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Just somthing i have been working on

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posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 05:10 PM
Running out of the elevator I headed along the corridors and straight into the infirmary’s Trauma Room. About ten minutes ago I received a phone call from General Hammond explaining that SG1 had retrieved
the Colonel from the System Lord Ma’at and were on their way back from his palace under heavy fire from his Jaffa.
He was in pretty bad shape and had collapsed due to exhaustion, Carter, Teal’c and Daniel were carrying him back via stretcher, supplied by the EMTs that met them at the Stargate. They were carting him down to the infirmary as we spoke, and I was get onto patching him up in a hurry.
I grabbed a pair of gloves and my stethoscope and i half way between gasped and cried out at the sight of him lying there, already attached to IV's and vitals monitors as they wheeled him in. While I checked his breathing and other vitals out manually, the
nurses drew the blood I requested and had them sent to the labs immediately. Removing some of the grime from his face, I noticed he had begun to wake up, I smiled as he opened his eyes.
Ordering some medication to be started into his drips, I looked back and began to clean him up, wiping away soot and cutting off his burnt clothes. Looking at the Colonel, I was surprised when he grabbed my hand and gestured towards his face, I smiled and removed the oxygen mask and put on a nose tube instead so he could speak.
“Hey Sir, glad to see you made it back in one piece again!”
He shook his head and pointed to his temple.
“What’s wrong? Headache?” I inquired.
He shook his head and groaned in pain, I brushed his forehead with my hand and his expression eased slightly at the feel of the cool water.
“Sir, I know you are very tired and pretty sore, but if you could tell me what is wrong? Then I will be able to help you quicker!”
He took a deep breath and swallowed hard.
“No..Snake!!” he croaked.
Realising what he was saying, I gasped and turned to Brian, one of the nurses.
“Get me and ECG and an EKG Stat!” I ordered.
Looking back down I grimaced and cleaned the hand wound and dressed it up, making sure the IV wire wasn’t dislodged.
“What happened? Was it removed?”
He shook his head and winced at the slight sting on the needle going into his arm to draw more blood out. Handing them to the lab tech, I pulled the needle out and closed the wound.
“Doctor Jackson, his EKG and ECG is slightly irregular, about three points out his limit. Also, there is only one of them!”
Looking at the monitor and then back at O’Neill, I sighed and noted that he had fallen asleep.
“Okay, lets get him cleaned up and comfortable in the infirmary, keep an eye on his vitals every 30 minutes. Keep the oxygen and fluids going for another 12hrs and then do another set of bloods. After that, call the labs and tell them to add a FBC, WCC and
Naquida Protein check.”
The other nurses nodded and we got O’Neill settled and comfortable, I grabbed my folders and headed to call the General.

About and hour later I was sitting beside the Colonel's bed finishing off his chart updates, when Brian came over holding the results of his tests. Passing them to me, he headed through to the trauma room to help out
the rest of the medical personnel with their other duties. Reading the blood results, I gasped at the anemic levels and was glad that the EMTs had acted quickly in giving him vitamins and supplements to
aid him. I would have to send them a thank you note or something. His levels had stabalised slightly with the push of drugs and fluids into him, but it would be awhile before he would be fully recovered. His EKG and ECG hadn’t fully returned to normal yet, which told me his capture and ordeal had been very traumatic at the least.
“Royan!” came a voice from the doorway
Spinning around I saw Janet in the doorway and I smiled, grabbing my charts as I headed over and handed them to her.
“When did they get back?” she inquired as she read.
“About two hours ago, when you were on duty in the academy hospital.”
She skimmed through the results and looked at me, I knew the question she was going to ask so I just stated the obvious.
“We ran the tests three times to make sure, there is no symbiote there, I'm positive. A very small trace of Naquida but was found, but that's it. He came in unconscious, severely dehydrated and anemic. Everything was treated and we are keeping his fluids and oxygen therapy up for another 12hrs or so.”
“What about the X-Rays and MRI results?” she inquired.
“We havent done them yet. We wanted to make sure he was awake so he didn't freak out and hurt himself. I feel safer doing it that way, less resistance.”
She nodded and handed back the folder, grabbing her Bergen and other bags. She turned to the door and then looked back.
“Contact me if anything happens, OK? I'm covering the Alpha Site for a couple of days!”
Nodding to her, agreed and she headed off down the corridor. I headed back to my vigil beside O’Neill’s bed.

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 05:14 PM
Over the next hour or so I finished my paperwork and sorted out the medication rounds, when I heard a whimper coming from O'Neill's bed. Running over, I pulled aside the curtain to witness him clawing at the cot sides with a look of sheer terror on his face.
"Colonel! JACK!!" I yelled, grabbing his hand.
His eyes flew wide open and he stared at me, shaking and sweating.
"Jack, are you alright?" I asked quietly, holding his hands.
"What happened?" he demanded, trembling and sweating. His face was a ghastly shade of pale.
Lowering the cot side, I checked his hand and IV shunt to make sure he hadn't pried it loose or injured himself further. Satisfied, I kept holding his hand and sat beside him and cool washed his face.
"SG1 discovered you about three clicks away from the Stargate with the help of the Tok'ra. They headed back here under very heavy fire and transported you to the infirmary where I took over. You had severe bruises and lacerations, a concussion and two broken ribs. Your blood work also shows that you have been subjected to the use of the…."
"….Sarcophagus around 8 times. Yeah, I know," he whispered somewhat shamefacedly.
He knew what those things did to people. I looked at him and brushed my fingers over the healing cuts on his forehead.
"Colonel, I don't want you to rush things, don't feel pressured into telling us anything. I know its going to take you a long time… but we're here for you," I said softly.
"I know Royan, its just that's not my first time being tortured."
"I know Sir, been there myself. Just rest and sleep ok, I'll be back soon."
He nodded and closed his eyes, by the time I had reset his oxygen he was fast asleep.

For the next few hours he slept and I informed the General and countless others of O'Neill's condition. It was around 0630hrs that I got a call from Hammond telling me that Major Carter was expected back with a representative of the Tok'ra high council. I put the phone back down and headed to change. Before I left I took one last look at O'Neill and then headed up to the CNC and met up with SG1 and Hammond. With a curt nod, I greeted everyone and we all headed down to meet the arrivals at the ramp. Hammond nodded to the Technician to open the Iris from inside the Gate room, and the Iris slid open. We smiled as two familiar people stepped out.
"Welcome back Major, Jaime," Hammond drawled to them.
"Thank you Sir. General Hammond, may I present High Chancellor Tereth," Carter announced.
The councillor bowed to us both. We nodded and smiled back.
"If you would follow me Councillor, we can speak in private."
As they left I looked at Jaime and smiled before giving him a hug and kiss. He took my hand and we walked out of the room, down to the infirmary and into my office.
"How have you been?" I asked as I snuggled up to him on the sofa.
" I’ve been OK. Usual missions and stuff, but Carwyl has been grumpy!"
I looked at him and burst out laughing.
After a short medical we headed up to the meeting room and nodded to the General and councillor. We sat down in the plush, comfortable leather chairs and opened the briefing folders.

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 11:54 PM
Grf, never knew you were a writer? Pretty good.

I liked it very much.

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 03:32 AM
Indeed you are, gryff. Write more! This is interesting.


posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 06:03 AM
Great story so far Gryff! Only questions are:
Who are some of the people involved like Janet?
And, whats the deal with "….Sarcophagus " or are you going to get in to that soon?

Other than that, great so far! Can't wait to read the rest!

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