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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 12:40 AM
Well, this is my second thread made today! I guess I feel like denying ignorance.

I want to talk to you and get your opinion on the (to my knowledge) a disinformation bug that lives inside all of us.

It is about forum trends and fads.

It always seem to find this here on ATS. When the Ascension thing popped up, there were, like, 6 more threads like this, all stemming off of the main one's popularity.

I do believe the Ascension information to be just the opposite of that, therefore disinformation. If this is so, then the other threads made by these people either: A. Wanted to spread more disinfo. B. Wanted to spread more of this "good" information around. Or, C. Wanted to increase their internet popularity therefore enhancing their traffic on their threads or enhancing their e-personality.

The "B" and "C" explanations are what I will refer to. We may not realize that this is disinfo, but we spread it around. Then other people see this, and then the fad is born.

Now fads sometimes make good for denying ignorance, but sometimes they are not. Even if the fad is not disinfo, there will be fad, after fad, after fad, when everything is still connected together. In short, a public forum is a disinfo agent because it may make people believe in one thing, then another, then another, and because the beliefs are so differentiated, they never realize that they might be connected, and like everything, is a circle.

If you want to help stop spreading disinfo, start to try to make connections from one conspiracy theory to another. Keep the ones you like, and throw out the ones you don't. After a while, you'll have a hefty heap of anti-whatever you want, and it will all make sense to you, and unlike most people on this board, you will have a sense of direction, a path that you want to follow. A prime example of this is the 9-11 board. I mean, look at it! Theories popping up every day about a brand new flaw in the government's plot, yet if you use the fad explanation, everything then becomes clear.

The government wanted people to see all of the flaws, and there are many. Explanation after explanation, theory after theory, the government wanted you to see it all. In the end, you'll be lost, without a map, without a compass, and no sun, moon, or star will guide you. Confused.

Disinformed by trying to defeat disinformation. Horrible. Brilliant, I might add, but oh so vicious.

EDIT: I do not want a soul to copy this thread and make a fad. What a vicious cycle that would be.

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