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Special Report: This guy is STUPID!!!

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 05:02 PM
Location: Wendy's resturaunt
Time of incident: 6/24/08 - Lunch Time at work

I order my favorite wendy's combo:
3 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers (they're like...slightly larger than a white castle

1 small frosty
1 large coke

to go

Special instructions?: The burgers: plain & ketchup only. I say it to them "plain and ketchup only" because if i say "ketchup only" they NEVER PUT CHEESE ON IT

I get my food, get back out to my car (i never use drive-ups. they always mess up your order ....)

All the way back to work i go, when i get there, i reach in my bag for a burger, since my frosty is all gone by now

Burger #1: No meat're s***ing me

Burger #2: No meat

Burger #3: you guessed meat

So - i decide the store is okay w/o me for another 30 minutes (being the boss is great
) so i drive back to wendy's.

(side note: The guy who took my order - cool as can be. Very respectful, thanks you sir's - and everything)

I walk up to the same guy - and take my burgers out of the bag, lay them on the table and told him they had no meat

he giggled, relunctantly, and walked back to the guy who was working on the grill.

I was staring off into space by this time, but still listening to the conversation.

In a -NOT-SO-DISCREET volume, the grill guy says - verbatim

"Maaaaaaaan - that dewd is LYIN!!!!"

To my shock and amazement, he's looking right at me when i look up.


I asked for a manager.

Insert angry looking fat woman

I told her the story - and she argued with me, saying her grill guy claims he put meat on my burgers ... ill tell ya what...

Then - a spark of genius -

i opened the buns and showed her the emptiness, but followed up with

"if he had put meat on these, would there not be grease on the bread!!!"

------my manners are gone by now, mind you ---------------------------

The grill guys reponse, again, i swear it is verbatim:

"Mannnnnnnnnnnn that MOTHA F***A is LYIN!!!!!!" And he stormed into the back room.

Of course i retaliated with a few choice words of my own, to which the guy who originally took my ordered apologized for the grill guy (note: fat angry manager lady did NOTHING) and the guy got me my burgers.

Before i could leave, bring back in the grill guy

his reason for return?

He went to the trash can - dug out the printer receipt for the grill area of my order. now i dont understand all the codes on there, but his reason for doing this?

"SEE! Dude messed up on sending the order to me. This note says KETCHUP OWNELY WHITE-BOY!!!"

ya know, those times in your life, when you look back at a situation and you say to yourself (damn i wish i would have said THAT to that guy) ?

Well that didnt happen to me this time. I said exactly what i was thinknig

"Hey, dumb (3 letter word for a buttocks) i ordered a BUR-GER with KET-CHUP only. I didnt order 2 buns, plain, add ketchup"

i wanted my money back - got nothing.

So i sent a copy of this very thread to the wendy's corp.

This guy better get fired. They better dump the grease bucket on his stupid face

The ignorance and arrogance of people like this guy at a FAST FOOD RESTURAUNT is amazing.

He calls me "WHITE BOY" because he probably thinks "im tha man keepin him dizown!!!!"

give me a *snip* *snippity* *snip* *snip* *snip* break

The reason he works at a dead end job is because he has no ambition, intelligence, or decency.


There should be a hunting season - for people just like this guy.

[edit on 24-6-2008 by Andrew E. Wiggin]

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:13 PM
A very good rant and a well deserved one. Go GETTIM!!!

I hope that the corporation gives you a decent reply.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 08:47 PM
The Rant forum is not disappointed. You did it justice with this story. While I feel your pain, I enjoy hearing that I'm not the only one that gets .50 worth of service on a 2.50 burger. Rant on my fellow anti-fastfood soldier. Rant on.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 09:01 PM
Man all you white people do is complain!!!!! Mabey you should have had a bologna sandwhich for lunch instead. Or maybe some Cheese and ......

wait for it....


just kidding. I would be really pissed. But hey at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that this moron will probably be working there until he is 50 if he isnt in jail by then.

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