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MI5 To Monitor All E-Mail in Britain

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posted on Jan, 3 2003 @ 02:07 PM
A couple of years ago British Law enforcement announced new laws empowering them to monitor any and all e-mail that was deemed a thread to national security suspicious or of a subversive nature.

Based on that law a new policing agency was developed to act as Internet Police with the intentions of intercepting child pornography activities. That law includes the right to demand security passwords and unlock all encrypted data held in private possession.

The Sunday Times Magazine reported that new technology included police vans equipped with electronic surveillance equipment that could be parked up two 2 or 3 blocks from a location and monitor all Internet activity on any given PC. A senior police official announced on BBC news that the police also had the technology to monitor all activity on a PC from their central location and see / save all data being transferred.

My question is this: So who's watching the watchers? When does the need to maintain public safety and protect against terrorism (which I agree with) possibly cross over to possible voyeurism? And what rights do citizens have to their privacy?

Similar to hidden CCTV camera in clothing store changing rooms supposedly in place to guard against shoplifting - when does security become voyeurism?

Here's the link to read more:

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