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Elected official makes six figures, works 8 days / year

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 08:02 AM
I've always taken an interest in the many diverse ways in which large sums of our taxes are wasted, and while this case may not be as large a sum as many others, it is still indicative of just how ridiculous things can get.

Check this out:

New Port Richey, Florida
May 16, 2008

When you do business at the Pasco Courthouse it will eventually involve Jed Pittman the Clerk of Court. Pittman, a powerful Pasco politician, has been running the office since 1977. According to Pittman, who makes $136,576, he only has to show up 8 days a year in order to get paid.

Pittman says he has no hours that he has to be in the office. The Clerk says he doesn't have to come in and work for 43 days. However he says on the 44th day he better be at the office. That's because if he misses 44 days in a row the circuit judge can relieve him and replace him with somebody else.

But, like the infomercials say, wait there's more. Pittman is making an additional $74,908.08 a year from the $6,242.34 retirement payment he receives each month from the Florida Retirement System. That's right, Pittman retired in January 31, 2004, but then un-retired and went back to work a day later. He will collect the retirement money for life. He also got a lump sum of $362,687.68 from the Florida Drop fund when he retired for a day.

Despite what some think, Pittman has found a loophole in the law and what he is doing is completely legal. Pittman has no problem with it and doesn't think taxpayers should either.

According to Pittman he thinks taxpayers get their money's worth of out of him.


As much as this irritates me, I do think I would like to have that position...

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 09:31 AM
you would think after he went back to work they would stop his retirement payments, seeing as he is not actually retired anymore

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