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My Traveling Rant

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 08:07 PM
Industrial strength earplugs? Check at a local Ace Hardware store or any gun shop. I figure that a good set of shooters muffs (ones that block out gun noise) might be what you need. Another possibility is to pick up a walkman of your own and a set of noise canceling headphones. They'll let you listen to your chosen piece of music and literally block out pretty much everything else.

Hope that is of some help.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 09:10 AM
This is what I typed up last night while driving. Went to sleep when got into hotel. So heres what I wrote.

On the road for just a little bit. On the way to gas station first. However, as soon as we start first thing my mom does is look for her snack bag. LOL she says, “has anyone seen a bag, it has my chips and stuff in it.” LOL. Hum wonder where it is.

3 hours of sleep and I was not going to listen to that. But, during the stop everyone goes in grabs candy, chips, drinks etc… everyone but me. She’s begging me for her bag. Ok, I’m going to give in and give it to her. What’s wrong with my head! I told her while we are doing business you can snack around. However, as soon as were on the road no more rattling bags, ok. She agreed. I didn’t let her keep a trash bag tied to the back of my chair where she could rattle it non-stop, I toke it and throw it out.

After the business that needed to be done, we went to Wal-Mart. It was right there in front of us and I have a plan!! I’m going to go buy mom a DVD player that she can watch movies on. That will keep her busy and keep her from rattling those bags the whole time. That took about 20 minutes in there. Not bad. At 3:30 pm. We get on the road. I was a little off on my estimate thought I knew him better lol.

My plan is so working. It is so quite in the car. Everyone is doing something quietly. Playing with their ds-light or watching a movie with their earphones. Yes I have peace. LOL. Smart huh.

Anyways, 4:30 we have stopped again. Bob evens restaurant to eat. I’m so exhausted from only 3 hours of sleep. I would love to sleep while he’s driving. But, there’s no way I can do that. Just doesn’t happen he’s too careless of a driver and my nerves stay on the edge. Which is probably why I couldn’t handle all the rest of everything. But, seriously who could handle bags rattling behind their ears for 5 solid hours. LOL. I’m not joking either.

I sure do hope we make better time today than yesterday. So far, drove an hour stop an hour. :bash:

Well it happen both ways. We made some time. We got back on the road at 5:30pm from Bob Evans, only to stop again at 6:06.
Yep 36 minutes later Minnie just had to go. LOL…
:bnghd: 6:15 back on road until 8:55 stopped for gas fill up and of course more snacks. Taking care of moms sugar and giving her medicine. This stop took until 9:40pm.
Around 11pm we are tired and started looking for hotel which took 3 hours. We can’t go into just any hotel, nope we have pets 6 people. So we have to go into pet friendly hotels. The one we have found that works well is Marriott residence Inn. They are very nice. Marriott residence has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms living room and kitchen its pretty nice. It works out well. We can' usually make a reservation before hand cause we never know what town we will be in the way we stop.
We do however, make them for our final destination.

Tonight however, residence inns were all full impossible to get into. So we had to settle for Homewood Suites which is not pet friendly. That’s when you just have to sneak the dogs in, which my husband did. It was late 1am we were tired and we needed to rest so that’s what happen.

Tomorrow is yet another day of travel. Hopefully, we will arrive at our destination tomorrow its about 8-9 more hours, but for us that’s 2 days.
They are telling me it's only 6 more hours away.
We will see won't we.

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