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Wyoming Rivers & Mountains - Recent Pics

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:39 PM
Below are some photos of the area I live at - in Johnson County, Wyoming (Sheridan and Buffalo area). I've been getting out almost every weekend to explore and wanted to share these with members.

- aWoman

Muddy Gap State Reservoir No. 1 south of Buffalo

Muddy Gap State Reservoir No. 2 south of Buffalo

A trout I caught a couple weeks ago.

Muddy Gap Reservoir No. 2 south of Buffalo

Muddy Gap Reservoir No. 2

Rocky Outcrop facing south towards Hole in the Wall Country

Bighorn Mountains near Cloud Peak Wilderness Area above Buffalo

Rushing waters in the Bighorn Mountains above Buffalo

Rocky Outcrop in the Bighorns

Near Story, Wyoming

Near Banner, Wyoming

We've had lots of rain and snowmelt this year, making for one of the wettest Springs in Wyoming I've ever seen.

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