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California Sightings (I-5, Joshua Tree, and Oakland)

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:15 PM
Hello and welcome ya'll.

This is an account of the few sightings I have had over my lifetime living in California.

The very first time I saw something strange was before I even had any knowledge of the UFO phenomenon that was gaining momentum. I had no knowledge/interest in alternate history, UFOs, metaphysics, conspiracies, etc.

My home is the Bay Area and I went to school in the Los Angeles area so I would drive up and down the I-5 (runs north/south) all the time, mostly at night to avoid the slew of horrid drivers and the heat. On one break from school my girlfriend, close friend, and myself were driving north towards the Bay Area. I cannot remember the time exactly, but it was pretty late into the night and this is what we saw:

At first we saw 3 very distinct lights, in recollection they were amberish in color (but I cannot remember clearly) and were spread far apart. I could not gauge the size/distance/etc. but they seemed close enough to be in the vicinity. What caught our attention, as I'm sure many people who have had sightings can account for, was the way they moved. Unlike any aerial vehicle that I had encountered before, they were moving so... weird. When you see something like this, you feel the hair on your neck stand up. I was both fascinated and fearful enough that my andrenalin started pumping and both my friend and girlfriend were in the same state. I was driving so they had a nice show which lasted about 5 minutes.

The 3 lights came closer and closer together and, in formation, they were flying at ungodly speeds... what made us really start paying attention was when they started to accelerate in one direction then hit aprupt, acute angles and accelerate the other way... the way they would slow down then burst back into speed then zig-zag around made my heart race. I could not fathom what we were witnessing.

The 3 lights came so close together it started to dawn on me that it was possibly one object and not 3! The lights formed a tight equilateral triangle from our perspective (the lights, while "separated" started in our northern field of vision then moved to our right which was east). Out the right side of the car this triangle of lights zoomed past us and was to our southeast which is when I lost sight of it, but when my friend and girlfriend started to trip out and started to scream (excitedly rather than fearfully), the vehicle flew past us on our eastern side going north so fast and so close to the ground I could not understand how it was not hitting telephone/electric poles, scattered trees, and whatever else debris that was 15-30 feet of the ground. At this point our windows were open to get a better view, so when it flew past in the darkness so fast... I was blown away that it was utterly silent. Perhaps the sound of driving on the freeway was loud enough to mask it, but at the speeds it was hitting, I figured we would hear something. Nada!

I forgot to mention that before it went southeast of us, the thing was morphing (for lack of a better explanation). The lights kept... sucking into the central part and expanding inward than outward as it flew in the southern direction to our east. If anybody know's I-5, the exits are few and far between, and by the time I found an exit the show was over and it was gone. In recollection, I cannot remember how the show ended, only that all three of us had never seen such a thing and we were... quite literally blown away.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:30 PM
The next time I saw something was in Joshua Tree National Monument, northeast of the Los Angeles area and north of the Salton Sea (another crazy place). This one was just me and the same friend on our way back from picking up some wine from Maynard's vineyard in Arizona.

The sky was completely cloudless and there was one of those planes that leave a line of smoke that stretches across the whole sky. I think what I saw was a foo fighter (I knew of these things after the first incident, as naturally I tackled the subject with vigor). This was broad daylight and we saw a bright ball of light that had to be pretty small since the plane itself wasn't too big. The ball of light seemed as if... it was playing games with the plane, for it would zip around the plane and run circles around it. The stark contrast came from the very linear, very slow progression of the plane, while the ball was dancing around it. I wonder to this day what the pilot saw!

And finally, the last two I saw, one was debunked by myself as a radio tower, so I will tell you about the Oakland incident.

Me and two of my friends were on the roof of an apartment building near downtown Oakland, right next to Lake Merritt. We were doing mischievious things on the roof on a clear night when my friend looked up and started to burst "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" so naturally we all looked up. I immediately got that feeling of intense creepiness as I saw a perfect equiliaterally triangular formation of lights that were so far apart we thought they had to be separate UFOs.

This formation flew directly above us, but not fast and ziggyzaggy like the first two... it sort of... glided above us. We could see that in between the lights the sky was blotted out (the sky had a faint color coming from the light pollution of Oakland, Berkeley, and Frisco across the Bay)! We realized that it was humongous! And what made it so, so eerie was that it was completely silent! It was gliding, but it was moving damn fast for a such an immense object.

There were helicopters in the vicinity that we could use as a gauge, and they were far away and loud. My friend was so scared it was funny as hell, but I could not help but feel so... invigorated. My eyes were saucers themselves and I was breathless. The second friend was in the same state as I was and we were very amused by how scared the third one was. He kept questioning the meaning of such a thing and what it implied yadayada but I was too amazed to answer. The crazy thing is, as we were discussing it adamantly, a few amber lights appeared directly above us and flew in the same general direction (which was north coming from the south). Then another set! But these we could not tell the shape whatsoever, for they seemed higher in the sky or veiled in a few clouds or something.

Thanks for reading ya'll and those are the three sightings I have had in my lifetime living in California. I do not claim that these were piloted by our alien brothers from space, but they certainly utilized technology that I had never witnessed. Naturally, after a few years of intense fascination in all subjects beyond the norm, I have arrived at this website to share this experience.


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