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I would give my right arm for the truth

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 06:42 PM

Are these really the only aliens visiting us?

There have been many books, documentaries, conspiracy theories, accountings and the like about UFO’s, aliens and their existence.

How much of it is true?

Or is much of it is a bunch of crap and why?


From before biblical times, UFO encounters have been documented on cave paintings, in ancient legends and even in the walls of the pyramids.

As I remember reading somewhere, Moses even talked to a “burning bush” that descended from heaven.

The wise men even followed the brightest star in the heavens to find the baby Jesus.

Was it really a “star” or a low hovering, slow moving flying saucer?

In World War II, both sides reported seeing flying disks on bombing missions.

Each thought it was the other side’s secret.

In more recent history, there’s always the Roswell incident, Area 51, the countless books offering “proof” of the existence of aliens and alien abductions, the face on Mars, the “discovered” footage of an “alien autopsy” and the “at last a real alien” photo that Penthouse magazine published back in September, 1996.

Are all these people lying?

If they are, then why?

I have my own theory..

I think the governments, know of, and have had contact with Aliens.

People say why have they not come clean, Its not that they think we're not "ready" ,they just dont want to lose there control..

An example: If Disclosure happend in the morning, how many people would question there faith? I would say most, Like where do these aliens fit into what we've been thaught all our lives, Religon, Evolution, etc.. Straight away the governments lose there control on us, we wouldn't be living in this ignorant box we've been living in all our lives, there would be a mass leap of consciousness, We'd have so many questions, well i know i would..

You can only dream i supose..

I'd like to hear what other peoples views are on this matter, why you think the governments wont tell us.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:55 AM
Well becareful what you wish for, you might not like what you find.
Does that get the hairs at the back of your neck raised? The thing is although i am for discloure, there is the possibility part of the reason why ET visitation is classified and witheld from the public is that not all ailens are good. Like on Planet Earth there are forces of good and evil. I think we are ready for disclosure of the good ET's, we are way overdue that.
But i dont think humanity is anywhere near ready to swallow the bitter pill, that being that we may be under threat from evil ailens too. I have no evidence personally to prove evil ailens exist as well as good ones, but it is just a gut feeling...


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