO phenomenom?
Do you think we as a people or at least as a group of likeminded individuals should club together to have a base of operations built somewhere barren (like the north or south polar regions) in neutral territory, not under any Government or countries rule if there is such a place)?.
That way they can have a team of people of various sciences to try and understand UFO's . There should be no intereferrence from any Government or agency and all data transmitted out to the world live.
If , in any event of contact, they can transmit live feeds and pictures to the world for the world's people to make their own minds up. The labs inside could be on screen anytime day or night.
The other aspects is that being in a remote area no hoaxers are likely to be sending up balloons and you can spot anything on the horizon.
The key aspect of having such a facility is that its always being watched by someone via satelite feed as cables on ground can be cut.
Yes I know the satelite can be jammed but if the people say don't interefere it may make Governments listen a bit more is millions of voices and dozens of countries are directed at them.
I for one would donate as much as I could to the endeavor providing it wasn't going in some corrupt Governments back pocket.
The information gathered could be vital to Earths future and if there wasn't any UFO activity the science bods could experiment with Pyschic tests, or search the web for Ghost and other unknowns in their downtime?.
They would probably have to have some sort of beacon to say "hello , we're here and we want to talk" but I'm sure a high powered laser or radio beacon would suffice.

No flaming as it's just an idea I've had seeing as all the reports that are coming in from all over the world, and all the 'disclosure' thats apparent these days.

What are your thoughts and if it was going to happen would you contribute ?

And yes I understand it would have to be quite a large facility to accomodate the staff and equipment , heating and such and would probably run into Millions and Millions of Dollars / Pounds, Yen whatever and incure monthly running costs. wages etc.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:28 AM
well i will reply since nobody else is,

i think your intentions are good and i believe most people that are interested in ufo's would like to see a more concentrated controlled effort in the research.

having a building for ufo research sounds good but there wont be any flying saucers in ........if most of the evidence pertaining to ufology is pictures , video and witness statements then the internet is the best way to store the records and study them. the cost of such a facility that you are suggesting would be huge and i myself would rather see donations go to helping people that are displaced.

the oppourtunity exists for what you are trying to accomplish , but getting everybody on the same page weather it's a physical building or a website is the problem i see.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:55 AM
The government and military most probably do have a base and/or research buildings with the sole purpose of studying UFOs. People tend to think Area 51, but there are a lot more secret installations out there than one would think.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:58 AM
You're probably going to get mostly responses that say something along the lines of..."No...the moment civilians get a saucer the govt. will take for National Security Reasons, etc. etc."

I say undoubtedly YES. I say yes because we should always try. Lets say hypothetically that you did start this research center and you had a civilian team to recover downed craft. You would have to be well funded, and some things you'd have to do in secret, some in the open. You'd have to have a security team of ex-military who believe in your cause. They would be able to protect you against the NSA's next move.

When you recover a downed craft, you keep it secret (if possible) until you can secure an interview with a major media figure (i.e. Larry King, etc.), so that way, everything is out in the open, and in the event that you disappear, or the saucer disappears at a later date, it'll be documented on nationwide tv and too late for govt. agencies to cover it up or spin it. Secure as much physical evidence as you can in spread out safety deposit boxes around the globe.

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:48 AM
What I meant to say is a publically funded operation, I know it would cost a lot therefore private sponsors would probably be needed, as for finding a downed craft, I didn't mean it that way, I meant to describe it as a UFO contact building in the middle of no-where on an island or in an ice field somewhere (north or south) polar regions. That way you wouldn't have any interferrence from Government agencies and no false sightings from people sending up a balloon or something.
The way I thought about it is if UFO's are apparently watching us you state on national TV or international TV that you are building said base, say in the north polar regions ( theres bound to be land locked areas fit for making a small community village type thing) and that in a years time or so after the base is built your ready to make contact, Yes you'd probably be called a kook and anyone who goes along with the endeavour would likely be called the same, but when the base is done you start transmitting or shining a powerful light / laser beacon. If the UFO's were watching then they would know where you are and when you were ready and even if they wanted to buzz the area you'd have it all on tape and/ or streamed to the internet.
As for Government interferrence the base and all activity in the Lab's inside would be streamed to the net 24 hours a day including the area outside and the sky above.
That way any sightings would be on the net live and any shall we say incursions from Government agencies would be covered as well. That way the Government can't hush it up because the whole world is watching the watchers.And if its transmitted to a satelite (or sateliteS plural) it would be difficult to suspend/ interupt all the transmissions.
Sponsors would probably have to have advertising on the buildings walls or vehicles and it would probably help if private citizens could donate as well.
Hope this is a slightly better description of what I had in mind ? I type the original up when I was bored at work. (same as now really)...

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