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FOIA: Majestic 12 - 65-81170

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:07 AM
Majestic 12 - 65-81170
This is a report based on a document found which had information on the Majestic 12

Document date: 1991-11-15
Department: CID
Author: Harry B. Brandon
Document type: Report
pages: 24


Archivist's Notes: This Report was written much later than the original information contained therein. The original had attachments or appendices which are not present. It has "BOGUS" written across most pages which have reference to the Majestic 12. What is interesting is that it mentions that the M12 was setup to investigate UFOs etc. Regardless of what it does or doesn't say is the list of names which it contains. Keep in mind a memo which is available is the Twining Memo which in part says that the UFO phenomena is factual. The Majestic 12 supposedly investigated these occurrences. Nathan Twining was also listed as a M12 member. This document doesn't really give very much information in its 24 pages. It was also classified as a hoax.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:13 PM
Page 1: Cover sheet

Page 2:

To: FBI Director
From: SAC Strategic Air

, Dallas

This communication is classified secret in its entirety.
Enclosed for the Bureau is an envolope which contains a possible classified document.
On Sept 15, 1988, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Office Of Special Investigations (OSI),

Special Agent *named blacked out* contacted the Dallas FBI with the enclosed

document. *stuffed blacked out* received the document from *alot of black out*

claims that an individual at the school, whom he refuses to name, gave it to him,

claiming he received it in the mail.

Page 3:

Dallas notes that within the last six weeks, there has been local publicity regarding

"OPERATION MAJESTIC-12" with at least two appearances on a local radio talk show,

discussing the MAJESTIC-12 OPERATION, and the people involved, and the Govt's attempt

to keep it secret. It is unknown if this is part of the publicity campaign.

*blacked out* from OSI, advises that "Operation Blue Book," mentioned in the document

on page 4 did exist.

Dallas realizes that the purported document is over 35 years old, but does not know

if it had been properly declassified.


The Bureau is requested to discern if the document is still classified. Dallas will

hod any investigation in abeyance until further direction from FBIHQ.

Page 4:

Subject: OPERATION MAJESTIC-12 Preliminary Briefing
President Eisenhower.
November 1952... yada yada.

At this point it actually names the 12 members of Majestic-12..
At the bottom it's noted that one member (Sec. Forrestal) died in May 1949 and was

eventually replaced by Gen. Walter Smith in Aug of 1950.

Page 5:

Says the Kenneth Arnold sighting on June 24, 1947 drove people to the edge of


The page goes onto talk about the Roswell and how one of these saucers crashed and

the response the news reporters were given is a "misguided weather research balloon,"

when really it was aliens.

The word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 6:

continues about the crash in Roswell...

Two of the MAJESTIC-12 members (acting on presidential orders) analyzed the data,

coming to the conclusion the disc was most like an ET scout craft. One MJ-12 member

suggests calling the aliens "Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities" or "EBEs."

The analysis continues stating their unearthly origin is virtually certain. There

was speculation they might be from Mars, but Donald Menzel believes they are

from another solar system.

Also this page notes some difficulties with deciphering what's left of the alien

craft. The absence of wings, jets, wiring, electronic equipment is baffling.
Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 7:

A need for additional information about these craft is sought which leads to PROJECT

SIGN in december 1947. For security only 2 members of MAJESTIC-12 can contact SIGN.

Page 8:

From: Director FBI

Just the Director informing Dallas that OSI & USAF advised that the document was

fabricated. Therefore it's advised Dallas to close investigation.
*Some black out near bottom of page*

Page 9:

Faded badly, for all purposes--blank

Page 10:

Final Note- bogus document. case should close.

Page 11:

From: SAC, Salt Lake City

This communication is classified confidential in its entirety.
Re Secure telcalls between SSA *blacked out* Salt Lake City, and SSA *Blacked out*

FBIHQ, on 10/25/91, and 10/30/91.
Enclosed for FBIHQ is the below mentioned 9-page document dated 11/18/52.

Request of the Bureau:

Pursuant to instructions relayed from DAD H.B. BRANDON III via refereenced secure

telcall on 10/30/91, INTD, Section CI-2 should attempt to determine any DOD interest

in the enclosed document.

Page 12:

At 12:10 pm on 10/18/91, an individual identifying himself as *blacked out*

telephonically contacted the Salt Lake Division and spoke with the duty Agent....

yada yada he told him he found a document at his place of employment which seemingly

contains sensitive contents... *Rest of page is blacked out* ...ok not quite.

Last paragraph says the FBI field office in Salk Lake City thought it as a

hoax but to be sure are sending a synopsis to see if the DOD has any interest


Page 13:

Not much here. Based on DAD BRANDON instructions and DOD comments they decided to

submit info to the DOD to determine interest level.

Page 14:

Date: Nov 15, 1991
To: Commander, Office Of Special Investigations
Department of the Air Force
Bolling Air Force Base
Washington, DC
From: Harry Brandon, III, Acting Assistant Director Intelligence Division


FYI, our Bureau recently recovered what may possibly be a classified document, dated

Nov 18, 1952, relating to "OPERATION MJ-12" The document indicates that this project

related to sightings/recovery of extra-terrestrial aircraft.

It is noted that although this document may represent some type of hoax, it is our

responsibility to insure that all incidents involving the mishandling of classified

data receive adequate attention. We request that your agency attempt to ascertain

the originator and/or the current classification of the enclosed document. Your

cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Point of Contact for this matter is, Supervisory Special Agent *name blacked out*

Intelligence Division, FBI HQ.

Page 15:


Document cover sheet saying only for those possessing MAJESTIC-12 Clearance Level.
Document contains compartmentalized information essential to National Security.

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 16:

Subject: OPERATION MAJESTIC-12 President Briefing for President Elect Eisenhower

identical to page 4....names the 12 members of Majestic-12..
At the bottom it's noted that one member (Sec. Forrestal) died in May 1949 and was

eventually replaced by Gen. Walter Smith in Aug of 1950.

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 17:

Nearly identical to page 5 (see page 5 summary)

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 18:

Nearly identical to page 6 (see page 6 summary)

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 19:

Nearly identical to page 7 (see page 7 summary)

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 20:

Enumeration Of Attachments:

Attachment A- Special Classified *illegible*
Attachment B- Operation Majestic-12 Status
Attachment C- Operation Majestic-12 Status
Attachment D- Operation Majestic-12 Preliminary
Attachment E- Operation Majestic-12 Team
Attachment F- Operation Majestic-12 Status
Attachment G- Operation Majestic-12 Contingency
Attachment H- Operation Majestic-12 Maps and Photographs

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 21:

Pretty much blank *yawn*

Again the word BOGUS is written in huge letters across this whole page.

Page 22:


Dear Sec. Forrestal,

As per our recent conversation on this matter, you are hereby authorized to
proceed with all due speed and caution upon your undertaking. Hereafter this
matter shall be referred to only as Operation Majestic-Twelve.

It continues to be my feeling that any future considerations relative to the
ultimate disposition of the matter should rest soley with the office of the
President following appropriate discussions with yourself, Dr. Bush and the
Director of Central Intelligence.

(signed) Harry Truman

Page 23:

Final memorandum from the Special Assistant to the President highlighting when
briefing from the MJ-12 Studies Project should occur.

Page 24:

*Nothing of importance*

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:56 AM
MAJESTIC-12 is the name of the alleged secret committee of government officials, military leaders, and scientists, supposedly formed in 1947 under the direction of US President Harry S. Truman. The committee was to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident. Although many ufologists today doubt the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents, there continues to be debate on the existence of the group altogether.


The Majestic 12
Tonight on The History Channel-Majestic 12
Topic and Discussion Index for RAIL/EM/SUPERGUN and MAJESTIC-12

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 02:41 AM
Thanks for the work on this, an interesting one to me.

Something I think you missed in your breakdown that I spotted and found interesting.

Page 13(PDF):

Based upon DOD representations made to SSA [redacted] which, incredibly, tended to buttress a portion of the document, he discussed this matter with DAD BRANDON on 10/30/91.

I had to double check the meaning of buttress, but it essentially means 'support' in this context.

I wonder which portion they felt might have some substance? It's a shame that's not mentioned.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 01:55 AM
Very good info here. Here is a link to the Truman signed doc.


posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by Scramjet76

For security only 2 members of MAJESTIC-12 can contact SIGN.

A lot of the Majestic 12 legend seems to Allegorically describe some kind of NWO command and communication structure. Alien flying disks transporting the big wigs etc. If we are going to learn how the present NWO choreographs events, we should at least explore the historical literature to see how it was done in the past.

Obviously if world leaders wanted to orchestrate anything they would need a form of secure communications. During world war 2 the Germans were able to listen to everything from a Netherlands listening post. Even our early attempts at encrypting voice communication failed. The allies finally developed a secure connection between the US and Britain using a 12 channel device in 1943.

Eventually twelve SIGSALY terminals were developed and located in Paris, Algiers, Honolulu, Guam, Australia, one on a ship following General Douglas MacArthur's shifting headquarters and, toward the end of the war, in reoccupied Manila in the Philippines. Together, they supported some 3,000 voice conferences between military and political leaders, including President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill. After the war, units were also located (somewhat ironically) in the former Luftwaffe headquarters in Berlin, the I. G. Farben headquarters building in Frankfurt that served as the center of the occupation, and in Tokyo.

Maybe these were the 12 Majestic 12 locations alluded too in the original UFOlogy? SIGSALY was classified till the 1980's so perhaps the old MJ12 legend grew out of seeing these secret disks being Curriered from one secret facility to another?

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