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questions about religion

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:28 AM
i am a baptist by birth and i go to church regularly. i go to other churches and really dont see much difference on the surface on how things are run. when people ask me what religion are you? i say i am a christian and i follow what the bible says above any religion. to me religion is mostly controversial things that man reads into the bible to get out . example. when one of the pope's several hundred years ago said mary magdaline was a prostitute, it never says that in the bible. anyway back to my question.
everyone says there religion is the right one and that all the others are wrong. ok i believe there are saved people in all religions. that being said.
if to the baptists the catholic religion is wrong. and you have to be a baptist to be then how is it the priest is given the power from God to exercise demons. i believe in the bible. if says it i believe it. like i said before i believe there are saved people in all christian religions. what people are going to have a hard time with is and will never admit it is that we who are saved will be all in heaven unsegregated.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 01:05 PM
The purposes for having individual Churches may not seem too clear because in the US, we have the Constitution that prohibits a State Church.
Suppose the world governing body decided to overturn any such national prohibitions, for the good of the children, of course.
Then, you would find out, in a hurry, what it means to be a Baptist.
Baptists would rather die than to be forced under the rule of a world religion (if they are real Baptists).
For one thing, Baptists believe it should be up to the individual, if they want to serve God.
Second, they do not think they should have to be forced to share their church with non-believers.
I am not an expert on Baptists, so these are just two glaring points I think would come out, right away.
A universal world church would force everyone to join, whether they want to or not.
That would go against the fundamental aspects of the Baptist religious beliefs.
The fact that we do not have such a blatant enemy Church, executing non-conformists, makes it easy to have the dividing lines, between different denominations, to remain rather obscure.

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