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9-11 Memories Gathering Dust with EDD

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:53 PM
As we enter the home stretch of what has been the most ridiculously long (and deliberately planned) "campaign season" which began in February 2007, we all know that it is also a time to say good bye to the administration that was in power on 9-11-01 with a "leader" having his early morning jog and reading an upside down book about Goats to children that fateful day.
The American people, whether they are for or against the current administration are just plain pooped! I heard a local radio personality in Denver call our condition "Empathy Deficit Disorder" (EDD). And it has nothing to do with any form of sexual disfunction.
I believe it was Karl Jung who said "Man can only handle so much reality" and this was never more true than in coping with these past God-awful seven years (almost, but not quite of Biblical proportions) if you look back. 9-11, Tsunami, Katrina, "The War without end", the tipsy turvy economy which is not so bad to some and oh so bad for others and little bursts of terrorism with poisoned food both human and dog, unsafe this and dangerous that and let's not forget the cancer epidemic.
So, in response to others comments about our apathy about 9-11 and the 3,000+ deaths. We all pretty much know that it was a "false flag" inside job by out shadow government. So what can we do about it? In all honesty, I am so very sorry to say, is nothing, absolutely nothing. Anymore than bring the perps of the JFK murder to justice, or those who set up the Viet Nam War (58,000 lost) and on and on.
Periodically I play tasteful 9-11 videos as my own personal remembrance of that day and of my fellow Americans and it still chokes me up.
I recommend to find peace and satisfaction by helping those within you teeny tiny, itsy, bitsy circle of influence. It will accomplish so much more and save you from utter frustration of the evil in men's hearts which has always existed in this world, but today getting world-wide publicity.


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