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NWO rank structure?

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 09:46 AM
Bilderberg, freemasons, illuminati... there are so many secret societies that are spoken of, that it seems almost impossible to define the real power behind the puppet strings.

After much thought, i began to wonder if the powers that be have a rank structure, sort of like the military... think about it.

at the top would be the unseen head, the grand master, or masters. a council, perhaps. perhaps the rockefellers, rothschilds, du ponts, rhodes, etc. all the families that have built so much wealth that money isn't even real to them anymore. who would be underneath them? perhaps the world bankers that these families trust with their wealth? The oil barons perhaps? Who would be the bottom feeders? the absolute lowest of the low that are still in the know?

where does government fit into the scheme? they are needed to steer policy and make wars happen, so they are obviously not the bottom feeders. Where would Dick Cheney fall in compared to say Paul Wolfowitz, who Cheney tried to make the head of the CIA, but failed. what credentials could the head of the world bank bring to the table of the CIA? What about Bush? is he a central part of it, or is he just the guy that the powers that be knew would have enough balls to go to war with iraq for no reason, and if he needed a reason, he didn't mind making one up.

If there were a ruling council, do they decide what's going to happen, and then put out their orders at the bilderberg meeting? Then after the meeting, the CEO's, heads of state, media outlets, etc, all do their part in making the bigger picture happen? Just as a theory, lets say that at a meeting, they ordered the prometheus group to be obama's VP search party, and told the media outlets to focus on other things instead of the VP search party so that people didn't question it, then direct the heads of state and the CEO's to start making things happen that will make obama look more favorable to be the next president. just to be clear i was using this as an example...

I know im not putting forth many solid ideas here, but it's all just a complete jumble in my head... i feel like i don't even know where to begin, but it seems like there has to be some sort of rank structure to all of this, otherwise it would just be a group of old men yelling at each other because they dont want what the other old guy wants. there would have to be some sort of stability... wouldn't there?

maybe one of you guys on here can sense where i'm trying to go with this and make a little sense out of this jumble i've just thrown in your laps.


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