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ATS Ultimate Info Gathering Site & Religious Intolerance

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 11:45 PM
Yes the title is right, if your posting on ATS on a regular basis and you have possibly some bad things to say about America or hope she is bombed again, or whatever, they probably have a file on you.

Not the ATS overlords, but the NWO operatives that are well paid to gather and disseminate information to government organizations from the top conspiracy/ufo/social/wack-o websites.

And are all of the NWO operatives bad, I think not. But like it or not, we will have to tolerate an unprecedented level of snooping by our government because of the fact that so many factions are all wrong in their beliefs.

Just like that innocent mention of bombs along with America will pop up a flag on some super computer sniffer that will be analyzed possibly months later to see if my post, or rather the person behind the post is a possible threat.

So is this a general conspiracy or more like a known not so general conspiracy. And is it really a conspiracy if the conspiracy is being carried out to protect our citizens from harm?

I personally have nothing to hide, unless of course I see a wrong done by those in charge and then say I will testify as to whaT I SAW AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE HAMMER FALLS HEAVY ON NOT ONLY ME, BUT THE LIVES OF MY LOVED ONES AND FRIENDS ARE THREATENED AS WELL.

All the above happened to me while being tortured in a most inhumane way by those that are trusted by a majority of the population to uphold the law...By those who have a religious belief in the opposite of good, all done to cover a wrong done by another of the members of the anti religious gang....and what a paradox, a group who doesn't believe in God, but yet still a religious anti religion religion

You say hold on that couldn't happen in America, but I say it can happen and will continue to happen in this country we all love so dearly, because that is the nature of power, and personal beliefs have a lot to do with power. Power corrupts, especially when it can be weilded by those lacking in a belief of a benevolent God who is also a God of judgement.

As skeptic overlord said, he hates more than anything the intolerance of anothers view or beliefs when it comes to religion. But wait, why shouldn't I hate the people who are athiests? or devil worshippers? Because they believe we live only one time on this present earth, and in the case of both, they can do all the bad deeds on earth they want and not be punished as long as they belong to the 'powerful club' and in the case of the latter, they will rule with lucifer in hell because their anti bible bible says so.

They wont have to answer to God for any wrongs they commit, and if they ever get in a position of power and then organize with other non believers/believers they can and will kill to keep power by using some of the most vile atrocities against another human being.

So why shouldn't I, a person who believes in doing what is positive and good and fair and just hate those who would kill to further their power or keep it? Because after all, a non belief/belief can be a relgion/non-religion that can be taken to the extreme as well as Christianity/Islam/Insert your religion here!

What say you to this point of view Skeptic Overlord and ATS community?

And don't give me we have laws to live by, because if the lawgivers or those who sit in judgement with ultimate power deem you a law breaker whether it be a written law, or an unspoken law, or a law of their own religious/non-religious organization the justice system goes right out the window followed closely by you!

[edit on 26-6-2008 by TH3ON3]

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 03:00 AM
Your post sounds like you have made the assumption that anyone of the same religion of you is good, and anyone who is not is bad.

I think you really need to take religion out of this all together.

Hate is a bad thing for anyone. If you feel you have the right to hate someone, then you have to accept their right to hate you too. That's the problem with the world. There's just not enough love.

Sure, you've got a right to not like people that do bad things. But you need to stop viewing the word with such a generalist view and tarring everyone with the same brush because of their beliefs. Whether athiest, christian, muslim, jewish or undecided, there's good and bad people everywhere, in every religion, in every country.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 05:45 AM
In hating a different religion or belief system than the one you're in, you are denying yourself the ability to truly be a member of your religion. First, If you're a Christian you can't hate, especially not for differences that don't negatively effect you. Second, atheism doesn't at all imply a lack of morals; quite the opposite, I would think that since they believe in only this life and nothing else, living a good life (for the benefit of both themselves and the people around them) would be a high priority.

Last point, and the one I really want to make. Being a member of a religious group is an act of commitment. You should actively choose your religion, based on a deep understanding of what it's teaching and what the 'gist' (for lack of a better word) of it is. If you dismiss other religions and beliefs outright, you are NOT a faithful believer, you are a blind follower. You can't possibly have made an informed decision in joining that religion because you have never considered anything else. I'd also like to make a note here, being able to pick out the passage in the Bible that you think proves that a certain religion or belief is wrong is not studying the other religion.

Faith is a commitment to a religion or belief that you know, for yourself, to be true. If you've never questioned your religion, you can't claim to have a strong faith. If you constantly question your religion but never veer from it because it always holds up under scrutiny, then you do have a strong faith.

So why hate people of other religions? They offer you infinite opportunities to strengthen your own faith.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:55 AM
Well hate may have been a strong word, but we are only human and a touch spiritual. I know I'm supposed to love those who would slowly torture me to death, kill my family and friends and then dance at my funeral, but we live in a world of physical feeling, and it is awful hard to accept other religions that lead many of their followers to practice human sacrifice, and or lead to a cruel power that can do any thing they see fit. This is why so many have fought against tyranny, because the majority realize that evil is wrong, but some do not. I wonder just how many Iraqies loved saddam, or how about Pol pot, or lenin, or hitler.

I'm sure their are some who will love the dark and hate the light, but I don't have to like their actions, or say well go ahead and kill that innocent person and sacrifice to your god because it's your right under your religion. Yes hate is a word often brought up. But God hates the works of darkness no matter how small it may be, and in the end He will judge all of us for our actions. Am I a bad person at times, according to Gods laws, yes...but I don't use my positioin of power to cause harm to others, at least not yet, I say that because physical things can happen that would or could cause someone to hurt others. I know In my case when a doctor just about killed me because he didn't care or didn't know what he was doing, yet he did the procedure anyway because he was afraid to admit he didn't know how. At least I think that was it, maybe he was a devil worshipper and was trying to get rid of me, I don't know, but I will admit during those first few years after my life had become a living hell, I was going to meet out justice. Thank goodness the doctor made himself scarce. And perhaps some are totally insane and that is why they do what they do. God may not actually hate the evil people, but He will meet out judgement against them. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not as spiritual as God is, quite obvious that, and it is only natural once you have found true love and peace to hate the people who would destroy that through sheer lust to satisfy their own desires.

My point is that any belief that is negative and or destructive can't be a viable religion or belief because it just doesn't make sense. In the Christian faith that I believe we are not to force others against their will to accept the belief. In fact true Christianity practices nothing but positive good vibrations or love for all, to put in terms you new age people will understand.

So hatred is a strong word, but so is reality and truth, and if you can't deal with the truth, and reality, keep writing what makes you feel better even if it really isn't the truth, because we all need a little therapy once in a while.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:10 AM
Just like Eminem said. Just because someone say they wanna kill you doesnt means they're going to do it or that they believe in it.

You know ppl lie, ppl change their minds, ppl say what they dont mean, and ppl play.

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