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Mega Man 9 Confirmed for WiiWare

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 01:59 AM
Capcom has made some smart moves lately to levy its considerable nostalgic stock to its advantage. So when the Australian government let slip that Mega Man 9 was in development, it wasn't a hard pill to swallow. Thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, we have a deluge of details about the upcoming retro-fest.
Mega Man 9 eschews the style of the more recent PlayStation-era Mega Man 8 or even the SNES Mega Man 7, instead going all the way back to 8-bit visuals, imitating the style of the NES games. Series creator Keiji Inafune commented that old-school Mega Man games don't "fit into the grandiose and expansive world that the consumer gaming industry has become, and so you have to make games that match the current expectations." This helped determine the game's direction as a retro-style downloadable title for the WiiWare service.

Like the graphics, the story takes a decidedly simplistic yet classic approach. Robots are causing havoc, and Dr. Wily blames Dr. Light for the wreckage. Mega Man sets out to clear his creator's name while blowing up many, many things. And speaking of bosses, the article also gives us a look at the new roster: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man, and Splash Woman. Yes, that says "woman"; after all, it's 2008 and the series needed more fodder for robot-on-robot fanfic.

The game will be developed by IntiCreates, who have recently been handling most of the platforming side of Mega Man with the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX games. It will be controlled via holding the Wiimote sideways for the NES pad feel, and so far waggle appears to be absent altogether. There are also rumors of other playable characters including Proto Man, but Inafune is tight-lipped, simply commenting that "you'll have to wait and see."

Of course, the original leak from Australia's ratings board claimed the game was slated to be "multiplatform," implying that it's going to land on other systems as well. Capcom Corporate Officer and Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson commented in response to the article, "I will also say, NP only has part of the story. More to be learned later." We may see exactly what that tidbit means next month at E3.


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