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A Simple Astral Request

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:46 PM
First off, Moderators, I realize this has been brought up before, but I ask that you do not close this thread as it is meant to be a request and not a "real thread". I am at your mercy.
I wish to Astrally Project myself and have had a couple of successful attempts (well moderately successful), but nothing truly reflecting my goals. I can almost get out when I seriously try, but either one of three things happens.
First, I literally almost get out but cannot "break through" my own magnetism (I practice gung fu almost religiously and have built up some pretty decent chi internally which explains my problem almost in its entirety), the fear/excitement overcomes me, or, even more frustratingly, I am in a position where I am vulnerable to entities which jerk me out and have a bloody hay-day scaring the bejeezus out of me. That last one has happened on more than one occasion ,unfortunately, and is most likely due to the locations in which I attempted the exit.
To get to the point, I sincerely, humbly request that if an "adept" (I have no better word) happens along this thread, please find it in your heart to lend a helping hand in getting me out and "showing me the ropes" as they say. I would greatly appreciate it. There is much I believe I could garner from this trip that would help me along my spiritual path. So, pretty please with sugar on top?

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