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Dancing *IS* Art!! (clips inside..)

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 06:57 AM
So my ex-girlfriend of 4 and 1/2 years was big on the visual arts; such as drawing, painting, taking photographs, graphic art on the computer, you name it she did it. Now, back in highschool I was big on the visual arts as well, but slowly faded from it as I discovered my best talents and those which I enjoyed the most.

So then .. she would always act kinda funny when I would call myself an artist, and when she'd react in her typical condescending, bigot attitude, "What art do you do!?" at which point I'd react with a tongue lashing and say, "Umm .. I dance, I deejay music, I produce music? These arent art?" So needless to say, she was quite closeminded. This thread is dedicated to Dancing as an Art form.

I myself have a mixed style of dancing, partially hip-hop influenced, partial breakdance influences, with a side-order of rave dance. For those in the "know", more accurate terms would be that I do liquid, I pop n lock, I can tut (like king tut), and I do boxes.

I was wondering if there are any other dancers on ATS/BTS. I know it is doubtful, but if there are, I'd love to see a clip of yours. In the mean time, I have two clips from my Youtube account to share with you. Please keep in mind that this is a hobby, and if you're totally unfamiliar with the sub-cultures from which these dance forms originate, you're going to be perplexed by the movements and think it's all kind of retarded. Just a forewarning. Onto the clips!

Clip #1: This is me dancing to a song by bomb20 of berlin, germany, and the track is titled "wing chun":

Clip #2: This is me dancing to a song by modeselektor featuring the puppetmastaz, titled "dark side of the sun":

My webcam sucks pretty badly, and I need to get better at my dancing, these are made so I can observe my own maneuvers, much like a painter would observe his painting after he has finished to look for errors or things he can improve. So they are workshops to get better, and also to look back on myself at a previous skill level.

The funny thing is, Ive been dancing since I was 19, and I am 25. Before 19, I had never danced a single step in my entire life! Then one day I went to a techno club with a friend for the 1st time and saw some excellent breakdancers and knew right then and there, thats what I wanted to do! And from there, I literally taught myself everything I know from just going out to dance on the weekends ... every weekend .. with my "CREW" haha..

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 07:27 AM
Well, your defiantly ... interesting, good job, yer, good job. I like it, next time do some break dancing, those guys always look great.


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