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Canadians Barred from entering U.S.

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 12:11 AM
Where to begin...

U.S. Border Guards bar skilled Canadian from job in U.S.

Gibbons and his wife Heather bought a home in Utah. Their daughter married an American serviceman and they now have two U.S.-born grandchildren.

"I worked for the airport communications systems," Gibbons said. "I installed a 911 system by myself down there. I have worked on their infrastructure and I have probably done more than most of the American citizens have to build their infrastructure."

So this guy, a ridiculously qualified worker in a highly specialized field was denied re-entry at the US border after visiting family in Canada.

"He [the border guard] took my credentials, put them aside and told me they were garbage. I was told they were of no use for the classification that I was seeking that I had had for 13 years," said Gibbons. "It was a discretionary call on his part and I was just trying to follow the rules."

Then they told him that now he needed a university degree to enter the US via NAFTA, as if he was somehow unqualified without it despite his years of experience.

And here's the real kick in the cojones:

"We do have a commitment at the border to protect the American job market," said Jan Pete of Customs and Border Protection in Blaine, Wash.

A commitment to protect the American job market. Yes, you read that correctly. The US border guard has been instructed to keep out unskilled, uneducated masses of Canadian workers crossing hill and dale to get into that absolutely BOOMING American job market.

Why didn't this guy just fly to Mexico and WALK ACROSS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?? Trying to follow the rules? That was his first mistake...

What can I even say about this story. The border guards on the Mexican border are tried as criminals for doing their job while the guards on the Canadian border are forced to act like morons. They're damned if they do and if they don't for following orders. But they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be manipulated in such a way.

Still think the US armed forces wouldn't fire on their own civilian population? Just following orders...

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 04:45 AM
Well, it's been said that Life in the U.S. is a joke, but I'd have to disagree...It's a friggin' tragedy.

If Mexicans continually crossing the south border to steal our unskilled jobs & overwhelm our social infrastructures is to help "prepare for the NAU," then what the hell kind of justification does denying Canadians to temporarily cross the north border to perform skilled jobs convey?

Seems to me that it's way past time to kick them all out of our government.

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