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Europeon Union Fails

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:19 PM
After Looking at this portion of an article presented by Stratfor an excellent place for open source intelligence information, it made me want to start a thread and ask several questions of the varietal spectrums of masses out there. I will present the questions after you read Mr. Friedmans article that is very interesting in the global view of things that are and things that are to come, I would like your opinions and I think this is one the ATS Forum can really bite into. Help me out here!

June 17, 2008
By George Friedman
The creation of a European state was severely wounded if not killed last week. The Irish voted against a proposed European Union treaty that included creation of a full-time president, increased power to pursue a European foreign policy and increased power for Europe’s parliament. Since the European constitutional process depends on unanimous consent by all 27 members, the Irish vote effectively sinks this version of the new constitution, much as Dutch and French voters sank the previous version in 2005.

The Irish vote was not a landslide. Only 54 percent of the voters cast their ballots against the constitution. But that misses the point. Whether it had been 54 percent for or against the constitution, the point was that the Irish were deeply divided. In every country, there is at least a substantial minority that opposes the constitution. Given that all 27 EU countries must approve the constitution, the odds against some country not sinking it are pretty long. The Europeans are not going to get a strengthened constitution this way.

But the deeper point is that you can’t create a constitution without a deep consensus about needing it. Even when there is — as the United States showed during its Civil War — critical details not settled by consensus can lead to conflict. In the case of the United States, the issues of the relative power of states and the federal government, along with the question of slavery, ripped the country apart. They could only be settled by war and a series of amendments to the U.S. Constitution forced through by the winning side after the

1. Seeing the failure of the Europe to consolidate their union into a single power, do you think this will have a negative effect on an attempt to create an American Union.

2. Do you think that in the effort to create an American Union we will be given the same opportunity to participate in the vote, or do you think this will be seen as a lesson learned by the Union planners and will bypass the peoples vote

3. Do you think these union consolidations are a grab for power by a One World Government to consolidate power with in these so-called Unions to make it more easier to consolidate the Unions into a single government at a later date.

Any extra comments will be gravy and I know there are plenty of people in europe besides the Irish such as Germany and France that oppose this, I would also love to hear from you.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:38 PM
Portuguese here.

1 and 2) Probably won't be directly relevant, except that the people behind these things will continue to favour stealth because they will have a more acute sense of going against popular opinion. So the american union may be done as much under the table as possible.

3) Yes, and they might even push for a monarchy. It will also be tied to a one world religion, because they are losing the mind control and they are terrified of being seen for what they are. It's the stuff french revolutions are made of (with the monarchy being beheaded in the streets).

The treaty of Lisbon wasn't voted on in europe and there is a growing fear of unease here. We can't get out of the EU, because we have a common currency and our economies are held together, neither do we want to, because we work well together and there is a sense of unity is europe that is positive. But slowly people are realising there is a fascist powerplay behind all this and unease is growing. National security is popping up on the news a lot and in a few countries, the UK and Italy especially, things are getting a bit heavy, but thankfully not violent. Life is still good and peacefull, but there are clouds on the horizon that eventually we will have to deal with.

The elites are being incremental, but they seem to be, at least in my optimisitic view, being outmaneuvered by the speed of information in the internet and mobile phone age. I have a feeling they are attempting to get people to use the mobile phone less with cancer scares because it might be making society efficient, peacefull, and they can't create chaos and strife to polarise people. More and more eyes are focusing directly on "them", ie the people at the top and what they do.

This is going to blow up on a global level imo, the illuminati type conspiracy theory is going to hit mainstream and then it will really hit the fan. I just wonder if it will happen before aliens get here


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