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Stupid "Psychic" Human Trick

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 04:29 AM
Ok- If anyone was planning to post again on this thread I apologise. Just ignore our petty digression. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 04:59 AM
I believe it is called prescience you are experiencing.

A sensing of the future. As a child I had an equally useless gift. I would regularly dream of events about six months out.

Never anything significant, Just a uniquely identifiable moment like falling in the snow an particular location and looking at the watch on my wrist, seeing the rip in the knee of my pants. Just a unique moment.

I came to think of the events as markers indicating that I was on track. Somehow that I had reached another check point in some required path.

However in your case, you have no way of knowing that you only have the sense when it is insignificant. You have only noticed the experience when it relates to the insignificant.

You may very well be so comfortable with your intuition that it seems perfectly natural. Movies are the same each time, an anticipation of the movie is therefore more concrete than that of a unique event, or interaction.

I have long suffered sleep deprivation and have had the good fortune to spend much of my life walking in a half dream state. I have spent many years as a technical troubleshooter and learned to depend upon my intuitions as much as my logic.

You can develop and tune intuition by practicing empathy. Synchronizaiton of movement with others is a good exercise toward developing empathy.

Read Henri Bergson's Essay on Metaphysics for an understanding of the mechanism.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:53 AM
Intuition. I have it to. You get a feel of the pattern in shows subconsciously. Heh.

I got it for a lot of things.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by raven bombshell
reply to post by sir_chancealot

These people calling you a liar are really bad actors. If you pulled that out on me, I wouldnt let on you were right. Were you using some sort of cold reading technique or you just couls "see" certain details about them that you would not have known normally?

Nobody likes that P-word any more, I think. It is bandied about all over TV and in the movies so it sounds like a sideshow act. It doesnt mean anything any more.

I tried to avoid specifics do to the details skating very close to the T&C line, but I'll explain a little more. You say that you wouldn't "let on you were right". Imagine that out of the blue during a disagreement, someone describes your last sexual encounter, in VIVID (and accurate!) DETAILS. Who did what, to whom, where, and on what color sheets (if a bed was involved). Complete with some of the things that were said.

Think you could still not "let on that you were right"? At the very least, you would blush like crazy, or your jaw would hang open.
That's one of my "stupid human tricks".

Please explain to me how a "cold reading technique" could be used to pick up THOSE things? Or, in other words, please explain what "cold reading" clues a person would KNOWINGLY look for to establish that a person did certain things to another person? To be rather crude here, I'm not talking about "Oh, you had sex with your boyfriend last night", I'm talking about "You started in A, when he did B, then you responded by C, then he said D, to which you replied E, etc., etc.," I'm talking about a full blow-by-blow (pun fully intended) running color commentary and description of what took place. The reason my "critics" at these parties never say anything again is that they KNOW they've just had an encounter with something they cannot explain, and they KNOW it wasn't just B.S. guessing, because of the correct facts, IN DETAIL, that I give. We're not talking general statements that can apply to just anyone, and they realize this.

On occasion, I've told people certain things about their future, but I don't like to do that, because it's hardly ever good news.

As to how I get the information, it's very, very difficult to describe, because we seem to lack the words for such things. I like to describe the weirdness of this by saying "It's like seeing with your ears, or hearing with your eyes". It would be as weird as hearing light waves, or seeing sound waves.

The closest I can come to describing this is that the entire memory (or precognition when that happens) comes into my mind as a fully formed thought. Imagine someone taking something that they typed up, and putting it in a book between pages 36 and 37. You know it doesn't belong there, you know you didn't put it there, but there it is. That's what it is like.

Another way to describe it is like this: You know how you have a memory of a certain event? Well, imagine if that memory was not there one second, then was put in, in it's entirety, the next second. One minute, you have no memory of going to the store, the next minute, you have a complete memory of going to the store, along with all the details that go along with it. And you remember that you didn't "remember" that memory 5 seconds ago. Only the memory doesn't involve you, it involves your neighbor. It's kind of like that.

I don't care if people on here believe me or not, I'm just describing my experiences. Enough of my friends have seen me do it enough times that they know it is real. The people that have had me do this to, never EVER call me a liar again if we get on this discussion. Again, as I've gotten older, I've realized how cruel I was to have done something like that to them, and I try not to do it anymore.

I am also a very intuitive person. I will know something is right, without knowing WHY it is right. While this has been a great blessing in my chosen field, it has created some difficulties in growing up. In high school, I would write down answers to differential equations, and then have to work backwards to get how the answer was obtained. My math teacher believed in showing your work.
As an adult, I look back on it and have to wonder why in the heck my teacher didn't think I was cheating. Sometimes, I'd have the right answer, and the work showing how I got that answer would be all wrong! For the record, I only cheated on a test once, and I got a D- on that particular test.

Now, I would attribute some nefarious thing to this "voice" (though it is not really a voice, that's just a way to compare it to something recognizable), except for one peculiar fact. This "voice" always tells me to quit doing something I shouldn't be doing. My conscience will go "You shouldn't be doing that", and this "thought" will go "Yeah, here's why: X, Y, and Z". My conscience feels like it is part of me. This "other" doesn't. It even once warned me that, while I had made a right decision, that it still wasn't going to go well. My conscience went "You made the right decision", and this "voice" said "Yes, you did, BUT...." and then went on to insert some mental imagery that showed me what the results of this decision were going to be like. And it was right. In hindsight, it was like it was telling me "You know, sometimes you can make the right decision, for the right reason, and still have bad results". Although, in my early 20s, I could grasp this on an intellectual scale, and yet not really understand it.

And to be PERFECTLY CLEAR I don't "hear voices", I just use that as a simile to compare it with what it is like for me.

I honestly think there is a genetic component to this. My mother has this ability to some extent, as do some of my brothers and sisters (those that will talk about it), along with some of my nephews and nieces.

Hope that explains everything.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:49 AM
I am constantly having images and or thoughts pop into my head and some how or another something pertaining to them happens. Sometimes within a few seconds to days later. I have the sense that "Hey!! I was just thinking about that!!"
A co-worker of mine has seen me do this on a number of occasions and has said to me that he thinks I might be tuning into some type of etherium.

Kind of like picking up a mental internet.

One of the stranger aspects of this is that somehow I seem to know things of which I have no real knowledge of at the time. I doesn't happen when I try to make it happen. It's happens usually when I am not really paying attention to what is being talked about, kind of just overhearing. Some one will ask a question about something complex and I just know the answer.

I have read before that everyone has a photographic memory, that absolutely everything you have ever experienced is locked away somewhere in your subconscious mind. Some people can just access this repository of info a bit better than others. In some cases I believe that the subconscious mind also runs some background processes, extrapolating info into patterns and formulating answers to questions that arise from knowing certain things. Just on more complicated levels than some may be ordinarily used to.

Just a theory. I am nobody special •••

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:19 PM
My stupid psychic human trick:

9 times out of 10 I can pinpoint someone looking at me in a crowd of 100 or more from behind me.

Example: Walking down my local high street (Shopping center) I feel someone looking at me and I immediatly turn and face them. They could be 50 feet away or 100 feet away, it generally doesn't matter how far from me they are.

I don't know how common this is, I know people often say they can feel themselves being watched but I can pinpoint the person watching me out of 100 or more.

Any thoughts about that???

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

OK, well, I guess if you described a personal encounter of mine so vividly it would be hard not to react unconciously.

You say it isn't voices -what is it? Do you see flashes of pictures in your mind that you must interpret or are they so literal that interpretation is nominal? Does it take over your field of vision? If you have ever seen Dead Zone, when the guy shakes hands with someone his psychic vision takes over the physical field of view. Is that what it is like? Or do you just know?

Chuckkles- I know what you mean. I often avoid looking around at people bcause that bothers me when I sense someone staring.It gives people the impression that I am stuck up, unfortunately. I don't know if it is just a natural thing that we all feel- maybe a remnant of our more primitive pasts.
edits for typos/spellings and I need new glasses-yeesh
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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

You know, that's pretty much how I knew about my fish!! ( the part about it was just there between the 'pages' of the conversation!)

Not so sure I'd want to know all those details you seem to be bombarded with, tho!!
I'd much rather get say, lottery numbers, LOL.

( And I always thought those answers that popped in my head during tests, was because I was just 'receiving' what the 'smart' kids were transmitting!!)

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