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warp speed, please

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by easynow
can you elaborate on that statement ? as in evidence ?

Hmmm U2U's being down sucks...

Start here...

Notice our main Airbase is in the middle of nowhere, right next to UR

Then here...

I am putting together articles and photos of Looting of Artifacts in Iraq... while the US is supposedly 'returning' stuff... the BC and others tell a different story... there are a few threads on that here at ATS

What is most disturbing is that the Sumerian artifacts are disappearing All statues of Enki, the Annunanki 'Reptilian' God are gone.

This 'treasure hunting' is taking me a long time to track especially since some of the links and photos I had found earlier are gone and I hadn't saved them yet... I know I posted a few of the missing ones in some thread here but search has not brought them up...

There is also indiscriminate looting by the locals... really serious destruction of sites.

The Sumerian legends may be more important than we realize..

But if you want to follow this search join us in the "Stargates are Real" thread... its hard enough to keep up with all the info lately

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 12:02 AM
You need a worm hole or inter dimensional method of travel
which has been made up by experts in this field because going too
fast into a small particle will damage the craft.

You will need to manufacture food.

And guess where to go next and chose from billions and billions of

Since we been to the Moon, we are 100% sure we can go to any
Moon like object if we find one. Don't forget to bring lights, however
photos of other planets had no lack of imaging light.
Apparently the Sun's light shines bright on even the farthest planet.

ED: Based on warp speed not being FTL, it is made up as well to avoid
path sweepers. Which is my idea and would be needed to clear
the path for high speed vehicles. Or use the other made up travel

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 07:37 AM
i really dont believe we have this tech. simply becuase a large number of people dont know about it . theres a small chance that some government wants to keep it a secret. but in reality they can keep it a secret for as long as they want becuase a human cant see something going at that speed if the so called Faster than light spacecraft were to exist it would have to decelerate to a point where humans could see it... but that can be done in an air field that is secret......or maybe all the ufo's that we have bin seen were actually us instead of an alein, decelerated to a point where we can see it.....but the thought of aliens is genius .....simply becuase we cant be the only ones out here in this ever expanding vacuum ......

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