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Prophet 'Yahweh' and the ATS challenge

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:33 AM
Seeing as apparently this guy can 'summon' UFO's and has tried to twist the challenge to his own end , why doesn't ATS and this so called 'Prophet' meet halfway?
ATS aint going to want to spend the money meeting him only for him to let one of his mates let go of a balloon. Then why not say to him 'summon a UFO and suggest it fly over the ATS founders house at so and so time on so and so date, the ATS observer can video tape it for all to see, let the 'prophet' prove he can summon one .
But keep the communications between this 'Prophet' and ATS secret so no false sightings?
That way it builds crediblity for this 'Prophet' or prove he's a fake once and for all.
Mind you saying that he'd probably say " oh yeah it'll turn up at this time , on this day ", then when it doesn't materialise say something like " the conditions weren't right " or some other BS.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:47 AM
PROPHET yahweh chose his name well what you should realizing is that we have been spelling his name wrong all along it should be PROFIT yahweh.

the real issue between him and ATS is he wanted to turn it into a pay per view event. etc.

In truth it was just another excuse to avoid being revealed as a fraud. IMHO.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 08:52 AM
I'll give you a quick answer and then I'm shutting the thread as the topic has been covered and we don't need to continue giving this guy the free pr.

We wanted to set it up so he could summon ufos on our terms, not his. Basically, we wanted to ensure that the man was not pulling any stunts so we decided to set the terms as basic as possible. Our location was essential. We want to ensure that no balloon releases could be done from around the corner, behind a building etc. Ramon miraculously pulled the race card out and likened Springer to someone setting him up in kkk territory (still not sure how he came to that conclusion) and that was, pretty much, it.

All the talk of lawyers, contracts etc are silly as we'd need to clear the first hurdle to even get to a point where we would hammer out a deal. Point one, we select the location, was refused.

It should also be pointed out that Ramon is rather clear in his desire to make money on this. The "prophet" wants to profit. He wants a pay per view event and we simply will not get involved in something along those lines. That little nugget was enough to tell us that this is nothing more than a means to make money for the guy.

Lastly, he has already said that he'd be unable to produce the ufos. He said he wouldn't be able to summon them for amateurs, nonbelievers and he even invoked the evil white man of his dreams, with an S in his name as someone who he wouldn't be able to summon for. Springer is that evil white man, per his other remarks.

So, to recap, he won't summon in an arena that removes his ability to use trickery. He won't summon if he isn't charging people to watch and he says he can't summon for nonbelievers (all of us), amateurs (us I think) and evil whitey (springer).

If he won't and he can't, why bother?

With that, the thread is closed.

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