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New World Law: Outlawing laws in advance

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 07:08 PM
Is it possible to outlaw a law before it's even a legislation matter?

What would be the most toughest and disliked new law for Americans in the U.S. to have to abide by that you can think of that's not yet drawn up in any proposal?

Would you like to see a new branch to Congress called Anti-Congress with new law makers that brain storm to think up all the harsh law possiblities only to have them outlawed in advance so that the old Congress and current president cant spawn laws that would work as plagues against us?

The Anti-Congressmen would work as a fail safe switch to keep Americans from worrying about what unwanted could come in, say, a new world order. It would be as a defensive play. They could set up the Anti-Capital building that seats Anti-Congresspersons in the opposite place of the U.S.'s powerful city. Detroit Mich is opposite Wash D.C. Detroit M.I. is incapacitated while Wash D.C. is powerful. It'll create new decent paying jobs.

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