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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 03:49 AM
If you are being subjected to any form of long term harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racism stalking, verbal abuse, or a targeted campaign of malicious gossip, the following information might be helpful:

Some groups of people seem to be more at risk than others. The person who is responsible for this harassment has strong connections with a group of paedophiles, so if you have a family, please take the following security measures.

1)Buy a cheap used laptop / desktop – almost any old computer will do, so there is no need to pay a lot. Use this to type letters, store your family photographs and other personal stuff. Keep all documents with your home address, location of your children's school etc. on this machine. Never use it on the internet.
2)Transfer all the private data from your internet computer to the used laptop / desktop and re-format the hard drive of the internet computer.
3)Install some decent security software on the internet computer (a firewall which 'stealths' your IP address would be ideal).

Hope this helps.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by fosdyke

This guy is a serious serial stalker, who has been harassing Myatt for years, who anonymously posts libelous information about Myatt - or who tries to be clever and links to other libelous information. Sometimes this stalker tries to be even more clever and so does not directly name his intended target - the victim of his own harassment - but instead gives links to items which do name his victim. Devious, or what? Fitting the profile of a stalker, of someone who is harassing someone else? Certainly.

So the person who is writing about harassment is actually harassing someone. Nice!

He's been posting the same stuff about the same person for years on forums all over the world. All anonymously of course. How very heroic.

His latest paranoid wheeze is about Myatt hacking into the computers of disabled people and then harassing them.

He's been asked many times to debate these lies of his on the Islamic Awakening forum where Myatt's Muslim friends can reply to him in person. He's hasn't done so and we all know why.

He's been asked many times to give the Police incident number since he alleges he's reported claims of such hacking to the Police. He hasn't done so - because he hasn't got one and is a fantasist.

He gives no evidence whatsoever for any of his claims - only links to sites which make allegations without providing evidence.


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