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Wanta settlement has been paid

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 10:33 PM
According to Christopher Story at, the Wanta settlements have now been paid. This supposedly puts many trillions of dollars of black money, which was being controlled and abused by our leaders back into the hands of those for which it rightfully belongs.

Supposedly this money was provided by many countries back in the reagan years to be used to destroy the soviet union economy and to manipulate their currency. This feat was successful and considerable profits were made to the tune of over $70 trillion. Wanta supposedly managed these funds for Reagan. Supposedly when Bush I became president, instead of returning each countries shares, he went underground with the money and ever since the US PTB have been using the funds for personal enrichment, curently being controlled by Cheney, Bush, Paulson and Roberts. Wanta has survived many years in jail on trumped up charges and avoided several attempts on his life. Chris Story eventually bailed him out of Wisconsin prisons. Again all supposedly.

Christopher Story asserts that when bush visited Ireland last week, they had a nice litlle suprise waiting for him that gave him no choice but to go ahead and return the money. The only catch is that they are returning the money in US Securities so that the whole deal can be hidden from the public and they can get off scot free for their abuses.

I realize that many folks here believe this all to be total BS. I admit it might be, but i find it plausible and I belieev it will be the biggest story to break in decades, if it ever does. Feel free to move it to skunk works if that is the norm for this topic. Although, I do think one day it may be verified.

One important change in the story which lends it a bit more credibility is that Chris Story now calls Leo Wanta a double crossing felon as he is willing to cross the boundaries of the law in order to get his settlement. Unclear is if Wanta will still being paying his $1.4 trillion in income tax.

For those who are unfamilar with story their are countless articles at this website that detail the whole thing from start to finish.

Bush, Cheney, Brown compromised over settlements

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 05:58 AM
70 trillion dollars? The US GDP in 2007 was 14 trillion dollars. If that's the figure the story stands by I would say dismiss it outright. Figures like that would mean that every country that contributed would have given several trillion dollars. For most countries, that is a huge percentage of their GDP and loosing it would wreck their economy. Also, how did the government get ahold of all that money? What they collect in taxes is only a small part of the total GDP.

This is just economically impossible.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 05:26 PM
I've been researching the Wanta story and have been unhappy with the treatments I have found on it. So, I decided to do my own.

The $27.5 Trillion Man Leo Wanta: In his own words

I've transcribed the three interviews I could find and condensed them in to one story. It's too long to post in one shot, so I'm breaking it up. I also included links to every seemingly reliable source I could find.

If anyone knows where I could find the Tom Valentine 'Radio Free America' interview Leo did, that would be huge. I can find transcribed excerpts but not the original.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 06:11 PM
A good "risky" post as many of the Presidents, their wives, VP's, Treasury and possibly FED officials have been using these funds for their own objectives. I believe the only reason this settlement was made was to keep those involved from receiving criminal indictments. Maybe this is the reason Interpol, for the first time, secured certain investigative rights within the US. Who knows, but this could end up being a very big deal. Hopefully the money will some day be returned to the people as originally planned by President Reagan

I worked with ATS's counter-terrorist before his going underground. I made the trip to The Reagan Library to secure copies of Wanta's FOIA files which were COMPLETELY SANITIZED!!! They were forwarded to and posted here on ATS by counter-terrorist sometime last year. You can search for them.

I prefer to stay out of this one. I only want to confirm the validity of your OP! S & F.

There are a few articles on Leo Wanta posted on the net which a quick Google search will locate, but as I said before, I want no part of it. It's just too big considering who may be involved.

Be careful with this one.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Oldnslo

Nice! Been following the intracacies of the Wanta story since late 2006. Believe it or not, the "top" people in the scheme aren't even the top people - they were just the external operators. I guarantee you this flows up past even the top spooks, presidents and associated henchmen. The REAL figures behind all of this operate from the shadows. They are nearly untouchable... nearly!

It's fine if you want to follow this rabbit down the hole, just be careful what you publish for consumption. Fascinating story!

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