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Jesus' New Name during the Second Coming..

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by runetangOK where should I start....First you need to understand that when the scriptures were written it was in the native tongue of Jesus not GREEK. He was and is Hebrew and his hebrew name is Yeshua which in Hebrew means SALVATION> You also must understand that in hebrew, names are very important especially back then names were given to one for the meaning. Hence Yeshua came to bring SALVATION and that is why God command his name to be Yeshua not Jesus or Immanuel those are translations.Keep in mind that even the Apostles names we know are not their true names they are the Greek names. Just like if you were to go to Mexico you would find your English name is different in Spanish, More over He was and is the son of the Father but he was and is also OUR CREATOR. There are a number of times in the New Testiment or in Hebrew the "Brit Hadisha" which means New or Renewed Covenant he clearly says he is "I AM". He presently sits at the right hand of the Father and will soon return to Judge all mankind. The scriptures tell us you will know the time is near when Israel become a nation in the last days and it talks about that generation. What we miss reading in the English translation is that in this particular scripture the word " generation " being mention in Hebrew means the Last Genration or the eternal generation. The scriptures also tell us Gaza (Zephaniah 2:4)
would be forsaken in the last days this happened 3 yrs, ago this past August. It futher says all nations would rise up against Israel and try to divide her(Israel) that is happening as we speak(to include the US government) So truly we are in the last days, how long we nhave I can only guess but I will say that it has been 60 yrs since Israel became a Nation of its own. The point is if you believe in the scriptures and you believe in Yeshua (Jesus) are you right with him? Do you live your life for him? DO you know his word? Remember he was a Jew and he was Jewish He was not a Christain He honored the Jewish scripures and Jewish ways till the end. I recommend the following web to learn more of the hebrw roots of our scared scripture...the truth is if you don't know it from that perspective you are missing out on a lot!! By knowing it the puzzle is put together and your knowledge to his word really opens up. Pastor Mark teaches the scriptures from the hebrew perspective. Remember Our Lord is the word in the flesh. I would hope given the times we live in one would welcome any enlightenment to his written word. For those of you who do not beleive I recommend yousearch the scripture and pray for the validation of the truthfulness of the scriptures before he come to judge or before something happens to you and you don't have the chance to find out. another good wesite for prophesy being fulfilled in the last 60 yrs is Yours in Yeshua

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by aleon1018
I wonder what color and model they chose?

White, with blue and red trim. The model number is NC1701F.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by runetang
Yeshua means savior. Other names for christ are yehovah and jehovah.
Well here is a list I found that has several names for christ. Oh by the way Mel Gibson is insane

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:12 PM
I know one thing for sure, the name wont be Barack Obama.

The fact that people say Amen, Halleluyah, and even call the angels by their Hebrew names: Michael and Gabriel, but for some silly reason use the non Hebrew name Jesus completely confounds me. People might as well call G-d by the name Jupiter(it means Heavenly Father in Latin) and refer to Israel as Palestine while were at it.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:10 PM

! sorry, the hyper link will not work~

you see, the end of human domination on Earth is equal to

When one turns the 'p' backwards it looks like a 'g'...and continue with the letters in the same backward placement...
Entropy becomes 'gort' = Y 'gort' ne

phonetically > why 'Gort' knee -> completely drop the two book-end words ...Why & knee -> which sounds like ?whiney?
as in; snivelers/cry babies...who surround the returning (former Jesus)

and we are left with "GORT"...
the name of the 2nd coming entity !

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