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Stan Romanek's alien in the window: ENHANCED

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:40 PM
What ever your thoughts on the Stan Romanek case... the alien in the window video (which I do not believe has been released yet ) have to admit, the stills of this video are less than conclusive. So, I ran the image through PS and adjusted variables of brightness and contrast to see what I could ring out of this image.

This is the original still from the video:

The still photo of the video is very grainy and hard to work with but I did the best I could to get an accurate depiction of contrast. Now keep in mind I only adjusted contrast and bright/darkness. After the initial render, I used a Gaussian blur ( aprox. a factor of 5-10%) to soften the pixels.

This is the enhanced version of the same still:

Still inconclusive, but still interesting to me, to say the least. There definately appears to be a three dimensional (object?) entity in this frame.

I believe the video was take in "night shot" or IR so the bulbous reflection of the head is washed out in the IR. The PS filters were able to fade some of the wash and give what I believe to be a more accurate depiction of what exactly, was in that window, or at least the over all shape.

I strongly encourage anyone with the inclination, to do the same as I have and run this photo through Photo Shop ( or any art program of your choice) and see if you can duplicate or improve upon the image.

It was a fun exercise and yielded some insight into the possible validity of this still/video. I guess we'll all have to wait and see the film, but for now this has kept me interested. See what you can come up with and post it here.

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