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Teenage Gang and Jihadist ?

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 06:27 AM
Well. Here i am in Australia seeing all these middle eastern teenage gangs run wild and cause trouble in public areas such as bus station and one day i go on Youtube to search "WOGz" thats what we call Arabs in Australia, to see how pathetic they were and ran across all these videos with people dressed up like terrorist and images of the Qu ran. You can just see they are brainwashed these people by their messages in the video. phrases such as "F*** PEACE" and "F*** the Police" EVEN glorifying the gang rapist 'Bilai Skaf' (Dont know how to spell it)
They create such a bad name for all thee other decent people of their race. Very sad. It seems very likely they are influenced by two major factors.
1. American Black Gangsta Culture
2. The current conflict in the Middle East and Online Al Qaeda Propaganda videos.

Here are few examples of these videos and u will see wat i mean...

and an article about one of those videos which was deleted
i really forgot how to quate an article. *cries*

Link to article

thats all i got to say today.

All these teenage youths just escaping from a war torn country is very likely to be involved in a conflict as u already see. They hate Australian and under influence of Islam and Al Qaeda with messages like "F*** PEACE" i think there is always a chance of them doing something reallly stupid soon.

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