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My analysis of Bilderberg 2008

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 01:18 PM
Here's my analysis of Bilderberg '08.

We've got Fouad Ajami, who seems to be a regular. He's Director of the Middle East Studies Program at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Another Arab mask on the NWO face. Probably being ordered to continue misrepresenting Arab culture to youth and propagandizing for the agenda.

Keith Alexander/NSA Director - Some new dirty tricks to watch for this year. Probably some more internet or communications stories put out to intimidate those who are up in the air decisionwise on whether or not to stand up for their rights. Headline stories, possibly started in fellow attendee Donald Graham's Washington Post.

European Commissioners Peter Mandelson of England, Joaquin Almunia of Spain, Neelie Kroes of the Netherlands, and Charlie McCreevy of Ireland. All of these guys are commissioners for monetary and business related positions. Watch for significant EU actions that will have something to do with these pieces of the pie and policies that will strengthen big corporations, most likely at the benefit of the working public.

George Algoskoufis/Greek Minister for Economy and Finance. - The Illuminati have a plan to equalize things by economically raising up poorer countries and lower down richer ones, such as Britain and the US. Thus you see the influx of Arab, African, and Mexican immigrants thrown into those countries due to Illuminati created wars and financial crises. Algoskoufis has done much for the Greek economy. He is probably being ordered to keep things going in line with this.

Roger C. Altman/Chairman, Evercore Partners, Inc. - Evercore's website characterizes their advisory managers like this:: "Evercore advisory professionals serve as trusted senior advisors to top corporate officers and boards of directors, helping them devise strategies for enhancing shareholder value."

So they are have the corporate dukes and earls ears. Imagine what power an esteemed advisor with expert (whatever the Illuminati wants them to do) knowledge has. Evercore also manages other people's money, including pension funds. Now, if you wanted to hit a company hard, just "manage" the money the right way, activate the newsdroids with talking points, and you get the public demanding whatever they want instituted. Any new pension fund scandals, check for the Evercore connection.

Ali Babacan/Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs. - Probably told to get things moving faster with the EU. The ethnically divided Cyprus seems to be blocking Turkey's EU integration. He will probably try and broker something real quick to rectify this.

Peter van Balkenende/Dutch Prime Minister. - Likely was told to keep the EU treaty on the table no matter what, and to help push more civil liberties thefts. What little liberties the Dutch have left, anyway.

Franco Bernabe/CEO, Telecom Italia Spa - Probable cooperation with the government in accordance with some future spying on the Italians. Also might help push through Internet2.

Key attendees include:

Kenneth Clark/Conservative Party Member of Parliament, Britain. - Longtime Bilderberger. Has pushed the EU in Britain like it was to save his life. Still does. Still will.

Tom Daschle/Former Senate Majority Leader - Now this was really unexpected. Watch for this guy to serve in an Obama presidency. He has rejected the possibility of being Vice, but wants instead to be Health and Human Services Secretary. Strange want, that. He's going places, for sure.

Feel there's something in this? Check the rest out here:

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