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Terra Papers - I was there

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by keeff

I don't believe you were being disrespectful, It was actually intended as dry humor, nothing more!
As was the paragraph above it. Just adding some levity to what is quickly becoming a heavy topic.

Thanks for the giggle! LOL!

Just out of interest,

Does anyone know of and dinosaurs that had 6 digits? Or and reptiles that exhibit the same? Also, if reptiles/reptilians are partially our ancestors, why did haven't reptiles such as the crocodile ascended into a highly life form? Surely reptilians would have viewed them as kindred albeit primitive. Why weren't they given a helping hand to ascend and rule? They haven't changed for millions of years though evolution has given them every chance to?

Anyway, I'm off for the night. Nearly 5am here in the land of Oz!

Niters all! Sleep tight!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by kshaund
reply to post by InfaRedMan

THIS IS NOT ROBERT MORNING SKY! I checked this out, and it is Robert A. Morning Sky, an editor of some magazine, not Robert Morning Sky, the Hopi-Apache author and speaker.... kshaund

ATS MIX Show 46 – UFO Digest's Robert Morningstar (

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 01:31 PM

Originally posted by kshaund
reply to post by InfaRedMan

THIS IS NOT ROBERT MORNING SKY! I checked this out, and it is Robert A. Morning Sky, an editor of some magazine, not Robert Morning Sky, the Hopi-Apache author and speaker.... kshaund

ATS MIX Show 46 – UFO Digest's Robert Morningstar (

I've had to edit this post like 4 times because it is only posting the first line.

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by undo

Mate, I commend you on your encyclopedic knowledge... honestly. And I'n not trying to discredit your research in any way, shape or form. My apologies if I gave you that impression. I just like to throw ideas around and mix it up a bit.

It's stimulating and rewarding.

Thanks for your 1st class input undo! You should perhaps get a conspiracy master job here concerning the serious study of said topic!


OK, I'm truly off to bed now! ... or to watch the end of the Aus v West Indies One Day Cricket match.. LOL!

Peace Out To You All!


posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by InfaRedMan

sorry. dunno what i'm trying to say other than, i think ancient history is pretty much real, and you think it's something less. i'm not sure what that something less is, but i'm just doing my darndest to show my research. i might be totally wrong, but at this point, i don't think so.
That may be.. but you do come across in your posts as a preacher trying to instill an idea into someone. Perhaps that is not your intent..but it is the feeling one gets when reading your posts when making a point.

You don't bring things across as questions you state them more as facts when in fact they are only theories.

Which you know.. is cool.. thats your right.. but it does tend to discredit you a little bit in the critical thinking mind because you have accepted your ideas as beliefs or at least that is how it seems when you present them.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:23 PM
Mr Sitchin has sold several books on the topic, along with Von Daniken. They use evidence/translations taken out of context to "prove" their wild theories. Mr Sitchin has stated he is the only one who can "correctly" read the Sumerian tablets. The Terra Papers has the same sort of story.
These stories were very popular and it took a "Nova" episode to debunk the theories. Von Daniken has admitted he lied about certain claims in his books (the non-rusting iron pillar in India comes to mind). As I stated earlier, these books are a fun read. (I am only referring to Von Daniken as a fraud. Mr Sitchin, while his books are far fetched, has not been purposely fraudulent.)

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

it's hard to talk about something this intense, without encountering people who disagree on specific parts, perhaps because they know more, perhaps because they know less, or perhaps because they just interpreted it entirely different.

then there's the skeptics who barely read your material but voice their skepticism anyway based on like a fraction of what you've studied and regardless of the countless hours, days, months and years of study you've put in and written for their perusal, free of charge.

then there's the skeptics who are just prejudice about something you represent, and look for any excuse to disagree with you, whether you're right or not.

when you do that much study and someone comes along and pitches it all out the window because you say the word enki and must therefore be a sitchinite and must therefore be wrong because they disagree with sitchin, it gets more than a little irritating.

or assume you are saying the same thing as sitchin,

or that you are copying sitchin, as if the sumerian and akkadian texts were written by the guy.

i found his work interesting but can verify many things people assume are sitchin's ideas are just information from the actual sumerian-akkadian texts. not unique to sitchin but actual words in their texts. not translated by me but by mainstream universities.

alot of theories right now are based on sitchin's translations, which is okay with me, but i don't have to agree with everything he says no more than you have to agree with everything i say. but do you mind if i have my say? as i said before, i'll be quiet, but it'll be rough.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by undo
i think they had something similar to the dial home device on stargate sg-1, DHD for short. and that's what the ME was, not genetic codes but
a device or series of codes for operating the abzu (the gate). why else would the abzu be connected to specific stars, why would the gods be born from the abzu? ya know, there's big gaps in theories some folks create for all this data, they don't honestly address them.

did you know abydos is a greek word and that the egyptian word is "abdju". the dj is pronoucned z so abdju (abydos) was pronounced abzu? did you know samuel noah kramer knew the abyss was the abzu? what's the abyss doing connected to specific stars? why does it say the abzu was a gate to the underworld, which ends up being a gate to the stars? things that make you go hmm.. ever wonder why the bottomless pit in revelation 9 is in the same area of the world, and also means abyss and why there are weird flying monstrosities coming out of it in that chapter? ever wonder who apollyon is in that chapter? (hint: he had a city named eridu)

There are blackholes or dark stars frozen in the galactic plane, the gap between any two represents a potential wormhole or ER bridge. A craft must tune itself to the frequency of the standing wave between the two dark stars and "travel" down the soliton or whittaker channel between them.

Large craft that don't work via singularity (producing an artificial dark star or external merkaba) must teleport via wormhole.

These interstellar highways link the inner portion and outer portion of the galaxy.

Just as trade routes are or were strategic to certain humans so are these strategic to star faring humanoids for the same reasons.

I dismissed the terra papers at first because I'm accustomed to this kind of information being framed in myths or channeled writings and because it anthropomorphises the ET/ED beings. The terra papers are questionably specific but also raise as many questions as they answer.

It's common in new age circles to hear the notion that WE are the most barbaric species and THEY don't want us going out spreading our monkeylike ways.

The main message of the terra papers is that that is a lie, not only are we capable of peace we are intended to be peaceful.

What we call war is nothing but the humanoid equivalent of escalation in evolution theory.

If the bad lizards did F with the earth grid and red-shifted our soul matrix away from base 12 DNA, this act of devolving as an act of warfare against freedom and knowledge of god only delayed us and enriched our evolution.

We could all be super bored with superpowers like our gods, instead we got to invent our own culture with the potential of gods and strengths of we end up with Einstein, Tesla,...and also Monster trucks and Americas funniest home videos.

Have you ever tried to imagine what alien culture amounts to?

For the bad ones its chess board earth, more power, more control, boring!

manipulating some humans is as simple as training a dog to sit, they want to see how trained we can get...

The blogs here fill in some more gaps:

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:33 PM
Here is an opening from one of Robert's transcribed radio series fyi anyone interested - I will post a few other excerpts - any more and it is a most daunting task - Cheers, Karyn - lol surely this will start a whole new reaction... or will it be a response...? ;-)

‘The Mother Goddess Returns’

Huta! Hou-koda, Lakota! Ya-ta-hey, Dineh! Welcome!
Welcome to ‘SMOKE SIGNALS’, a series of audio tapes based on my radio program TERRA, THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH. My name is Robert Morning Sky, I am your host and your guide for this series. I am a full blooded Native American, folks…Hopi and Apache by blood, ‘Renegade’ by temprament. But…please…make no mistake! I am not a spokesperson for any tribe. I am not an Elder, I am not a Shaman, I am not a Medicine Man! I speak for no one other than myself!
Ladies and Gentlemen…I am nobody! I am not an ex-intelligence agent, I am not an ex-pilot, I am not an ex-NASA scientist, I am not an ex-‘Y-Z’. I am not a psychic, I am not a channeler, I am not a guru, I am not a Messiah and I am not a Saviour! I am a nobody, folks! I am a nobody…and I like it!
You have no reason to believe me, folks! I have no credibility …none! In fact, I don’t want it! I don’t want you to believe what I say because of who I am or what I have done, I want you to believe me because my work, my research, is worth believing in. I want you to check out my work. I want you to listen to my story, I want you to listen to my evidence…and then I want you to challenge it, to question it and to check out my sources. Find out for yourselves if what I am telling you is true! Check it out! I can’t say that enough! Check it out! Unlike most of the speakers out there on the speaker’s circuit, I am proud to be a no-body! I am proud not to be recognized…and I am proud to say that I have done my work, and I am proud to say that my work stands on its own!
Folks, this series of programs is intended to present those topics which no one else wants to talk about…except for me! And these topics are those ‘hidden and secret’ things that every one else avoids, or simply doesn’t know about. It is my intention to give you ‘the other side’ of the story, the side that has been kept carefully tucked away in those deep and dark crevices so skillfully hidden.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:37 PM
In my thesis, I suggested that Human Beings, and planet Earth, had been visited by an extra-terrestrial ‘Power’, in fact, an ‘Evil Power’, that has taken over the institutions and governments of our world. And because of this ‘Evil Power’, I suggested that Humankind has never had a chance to prove itself…not to GOD, not to Angels, not to any heavenly Beings… and especially …not to ourselves!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have been taught to believe that our Faith will get us through the most difficult times. We have been taught to believe that our Faith is the answer. And we have been taught that our reward for our hard labor and loyal service in this world will come to us …when we die! Jeez, what a deal, guys! Work and serve faithfully on earth, so that when you die, you can ascend and serve faithfully in heaven! Whoosh! Is this a deal or what? Serve here…so that you can serve there?! Doesn’t this smack just ever so slightly…of ‘slavery’? Did you know that one of the earliest terms for ‘Man’ was ‘lu-lu’, L-U-L-U. And do you know ‘lu-lu’ meant? It meant ‘slave’! Look it up in the ancient Sumerian language, folks…’lu-lu’…the word for ‘Man’…means ‘slave’!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have been taught that we have certain ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ as ‘human beings’…I suggest we do not! Folks, the perfect slave thinks he is free! As I have said so many times before in my workshops and in my lectures across the United States: ‘Up is down, black is white…and every-thing you have ever been taught…is a lie!’
But could that be? Could we really be the victims of some deliberate and malicious deceit? Is there really such a thing as a ‘Conspiracy’? Are we really in charge of our lives? If we are loyal to our country, is our country loyal to us? If we are faithful to our church, is our church faithful to us? It’s your call, folks!
In this session of ‘SMOKE SIGNALS’, I am going to share with you some of the most shocking ideas you have ever heard! In fact, what you are about to hear…I have never spoken of in public before! What you are about to hear is absolutely irreverent…and extremely sacrilegious! These words are undeniably blasphemous! I probably won’t sleep very well tonight!
Yeah, right, Indian!
Okay, folks, look...I’ve got to be honest with you here. I never thought that I would ever be here, talking to you, expressing my support of a ‘Mother Goddess’ concept! I never, ever thought that my research would lead me to such a far-out conclusion! I stumbled onto this information through hard-core, mind-numbing, bleary-eyed research! I have spent more than my share of time in the University book stacks, folks! My personal library has hundreds of books and reams of research materials. Folks, my ‘TERRA PAPERS’ documentation is over fifteen hundred pages long! I worked hard, folks! I worked long and hard to uncover the ‘hidden history of planet Earth’, only to find myself supporting the idea that the ISIS or basic ‘Mother Goddess’ concepts…were true!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:38 PM
The rainbow serpents thread in UFO forum corroborates the general ideas behind the terra can throw out the baby but the bathwater remains.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:39 PM
But Ladies and Gentlemen, I will tell you here and now that I have yet to pick up one of the popular ‘Isis’ books out there today! In fact, I don’t like them! Most of ‘Mother Goddess’ stuff that I’ve heard of involves drumming and dancing in the moonlight, singing and chanting and ‘connecting to the moon’! Though I am sure that the women who attend these events and gatherings feel good after the ceremony…this has nothing to do with what I am going to present you.
I am NOT an ‘ISIS’ follower, I an NOT an ‘ISIS’ practitioner, I do not, in any way, support what I see being represented as ‘Mother Goddess’ material out there! What you are about to hear is based on over thirty years of study! It may be disturbing, it may be offensive…but I stand on the conclusions presented.
Okay, folks, here’s your first chance to turn off this program and go home! Here’s a preview of what we are going to discuss, so hold on to your seats, here we go: The first ‘GOD’ of history…was a ‘GODDESS’! The first ‘Priest’ of history …was a ‘Priestess’! And the first ‘Male’ in history…was a Woman! That’s right, folks! The first ‘Male’ in history…was a woman!
Whoosh! Now, how’s that for total blasphemy! Go home, guys! Go away! Run for your Holy water…quick! Sprinkle liberally over every part of your body! As a matter of fact, douse yourself in it!
Folks, I am saying that GOD, the ‘Ultimate Omnipotent One’, was always
perceived, in our earliest records, as a ‘SHE’! No, folks! ’GOD’ was not a transvestite! ‘GOD’ did not have a sex change! ‘GOD’ was always perceived as a woman…until the era of an Egyptian Deity known as ‘RA’, the ‘Omnipotent Sun God’. For those of you who want to know more about ‘RA’, I’m just going to refer you to my book, ‘THE TERRA PAPERS’, for now, what is most important to make clear is that the earliest ‘Divinity’, the earliest GOD…was a female!
Get ready, folks! Get ready for the most ‘eye-opening’, ‘butt-kicking’, ‘gut-rattling’, ‘paradigm-popping’ ‘SMOKE SIGNALS’ program yet! This is truly ‘faith-stomping’, ‘belief bopping’ stuff, folks…and I like it!
Let’s get smokin’! This is ‘ISIS, RETURN OF THE MOTHER GODDESS!’
Okay, here we go! Tighten your seat-belts! Welcome to ‘Blasphemy and Sacrilege 101’…better yet, make that ‘Blasphemy and Sacrilege 201’!…the course they didn’t offer you in college! This course is going to be tougher than any of the other programs we’ve have been bringing you! You may want to go to confession right after this program…so maybe you better get a gallon jug of Holy Water for your night stand! At any rate, this is not going to be easy for some of you…especially…the guys!
But for you Ladies…well, it’s gonna be the kind of stuff you’ve been dying to hear, the kind of stuff you knew was true, but you couldn’t prove! So sit back, Ladies and Gentlemen, douse yourself with some of that Holy Water, get your crucifix out, put your Bible on the table next to you, and watch the sparks fly! I promise you…I will do my best!
Allow me to introduce you to my world. Welcome! Welcome to ‘TERRA, THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH’.
And so, we begin…

Ladies and Gentlemen…it is my position that the Universe is teeming with Life! There are nearly as many different Life forms as there are stars! There are Life forms descended from Fish ancestors and there are Life forms descended from Birds. There are Life forms descended from Reptilian ancestors and there are Life forms descended from Insects. There are Life forms that are descended from types of Life that we cannot even begin to imagine! These Life forms, these Beings are real! These Beings are alive! They are living Beings! They eat, they sleep, they live and they die! And they are scattered throughout the Universe! We are not alone, Ladies and Gentlemen…we are not alone! The scientists are wrong, the astronomers are wrong, the theologians are wrong, we are not alone!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:40 PM
And Folks, it is my contention that as there are these ‘mortal’ forms of Life that have evolved in our Universe, so there are ‘Divine’ forms of Life that have also evolved. Ladies and Gentlemen…I am saying to you that there are ‘Divine Beings’ in our Universe! Are you surprised? Are you really? I didn’t think so. I am saying to you that there are Life Forms that have evolved in our Universe that have found direct links to the ‘Void’, to that great and mysterious thing that we call GOD! There are Beings who have connected to the ‘Primordial Void’!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my position that these Beings, who have been able to connect with the ‘Primordial Void’, have learned the basic principles of the Universe. ‘They’ have learned the ‘secrets’ of the Universe, and ‘They’ have, because of their knowledge…become ‘Divine’!
And folks, it is my position that these ‘Divine Beings’, these highly evolved Beings with a link to the ‘Primordial Void’, have played a very big part in our own existence! In fact, it was these ‘Divine Beings’ who were actually responsible for the creation of Humankind! Now, I am sure that most of you have read in some book somewhere, perhaps in the ‘THE TWELFTH PLANET’’ by Zecharia Sitchin, or in William Bramley’s book, ‘THE GODS OF EDEN’, or maybe even in Graham Hancock’s, ‘FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS’…God help you, some of you may have read about this in ’THE TERRA PAPERS’ by that ‘Renegade’ Indian guy! Whoosh! Is he something or what? Anyway, I am sure you’ve read about this idea somewhere: ‘Extra-terrestrials have been in our past. They have visited us and they have left their marks in our histories and our religions in our cultures all over the world. Their image can be found in petroglyphs and caves, in ancient artifacts and even in present day arts and crafts of Native People!’
Folks, there must be dozens of books out there that are saying this very same thing! Extra-terrestrials have visited our ancient past, they have interacted with Human Beings and ‘They’ are the ‘Gods’ and ‘Demons’ of our ancient books and records. ‘They’ are the ‘Divine Ones’ of history.
Ladies and Gentlemen…I absolutely agree! It is extremely vital that we understand the following: Humankind is NOT the result of evolution alone! This is completely incorrect! Humankind is the result of natural evolution…to a point! AND it is the result of ‘Divine Intervention’! We are created in the image of GOD, folks! We are the sons and daughters of the ‘Divinity’! We are the sons and daughters of GOD!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:43 PM
But folks, everyone…and I mean everyone…identifies ‘The Void’ with GOD, capital G-O-D! Everything came from ‘The Void’, everything came from GOD…‘The Void’ is the same as GOD, okay? And I won’t argue the point! I will agree with you that GOD is the same as ‘The Void’. In other words, GOD is ‘The Big Empty’!
Now, in my story, ‘The Void’, GOD, exhaled! And folks…at some point, GOD, ‘The Void’, is going to inhale! And when GOD inhales, everything will be sucked right back into the very heart of GOD! And, while this may sound some-what strange, scientists and astronomers are actually saying the very same thing…but in different words!
In their story, in the ‘Big Bang’ theory, scientists tell us that at some point, the Universe will continue to expand until some day, like a huge rubber band, it will stretch out to its limit and then…POP!…it will snap back! The Universe will snap back into the very same point that it exploded from! In other words, the ‘stuff’ of the Universe goes back to where it came from! Scientists call it ‘The Big Collapse’. I call it ‘The Inhale’. Same story, folks, just different words: The ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Big Collapse’! GOD breathes out, GOD sucks!
Okay! Now, let me ask you something really simple, folks. Is the act of giving birth to Life…is it a masculine act? Or is it a feminine act?
Whoa, that’s not a real tough one, dude! That’s a ‘no-brainer’, Indian! Giving birth is a female act, man!
Right! Absolutely! The ‘giving forth’ of Life, the ’bringing forth’ Life…is a solely and distinctly, uniquely and completely…a feminine act!
And, Ladies and Gentlemen, when seen in this light, the expulsion of the ‘Breath’ by GOD, which is essentially the expulsion of Life, the ‘bringing forth of Life’, the giving birth to Life…is a distinctly feminine act! The ‘Void’, that Ultimate Essence, that thing which we call GOD, acts…as a feminine essence! GOD, the ‘Void’, gave birth to the Universe, and therefore…GOD…is a SHE!
WHOA! HOLD IT! JUST A MINUTE THERE, INDIAN! HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT! REIN IN THAT THERE HORSE, INDIAN! GOD is Male, dammit! Everyone knows that! GOD is a HE, Indian! What are you trying to pull here, man!? What do you mean GOD is a SHE! Damn fool Indian! GOD is a SHE?! What kind of stupid thing is that to say!?
Hold it, wait a minute, man! You said that the Universe was born from a ‘Breath’, right? The Universe was born from a ‘Breath’! Well, hey…couldn’t the ‘Breath’ have come from a Male GOD as easily as from a Female GOD? Breath is not specifically Male or Female, it can be either one! So why couldn’t the very first ‘Breath’ have come from a Male GOD, huh? And if the ‘stuff’ of the Universe came ‘shooting out’…well, that’s like a Male, right? If you look at it like that, then GOD has to be a Male!
All right, let’s take a look at that, folks. A Male GOD…a Male…does not, cannot, give birth to complete Life by itself! The ‘seed’ of Life from a Male MUST combine with the ‘seed’ of Life from a Female in order for ‘complete’ Life to result! If the Male ‘seed’ of Life ‘shoots out’ into ‘The Void’, and if ‘The Void’ is total emptiness, then nothing is there to accept the Male seed, and Life cannot result! Life cannot be created!
A Female, on the other hand, a Female can bring forth a complete and full Life, only a Female can give birth to the completeness of Life! Once again, ‘The Void is a ‘SHE’, and GOD…is a SHE!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:47 PM
Last excerpt - hope you enjoy, apologies for any of you who don't :-)
Very early in the history of our Universe, only billions of years after the ‘Big Bang’…or the ‘Big Breath’ as I call it…a Life form was born in our Universe that would evolve and eventually discover the ‘Secret of the Void’. And as I have suggested in my book, ‘THE TERRA PAPERS’, the evolution of any Life form into a Humanoid form is the rule…NOT the exception! Insect Life forms evolve into Insect Humanoids…Reptilian Life forms evolve into Reptilian Humanoids… and Ape Life forms evolve into Ape Humanoids. Again, this is the rule, NOT the exception!
Now, one race, one Life form, one of the oldest Life forms in the Universe, developed along much the same path that Human Beings have. And this very, very old race of Beings would evolve, over the billions and billions of years, far beyond anything which we could ever imagine! These Beings would learn the secrets of the Universe, and THEY would travel the galaxy, and THEY would be the ones who would interact with Human Beings…and THEY would become the ‘Ancient Ones’ of our many legends.
But before we go any further…let us remember that we are descended, at least in part, from the apes! Now, take a look around you. Look at some of the most beautiful women of this world. Can you see HER ape lineage? Does this beautiful woman remind you of an ape? Of course not! So what’s the point? We Human Beings were once pug ugly ape-beings! Evolution, however, has turned Human Beings into some very spectacular looking people!
And guys, if you don’t believe Humankind is descended from the apes, then just take a look at the earliest true ‘Man’, the Neanderthal Man, and we can see that…well, he was a ‘pug ugly’ dude, too! In other words, what I am saying is that the evolution of a Humanoid Being will, through the process of natural sexual selection over billions of years, this process will make any evolved Being extra-ordinarily beautiful and quite handsome! And these ‘Ancient Ones’ that I have been talking about, these Beings who have evolved over billions of years, have developed into some of the most beautiful Beings in the Universe!
Folks, because these ‘Ancient Ones’ learned the secrets of the Universe, because they made the link to the ‘Void’, they have become ‘Divine Women‘ and ‘Divine Men’…and they are more gorgeous than you can imagine! Ladies, the ‘Divine’ men are drop dead handsome! And guys, the ‘Divine Women’ are absolutely beautiful! You should be so lucky!
And these wondrous Ancient Beings, over the billions of years of their evolution, have unlocked the secrets of the Universe! They know how to create Life and they know how to bring Life back into a dead body. They know how to alter time and they know how to transform matter and energy. They have conquered aging and they have taken knowledge to the edges of the galaxy. They can travel through space and time and they can change the very fabric of space. And they have learned the ‘Secret of Secrets’: they have learned that the ‘Void’ and the Universe…are female in essence!
Early in their evolution, their entire civilization became female oriented in its entirely! It had become very clear that their link to the ‘Void’, their link to the ‘Omnipotent One’, the ‘Creator’, existed only through their women. Women be-came the center of Life and the focus of existence. The evolution of Women, their growth in wisdom and intelligence, and the fulfillment of their happiness… and their pleasure became the end-all of their society! Men dedicated their lives to giving women pleasure and making them happy! What a drag, right Ladies? Your pleasure and your happiness at the top of the list of priorities! Damn!
More about that in my book, but for now, let me just finish the thought by simply saying that these ‘Divine’ women were born to be revered and admired. In fact, the ‘Queen’ of the ‘Divine Ones’, was eventually recognized as the sole phy

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:48 PM
I do know the Mother Goddess was worshipped for over 100,000 years and the Temple of Solomon was for the Goddess Isis/Ishtar. The Catholic Church did its best to get rid of any signs of the Isis believers in the early Roman Church.

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:48 PM
SHE was the sole representative of the primordial GOD essence! SHE was the epiphany of the ‘Mother Goddess’, SHE was the first Priestess, the first representative, the first ‘HER’. And as the first Priestess of ‘KHAT’, she was the original ‘KHAT’ - ‘HER’!
SHE was the first ‘HAT-HER’, or as we would know her today…the first ‘HATHOR’! SHE was the manifestation of the Female Void, SHE was the physical representative of the ‘Mother Goddess’!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my position that the first GOD of the galaxy was a female! And the first Priest…was a Priestess! Folks, the earliest artifacts and drawings found on Earth, that represent any ‘Divinity’, are all of a ‘Mother Goddess’! The earliest statues found representing any ‘Divinity’ are all statues of a ‘Mother Goddess’! In fact, the earliest religions of Humankind all seem to be ‘Mother Goddess’ oriented!
And why is this, folks? Because the ‘extra-terrestrial’ visitors described by the researchers Sitchin, Bramley, Hancock and others, were all part of the world in which the ‘Mother Goddess’ represents the ‘Void’…and the Primordial GOD!
Oh, by the way…a quick prediction here. Everyone keeps calling the largest chamber in the Great Pyramid the King’s Chamber…EHHH!…it’s actually the ‘Queen’s’ Chamber, folks! Well, let’s see what happens, okay?
Folks…as I said at the beginning of the program, Humankind has not had a chance to prove itself…not to GOD, not to the Angels, and not to itself. Why?
Why did I make this rather outrageous statement?
As I have presented in my work, ‘THE TERRA PAPERS’, I have found that only a few thousand years ago, Humankind was visited by Heavenly Beings who have deliberately removed our memories of the ancient past. Yes, I know that has to sound absolutely outrageous, but I will stand by that statement! We have had our memories deliberately altered! We have had our true destinies taken away! It is my position that because of the deliberate efforts of some ‘not-so-benevolent’ Heavenly Beings, Humankind has had its collective memory totally erased and has been re-programmed to accept the absurd…as the Truth!
We have forgotten our true histories, we have forgotten who we really are…and most tragically…women have forgotten who they are!
Is this an outrageous thing to say? Well, what if I told you that I believe I can prove that we have had our memories erased. Cocky, huh? Well, listen to this and tell me what you think. In nature, the natural evolution of living things does not allow for any organ or any part of the body to continue to exist if it is not used. In other words, you don’t use it, you lose it! If Humankind were to stop using its left arm, then after thousands of years, the left arm would atrophy and it would fall off! True story! So…you better use it!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:52 PM
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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 03:07 PM
Hathor? Now isn't that interesting! Hathor was the name of Ra's Eye, which was a metahphor for the gate. I've been working on that theory for awhile now. Hathor was based on Bat. The symbol for Bat looks like a star gate. All the symbols, from that one to the Eye of Ra to the Ladder of Heaven to the Sistrum of Hathor, were symbols for the Gate. in the LEGEND OF THE DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND, it says Hathor was Ra's Eye and so was Sekhmet. I pondered this for while and realized it was talking about the gates between Earth and Mars.

the void is the nun. the nun is the abzu. the abzu is the abyss. the abyss is the bottomless pit. and the whole reference is a star gate. i'm pretty sure this is correct. if not, well, that's some pretty amazing coincidences! especially since he's picked up on almost the same thing -- the void is hathor! yep, but she had sisters.
(6 more to be exact)

little video i made. it doesn't make sense unless you realize i believe the gate is hathor.

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 03:20 PM
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Obviously you have not read all of the Terra Papers then because it explains your very question within it. Remember the feud between the brothers one wanting to rid the earth of us and the other wanting to save his precious genesis experiment which he worked so hard on. That is part of the reason we were given or taught free will. IF we had to be smart enough to learn commands and learn the labor work, then we could be taught other things. They knew that and is why the knowledge was forbidden from us.
The whole starting wars thing is so because thats what was passed down to us. ALmost as if we inherited that gene or that way of life. WE mimicked what we saw and it contonued on through history.
All this is without me having the terra papers in front of me but it's all in there if you choose to actually read in depth every word written.
In my opinion it ties together a lot of circumstanses and consipricies and reasons conspirisies are. IT explains much that we couldn't have put together ourselves. IT helps to connect the dots to help us see the bigger picture, more so than anything else i've ever read.
IF you are still so unexcepting even after reading this then I must question what exactly are your beliefs. I could assume they are all somewhat closed minded and simple and not too complex as to disrubt the normality which we live in.
THere is more to the " truth". Always has been and always will be.
Most don't question anything in life because they have everything they ever wanted. Nice house, nice car, wife, kids, job security.....Why go against all that.
Once you have none of that to lose, then you can start to question the truth because really what do you have to lose nothing. what do you have to gain, everything. Open your stubborn mind atleast a little bit and give truth a chance.
IF you don't try and answere your own questions then whats the use in asking them?
IF you see it as just comic book fiction, then take time to figure out how it could actually be real. IF you can't understand then , then post with the thought of " somebody explain this to me so I can understand it" not just shoot it down like you know everything.
We humans always think we have found the answer or know all there is to know about everything or a certain topic or subject. WE really only know a small percentage of what is really out there. IF you disagree prove me wrong.

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