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"Get Smart" or Dumbed Down?

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 11:33 PM

I have heard quite a bit about the film “Get Smart”. My mother and I went to see it. We really enjoyed the film. I believe, that I enjoyed it better than she did. I remember watching the old show when I was younger. I also remember enjoying it. When I used to watch the show, I had a crush on “Agent 99”. I find that I really enjoyed the new ”Agent 99” almost as much.

I was surprised at how much propaganda was in it. I was expecting it to have propaganda in it, but not to the degree that it actually had. The propaganda covered many subjects such as 9/11 Truth, Project Blue Beam, The Shadow Government “The Bilderberg Group”, The Patriot Movement. Below I will list the stuff I noticed. The vlog didn’t contain everything I wanted to say. As I can only upload ten minutes at a time on youtube.

Propaganda in the area of 9/11 Truth:

A plane being flown by the head of control with a sign in tow that had an advertisement for a suicide hotline. (Meaning that the government committed the acts of 9/11 and the patsies were suicide bombers from the mid-east)

While that event was happening, the so-called incompetent president was in a well publicized class room photo-op in Los Angels California. (During the 9/11 attacks the secret service broke protocol by allowing President Bush to remain in a well publicized class room photo-op in Florida.)

Chaos made a phone call to Homeland Security and informed them, they were about to be attacked in the movie Get Smart. After this happened, they laughed it off and never took it seriously. Focusing more on Kim Jong Il’s threat of turning the bones of Americans into pudding. Homeland Security chose to focus more on the crunchy pudding than the real threat. Later saying, we get thousands of threats a day. We can’t take them all seriously. (Much like how the U.S.A. government knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened, yet did nothing to stop them.)

Propaganda in the area of Project Blue Beam:

In the movie Get Smart the ultimate plan was titled Operation Joy. It symbolized the key to executing the first event in a series of events that was to come later. That key was the song “Ode to Joy” (Which is the known current planned theme song for the faked rapture. Stemming from the Philadelphia Experiment or the Montauk Project.)

The Ode to Joy scene happened in a place called Disney Hall. (Disney and Pixar are helping develop and improve the hologram technology to be used in “Project Blue Beam”)

Propaganda in the area of The Bilderberg Group:

Control is the name of the good guys. A covert government agency that is said not to exist since the end of the cold war. Control’s crest is a symbol of a globe much like the UN Globe with the word “Control” written at the top and at the bottom “United States”. (Symbolizing a secret shadow government that controls the world.)

Propaganda in the area of The Patriot Movement:

The name of the good guys was “Control” as in Control the World. The name of the bad guys is Chaos. As in freedom or more commonly known as anarchy. (In real life the good guys is “Chaos” and the bad guys are the ones who want to “Control” the world and people. It is called chaos because the world leaders desire totalitarianism and complete control. While despising freedom. In real life, Control or the Bilderberg Group if you will. Have even gone as far to label people who love and support true freedom as chaos loving anarchist.)


That’s about all I can think of at this point. If you have seen the film “Get Smart” 2008 release and noticed something I left out. Please place a comment letting myself and everyone else know about it.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:56 AM
Your observations are more than a bit of a stretch. I thought the suicide-hotline thing was a gag because of how suicidal Maxwell looked hanging from the sign.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:03 AM
I just watched Get Smart. I rented it.

About your observations...

I believe everything except your 9/11 theory is grasping at straws and seeing something that is not there. About the 9/11 one, I believe the President was at Disney Hall while the plane was being flown, not reading the book.

About the film...

I thought it was stupid. There were some funny parts, but aside from that, it was corny.

If I were to rate it on a five star scale, I'd give it about 2 stars. Anne Hathaway is about 1.99 of those stars though. Damn, talk about being nuclear hot...

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