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what company(s) do you hate the most?

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by WhatTheory

Originally posted by counterterrorist
You don't even know what socialism and communism is -- you're just a victim of mind control

I do but apparently you don't. You must be a victim of brainwashing liberal propaganda.

I MADE YOU A POST! 'The only hope for this country is democratic socialism & equal redistribution of wealth'

Thanks for clarifying the issue for me. If you hadn't spent all the time replying to my posts, I never would have gotten to this point so economically, Mr. Economic Destabilization. Do you work for cointelpro? You sound like it.

Yeah, and you're a cointelpro government agent trying to waste the time of good folks for your greedy agenda. I just made a post especially for you and yours and me and mine, called 'The only hope for this country is democratic socialism & equal redistribution of wealth'

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH that means 'excessive wealth' ... you're apparently poor enough to post here so you obviously don't have excessive wealth ... you deny that when you suckled at your mother's breast that was socialism ... or, did she charge you a fee? like a good little capitalist would.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:07 PM

Originally posted by counterterrorist

Originally posted by die_another_day
I hate Bush's oil companies, Mosanto, and most hated of all
Lockheed Martin

Bush's oil companies are a score, not mentioned till you did.


its the reason for all of our financial pain at this moment.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan


YES, the neo-nazi company bringing covert biowarfare to the world.

Let's just off Merck! (metaphorically speaking for cointelpro folks, which I'm encountering as a flagwaving whitehouse boasting expletive deletive on this thread)

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:10 PM
I have to sign off for now, will be back in several hours.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by Lucid Lunacy
You're right. Capitalism is very American. Without it, we wouldn't have grown to be the size we are. But eventually you reach a stagnant point, and the growth Capitalism relies on is no longer there, and a new system needs to come in.

I can agree with this much, anyway...

Once the corps have gotten so big that they turn to raping the planet of resources, then there's no longer such a thing as "sustainable development" or "sustainable growth." Once that point is reached, pure greed takes over & the corps have literally ruined Capitalism...Especially when it's all based on a "debt-driven" economy instead of an economy based on something of inherent value.

So, to add to my initial post (naming the Fed Res as my all-time least favorite corporation), I should also add "any corp that gets so big as to begin lobbying the government into corruption against the nation's own Laws."

Originally posted by WhatTheory
Socialism has been tried in numerous other countries and it never works for multiple reasons. One reason is socialism leads to marxism and communism. Another reason is in the philosophy itself.

And touting the USA as a Democracy doesn't work either...Other nations have done Democracy & it has always led to tyranny or fascism. The USA went along pretty smoothly as long as the Constitutional Republic was still intact, so why not restore the system that actually worked for the first 100 years or so? After all, it was unchecked capitalism (banking industry in particular) that killed the Constitutional Republic in the first place & that was because they actively worked to corrupt the government. Yet the government was supposed to keep checks on the corporations all along...Remember the old English Charters, backed by the English Crown's military, is what prompted the War of Independence?

Capitalism only can go so far before it becomes destructive & that's what's happened to America...Capitalism had reached & surpassed its own limitations more than 70 years ago (1913 was the year that the USA hit the road to skid-row), which has since turned into a downward spiral that threatens to drag down everyone & everything with it.

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by counterterrorist
The only hope for this country is democratic socialism & equal redistribution of wealth

That is such nonesense and it would do nothing but destroy the U.S.
Is that your goal? If not, then you should get your head out of the sand and realize you are being brainwashed by extreme liberal propaganda. I have no idea where you would even get a crazy idea like that. Sad, just sad.

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH that means 'excessive wealth' ... you're apparently poor enough to post here so you obviously don't have excessive wealth

It does not matter what type of wealth you are talking about. It's NOT your money. You did not earn it or work hard for it, yet for some reason you feel that you are entitled to it. That makes no sense unless you are selfish and want everything handed to you. Do you want the government to give you other people's houses and cars also?

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:39 PM
Hey, I have an idea. How about we do what was done in Fight Club?

Bomb all major credit card company buildings and set the debt back to 0?

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by counterterrorist
reply to post by Hugues de Payens

Exasperating isnt it? This thread is comedy.

You just figured that out? Of course major transnationals are in a black comedy to exterminate us ... I'm sure you've noticed that. Although I doubt you got a laugh out of it.

Major transnationals are in a black comedy to exterminate us. Wow dude that's a pretty hefty accusation. Got any proof or maybe even some off the wall evidence to back it up?

I read most of the stuff in this thread to the point in time of my post, and yes I did find it comedy. The reason I find it comedy is because I saw ALOT of accusations but not many reasons, and NO evidence or proof of any kind.

Several people stated McDonalds. One person even gave the reason that they market their food to kids. Well, yea....that's who likes their food the most. Same as the cereal companies....havent seen them mentioned yet. But I am compelled to ask, why do you hate Mc'Ds? I haven't heard or read one story where they went to someone's house and shoved their crappy food down a person's throat. In addition, I have never seen Philip Morris or any other cigarette company at a person's house forcing them to smoke at gun point. It's all about personal responsibility folks. Was there ever misleading advertsing? Sure there was, but what company hasn't been guilty of that? The drug companies? Yea they have done some bad stuff....with held information....didnt tell the whole story....even lied. But is that every person in the company? Or is it just a select few? The lists in this thread run the gammut of businesses in the US and abroad. What are you all gonna do? Go pack up your bags, and never fly, drive, buy medicine, food, clothes etc etc and go farm and live off the land for the rest of your lives??

Gimmie a freakin break.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:21 PM
My worst company hasn't been mentioned yet. General Electric, which responsible for the initial suppression of free energy.

It all went downhill from there.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by counterterrorist
reply to post by WhatTheory

If you cannot tell by my avatar and comments under the avatar then you are not very perceptive.

It looks like you're from the country of '___'. One thing's for sure, you're behaving like a raving nationalist, and believe in drawing little lines around pieces of real estate and defending them to the death rather than sharing all wealth equally for all human beings.

What about that? What about caps on personal wealth? What about caps on corporate wealth? What about the fact money is make believe in the first place and just an excuse to enslave others. Who made you God, anyway.

I personally don't dislike you -- it's just that you've got to realize there are 6 billion others on the planet who also have just as much right to happiness and health and security as you do.

Limited natural resources is a lie. Limited food resources is a lie. There is only a lack of love.

Limit personal wealth? And who will make the decision realtive to where the cap is put? Talk about who appointed you God. Do you honestly think there can ever be a system put into place where that can be done fairly?

Good Lord dude, listen to yourself. Socialism is a dead system. It was tried once. Remember the USSR? That stood for the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics in case you are too young to remember. It FAILED. And it failed in a big way. Socialism, while great for the lazy and incompotent, has this bad habit of stunting innovation, creativity and hard work. With out innovation, creativity, and hard work, you would not be able to sit at your computer in what ever location, and spread socialist propaganda. Capitalism works. People in a cpaitalistic economy know their are rewards for hard work, and creativity. That is why the standard of living is so good in the US and other countries where a free market is the rule. Heck even communist China has discovered free market in some areas.

And how does suckling on your mom's teeet have anything to do with socialism? I have been trying to figure that one out for a while now. Seems like it's just good parenting to me. The way nature intended it. I see no correlation between that and Marxism/Leninism. Now I guess you'll tell me Marx and Lenin's ideas were corrupted by the leader who followed them.

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:47 PM
Gunderson Rail Car Co

Unisys corp

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 09:20 PM
Proctor and Gamble!!!

Give them the biggest nuke you got.

evil vile company

and toss wal-mart in there as well

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 10:16 PM
These corporations couldn't be bad if government corruption were non-existent. Basically, I am saying that the corporations can only cheat if the game is rigged by the government. The United States Government is the largest government, so I would say they are the worst corporation. LINK

I know Halliburton and Blackwater could be called bad, but look who was their partner in its exploits..... the government.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 10:22 PM
Well there arent that many countries big enough to be a super power. So its not like theres much of a chance to compare.

For one there has never been a socialist nation. Just tyrannical elite dictators on top with most the wealth, distributing whats left over to the masses. Thats not socialism. Thats tupidity more like capitalism.

Capitalism lets the masses fight for the left over money. We obviously cant compete with the elite.

I love how everybody heres socialism and thinks we all make exactly the same amount of money. No, we are talking about limiting insane wealth. And nobody here has that much money, but always seem to defend billionaires as if theyll ever make it there.

They had to change the laws in the early 1900's cuz the rockefellers/carnegies/morgans were going to ruin the economy and country. Many economies have collapsed from extreme greed, it doesnt work.

I love the republican illusion about the super rich creating jobs. No, the jobs are there due to demand. The masses are the ones creating the jobs by buying all the stuff. The rich get their money from the masses. they think they are earning it. Like when they go from $100,000/yr to 100 million/yr, they arent working 1000 times more hours. The masses are helping them that much more. What does it mean to earn anywways? THats subjective.

Companies just need people on the top to keep the company organized, that doesnt mean they should get all the profits. Thats rediculous. And plenty of people would still do the job if the salary was only 300K.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 10:36 PM
Minimum income = 25,000 and maximum = 3,000,000.

Is that so hard? THeres plenty of room to get rich. The happiness of the community would be so would be much better and more creative. the rich dont realize the happiness that would be spread from a world where people everyones comfortable. Everywhere u go people would be smiling and doing much more to work together.

This everyman for himself stuff is ridiculous. We are obviously interdependent. Did you build your own car? I mean look at the interdependency of the body. Do some of you people walk around all day with your eyes closed. Its so obvious how to make the world better.

Evolution moves from egocentric - ethnocentric - worldcentric - cosmocentric.

If youre thinking about you you you and my money my money ...guess where u are. Even families are stupid morons that only care about their family cuz they get stuff back from them. Everyone loves their wife so much until they stop getting laid or stuff from them. Then here comes divorce and love is gone. There was no love. Only need. Families are between ego and ethnocentrism.

divisions divisions...illusions. Defend self, defend family, defend nation, defend I sense fear in you!

Notice how the same guys who are so clingy to all their STUFF and afraid to share are the same ones with the guns waiting to defend themselves for everything. So afraid of life and losing everything. I admit this world can be quite difficult and fearful, but it was you who all wanted to come down here to play with the big boys! There are plenty of other easy worlds to leisure in.

Destruction and hate and fear are so easy. Try to create and love and let go and give...that takes power.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 10:40 PM
Lol off topic ranting... but its the same thinking for why we have all these hated corporations. They exist because there are still too many people who think in these silly ways.

Ill go with Federal Reserve bank, which is run by international bank. THats the root of it all.

DeBeers is up there. $5 for a diamond on the free market. And we pay 1000's. If my gf doesnt understand why i wont buy her a diamond, i think ill have to chop off her forearm like whats happening in africa.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by die_another_day
Bomb all major credit card company buildings and set the debt back to 0?

Naaa! A simple EMP burst at the site of their computer systems would suffice...Replace the fried hardware & take over from there. Maybe a neutron burst? At least the structures will remain intact, then it should just come down to reprogramming.

Originally posted by DINSTAAR
These corporations couldn't be bad if government corruption were non-existent. Basically, I am saying that the corporations can only cheat if the game is rigged by the government.

That's exactly the point I was making in my previous post...Referring to the 1913 date I mentioned, that was the year that the Federal Reserve Act was enacted. That's when the government officially signed over the whole population as slaves & all of our property to the banks...Totally against the law, no less. After all, as the Constitution is supposed to be the Supreme Law of the Land & Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 establishes the minting & determination of the value of our money to be held as a Power of Congress, they had no right or authority to "delegate" that Power to a private corporation.

After gold & silver were officially taken out of the loop as a legal form of currency, we were stuck with no choice but to use the Fed Res's corporate scrip. That's why I named the Federal Reserve as my all-time least favorite corporation.

You may have expressed yourself to say that the government itself is the worst (& largest) corporation, but far worse are the banks...The World Bank functions much the same as the Fed Res does in the USA, but the World Bank literally controls all nations & governments that are reliant upon it because they control the exchange rates of all national currencies. Therefore, that would make even the world's most powerful national governments nothing more than "subsidiary branches" (more accurately, "best customers") of one bank or another.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by MidnightDStroyer

Ah....!!! But, Midnight.....what would you use for the EMP burst?

I mean, I believe your sentence was "a simple EMP burst"....

If you have simple EMP tech.....then I suggest you run and hide now, lest the MIB come breaking down your door!!!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
Ah....!!! But, Midnight.....what would you use for the EMP burst?

I mean, I believe your sentence was "a simple EMP burst"....

EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse...High-powered capacitor rapid discharge. No nukes required, just a helluva lotta capacitors hooked up right to create a high-frequency radio-static burst can produce an EMP.

Yeah, I got a background in electronic engineering.

[edit on 24-6-2008 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:26 PM
CVS pharmacy, as thye have bought out all and any competitors. Walmart the same should be added to be nuked. Pzifer CO. they manufacture rx drugs, in yesterdays local paper, they got fined $975,000 here in CT, up in New Haven for letting carcinogenic chemicals leak out onto the land and water. The company that makes scrubbing bubbles...add them too, years ago, they too got a hefty fine, for allowing contaminants inot the water and land.
I agree Mcdonalds as well... it was fun as kid, but yuo know, today i see more and more and more obese kids, let alone adults hang out or sit in thier and eat that garbage.
COmpany's that make flush the fat stuff. ide love nothing more, than to see them glwoin in the dark..
GE also, known for poluuting environment, lettin us have mercury tainted flourescent bulbs.

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