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First world to third world part 2A- Unwitting Liberal Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Liberal Conspiracy [ 1st world to 3rd world pt.2]
Part 1
This is the second in a series of extrapolations and speculations based on observations of American political memes, and the consequent dystopian outcome of their unchecked administration.

1. *Immigration* By continuing the practice of unchecked and uncontrolled population exchanges, particularly the one-way flow from Mexico to the United States, a number of serious destabilizing forces manifest-

1a. Wage Depression- by eliminating safety standards and living costs, Latin American immigrants become the preferred employee, further destabilizing the social infrastructure because they generally do not acclimate or assimilate to American culture or language, creating confusion and disaffection of the remaining non-Hispanic workforce, who become more and more resentful towards the immigrants because their quality of life has been substantially diminished. A form of solastalgia overcomes them, in that their default environments become unrecognizable, and they get no comfort from familiarity.

1b. By allowing both a relatively ‘open borders’ policy as well as a foreign-focused Homeland Security Bureau, the trade of contraband (from drugs to explosives) and humans will skyrocket, and gang warfare in border towns will explode.

1c. Terrorist Infiltrators will have free access to the country due to the nonexistent security, and the free movement of ‘licensed’ Latin ‘Temporary Immigrant Workers’, [who to the untrained eye can be indistinguishable from many varieties of Middle Eastern genotypes] back and forth.

2. *Trade* (we’re talking NAFTA/CAFTA) by creating unbalanced trade agreements that create dependency on our strongest and most incompatible rivals (Mexico, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Colombia, China specifically), we are crippling our economy.

2a. By pricing our industries out of the country into Asia and South America, we are essentially exporting our money completely out of the country but for the retailer markup profits, which never make it down to the ‘associates’ who usually make little more than minimum wage. By accepting unfair trade treaties, we run up enormous trade deficits with our biggest geopolitical rival, the Red Chinese.

2c. A lovely destabilizer that is a natural consequence of this process is the degradation of standards of food and goods. At this time, a majority of our goods are coming from our ‘trade partners’ in China and Central America.
Our toys have lead in them, our pets are fed poisoned food, etc.

If the people can’t trust their food or their children’s toys, a pervading feeling of distrust and resentment grows toward the ever-expanding government, which every day seems to change from merely not caring about the people to apparently hating and wanting to kill the people. Civil Unrest is imminent

3. *Ecological Extremism* by over-regulating and pricing industries out of the country, foreign producers with nonexistent ecological standards will come to dominate the economy, taking yet more money out of american hands and eliminating more jobs in the name of environmental protection which will be ignored in the countries that the industries operate in.

3a. Prices hike because of over-regulation induced economic slowdown, compounding civil unrest.

3b. Destabilization of rural economies as a result of Endangered Species Act, road work and construction projects slowed severely or shut down to protect obscure animals native to a given region.
This not only hurts the economy but breeds a feeling that the government cares more about animal than human lives.

3c. Infrastructure destabilization as construction projects and roadwork [and Zoning restrictions on development] are delayed or stopped, or re-arranged in a less efficient manner to accommodate local flora and fauna.

continued in Part 2B

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by MegaTherion

I have to say that apart from the fine detail you could be talking about the UK.

This is exactly how I see what is happening. There seems to be no difference between both countries anymore, but I think the USA is slightly ahead of the UK in severity of effect.

It all apears to be well planned, we don't have a hope.

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