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Most terrifying experiences

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Hello all, im not sure where exactly to put this thread but, i want to know what everyone's most intense, and terrifying moments are.

I'll start.

When i was young, maybe 5 or 6, my brother and i shared a room like most siblings do at a young age. We lived in a house that was built in the 30's, and i never really felt safe in it. One night, after my parents had put us to bed, i woke up suddenly because of some sound coming from down the hall in the kitchen, i dont remember what exactly it was, but i know it was odd enough to wake me up.

I decided that it was probably one of my parents, but i went to investigate anyway. I walked out of our room, and began to walk down the hall, when i saw what looked a shadow version of myself run across the hallway , from the kitchen to the living room. I couldnt even move i was so scared.

Eventually i turned back and went to my room, and closed the door. I woke my brother up, who had no idea what was going on, and told him we had to get into mom and dads room. I was scared almost to the point of tears, but i somehow managed to keep it together, drag my brother out of bed, and head across the hall to my parents room, when i noticed it again. The same shadowy version of me ran across the hallway between rooms. I tried to open my parents door but it was locked. My brother was still groggy and hadnt noticed a thing, so i kept beating on the door in hopes of getting in.

Finally my dad opened the door, and i ran in. Everyone passed my experience off as a bad dream, and my mom took me back to my room, while my brother stayed in my parents room with my dad. I asked if my mom would stay in there with me, and, of course, she said she would.

Shortly after she went to sleep, i felt something, or someone, climbing into the bed, from the footrest, up towards me. I started shaking my mom trying to wake her up, and when she did, whatever it was stopped coming.

The rest of the night was uneventful, but when i woke up in the morning, i had a few cuts on my elbow that were bleeding rather profusely, but i didnt experience any pain from them.

I had a few other strange experiences in that house, namely the time my brother and I switched places in the middle of the night, somehow without disturbing the blankets on our bed, but none of them really compared to the fear i felt that night, and ever since then, i have not been afraid of anything in my life.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 05:52 PM
Could this have been an 'out of body experience' - 'astral projection' ? What ever --- it sounds very scary.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Does anyone have any terrifying experiences? They dont really have to deal with the paranormal, i just didn't know where to put this thread. Come on people, provide us with some entertainment!

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 08:22 PM
When I was about 9 yrs old. I had this dream that I was in my parents room, and my mother looked really sad, and I asked her what was wrong, but she never responded but told me that I was going away. Then I remember asking her where was I going?, although she never answered my question she said they were coming to pick me up. All of a sudden I looked at my arm and my whole arm was filled with white spots, and on my arm was a message that started with the words Bodo Bodo. After that I dont remember how my dream ended.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 04:27 AM
The most terrifying event so far with me was one night around 3 something in the morning. First off let me say that my husband works construction and works out of state , so he is gone all week and comes home on the weekends. And both my kids are grown and live on there own. So its just me and the dog.

Anyway, 3ish in the morning I was awakened by someone or something twisting the H*LL out of my bedroom door knob. I mean they was violently twisting and shoving on the door to get in. Now since I am alone I have a pistol under my mattress my husband bought me for security. I also double check my doors at night and also lock my bedroom door. Yea I know I'm a chicken but.....

what ever was on the other side of my bedroom door wanted in like now!
My little dog sleeps at the foot of my bed and as soon as this started happening she went into a barking frenzy...she jumps off the bed and runs to the door barking and growling something fierce. But I was so terrified that I couldnt even raise up to get the phone right next to my bed. I was afraid to even breath hard thinking whoever was trying to get in would hear my every move. But I knew any minute the door was going to bust open and I would be killed by some crazed intruder.

I guess this went on for about 10 minutes and then silence. It stopped and I heard nothing else. Lot of good the gun did me !! To chicken to reach and get it. I layed there for about 2 hours so scared, my heart beating so fast .
I finally got my nerve up and got up and opened my bedroom door , the dog ran out through the house. I flipped the kitchen light on and checked the kitchen door. Locked! The front door. Locked! same with the back door.
Everything was locked. This is what really scared me. So I know no one broke into the house. I have to say this was the most terrifying event. Not the only one though, because Ive had many. Ive had so many events Ive thought of contacting a paranormal investigative team in.
But I thought my husband would sh*t if he came home and found the ghost busters set up in the house. LOL

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 12:07 AM
wow liquid, that did sound scary. If I were you I would have started pulling slugs into the door. The scary part was that everything was locked, when you went to go check. A simlar story that equally as creepy happen to my big brother andy awhile back. As for my own person story of the most terrifying paramoral event, would probably be that one night when i was working out in the garage of the house we were living in. I only stayed in that house for about half a year then moved out, anyways, that house was a friend of mine, newly build but it was build near Indian reservation, it was out in palm springs. Anyways, that night i working out in the garage like I normally done for a couple of months, I gotta admit I was making a bit of racket too as the chain on the punching bag i was hitting was making alot of clanging noise. All of a sudden, the room got very dense feeling, and I felt like i wasn't alone in the garage anymore. Thinking it was my mind playing tricks on me, I kept hitting the bag harder and harder, causing more noise and racket. Then I hear someone say something to me, I was alone in the garage, I couldn't make out what it was it sounded like a loud mumble. But it sounded like it came from a few feet from me in the direction of the corner.
At this point, Im really tripping out and I walk out of the garage into the living room to check to see if it was one of my boys messing with me. They were all doing their own thing. I went back into the garage, and whatever was in there was still there. I tried to ignore it, and I kept hitting the bag harder and harder. Trying to show to whatever it was that I wasn't afraid, I really think whoever or whatever it was in that room with me. Was staring at me from that corner and it was annoyed or mad at all the noise I making. The feeling in the room got denser and denser, finally I was fed up and I turned to that corner and I told whatever it was to "LEAVE ME ALONE!", and i turned to repummel that bag. After i did that, the feeling it the room went away, it if it was never there in the first place. After what happen I sat down, and was mix with anger and terror and what actually took place. There was another event that happen in that house, that leads me to believe it was a ghost, but thats another story. THanks!

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:41 AM
I love fear...the only true emotion left. I love getting straight up terrified every now and then, makes you feel alive, doesn't it? It makes everything afterwards seem that much more special and real. Of course while it's happening I can't say I'm enjoying the experience though! Lol.

Anyway I've had more than my fair share of terror I'd say. I don't have time to post now but in a few days I'll share some pretty good ones for you.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:52 AM
Most terrifying? I was married for 25 years. After that, nothing scares me.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 09:03 PM
i jus turnd 12 and i lovd scary i wuld see it wit my frends all da time...wel we went to see one missed call for my birthday and we all got seperated. so most of us wer put in a dark corner and it was truly freaky. but all of a sudden, mine and 4 of my other frends fone startd ringing...the same ringtone and we did not put it to that ringtone...and the same number. well i picked up and one of my frends popped up from out of the dark corner and he scared us half to death...but he wee wer laffin...wat was scary was that we never found out who did it because it wasnt him.and the people next to us, they traveled in a larg group and the same thing happened to them. but we left it alone because it hasnt happened again and it was probly someone pranking us in a very smart way.
the very lucky part was dat it was only a dream!!! i was so relieved because i was so scared...

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 05:35 AM
Right....where to start
I'll go chronologically as much as I remember.

I must have been about 8, possibly younger, and it was quite common for me to sleep in my mums bed at that age. Now I used to be very scared of the dark, so when I slept in her bed and she was downstairs I would pull the sheets and duvet over my head and clamp them down in place.

Now this one night I started having a terrible nightmare, whilst I was awake
. All I had going through my mind was images of 'monsters' waiting around the bed for me, and the x-files theme tune going through my head. (To this day...that theme tune scares me enough to leave the room if it comes on) Now I layed for about an hour with this going on, too scared to move, until eventually I'd had enough and decided to run downstairs. Go to lift the covers and they don't now I'm literally crying...because I think these 'mosnters' are trapping I scream for my mum who comes up quickly. Somehow I had managed to completely turn around in the bed and had my head where my feet should have been, even though I never released my clamp on the duvet.... No idea how it happened....but it scared the hell out of me...

The next time I was on a roundabout in a park (One of those oens you spin about) I dared my friend to spin me as fast as he could, so for about 10 minutes I was on this thing spinning and spinning, when I had decided I'd had enough I jumped off
But my leg hit a bar as it was spinning so fast, and I spun through the air as well before I rolled on the floor. Now I was completely out of it, couldn't see much at all, let alone stand. But I remember seriously asking my friend "When did those people come in" whilst looking at a bench... only for him to tell me there was nobody there. Now for about the next 5 minutes i could keep seeing 'shadowy' people who simply wern't there. At the time it didn't bother me, but thinking back it kind of freaks me out a little.

The next time, me and the same friends were in a small piece of forest that we went to all the time to build 'bases'
One day we decided to go into the half we hadn't been through before looking for better hidden places to build in, when at one end we can upon the most unnatural clearing... and instantly we both felt like we were being watched. But we stayed for a little while, my friend found a frog skull which we thought was cool, and it kind of lightened the mood...then we kept walking around the small opening.

As we had decided we wanted to leave because it felt to uneasy I walked back towards the frog skull to get a picture, but it wasn't there anymore...then we seriously decided to start walking away. I would say we were about 10 metres away when I turned around...and to this day I swear I saw something.. best described as a werewolf (It was a VERY quick glimpse) and I shouted run to my friend and we ran quicker than we ever had before. Now there is this small bog type thing in the path at one point, maybe three or four metres long... but it's deep...much deeper than we were, but we were scared enough we managed to run straight across it instead of having the climb aorund like normal... We only ever went back to that same spot when there were more people...and everytime it felt terrible being there. I would say we were maybe 12-14.

The last and most recent time...a few weeks ago...was at night in my bed. It was windy outside...and there is a wire on the room by my window that taps against it sometimes in the it can sound like somebody tapping on the window..but it's just the wire. But this night, there were clear taps... twice the taps seemed to match someone rapping their fingers across the window, before a series of slow, definate knocks on the window... and the wires had NEVER been anything like that hitting the window. I am 16...and it was unusual enough to freeze me in place... for about an hour I had my eyes open, and nothing more, but as soon as I turned over and shut my eyes again, there were a few more definite taps...I sat up for a while more..but finally fell asleep.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 02:40 PM
When I was 15 I shared a bedroom with my mother. One night I woke up to hear strange crunching sounds coming from the end of her bed. I had no idea what it could be. My mother slept. Anyway there were pauses between the sounds, I counted to 25 several times. My birthday is on the 25th so that was scary too.

Then I fell back to sleep. A few weeks later, I had forgotten about the incident, I stood at the end of my mother's bed to watch myself in the mirror my father had stuck on the wall. It was a tiny mirror, that's why I had to stand as much away from it to see myself as much as possible.

And then....I heard the crunching sound....I was standing on a pair of boots of hers.

So that night, something or somebody had stood there....maybe watching itself in the mirror (not that there was any light)

But this is not the scariest experience maybe.

A few month later I had my own room. I was in bed, it was in the evening, when I heard footsteps coming closer. I assumed it was my mother going to the toilet (which was next to my room). The steps ended at my closed door...and no no steps back or any toilet sounds. I asked her whether she had gone to the toilet and you can she hadn't. And there was nobody besides us. Must have been the door step ghost

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