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A Message In A Bottle To Oneself

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:35 PM
If one could go back in time, or even here in the present, would one send oneself a message in a bottle? What would that message be that one would send to oneself? Would one send oneself information on future events, or past events or even present events? What about sending oneself the truth about who and what oneself is?

What if I told you that this, what you are reading right here, right now, is your vary own message in a bottle that you are sending to yourself? Is it too Hard to believe or is it simply beyond your current comprehension of what is real?
In the movie The Matrix, Morphius asks Neo "What is real? How do you define real? If real is what you feel, smell, taste, and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by the brain".

Many people ask them self, Who is "The One" who was/is Jesus Christ? The answer is "I AM". Not just me because "I AM", but because "I AM You" and "you are me"! We are "One"... The One, the only, a singular consciousness we call GOD. This may be vary difficult to understand but "I AM everything" right down the the vary molecule/electron of exsistance itself. When you look at the sun you are looking at oneself. The air one breaths, are simply breathing in oneself. You are oneness, and one is everything that is.

In the Holy books GOD says "Let us make man, in our image and in our likeness. So that he may have free will, to rule over the Earth and the heavens. So that his will, will be done". The truth is we, you, me are GOD and of the Holy Spirit. Have you not been told that you have a spirit inside you? Also known as the "Sole" Sole=One=Singular. Also that GOD is within us all?

Many people contemplate on what was the actual forbidden fruit of knowledge that was forbidden to Adam and Eve. The truth is that the forbidden fruit of knowledge was the knowledge of "Individuality". This is mine and mine alone and it is not yours. This is what brought out the 7 cardinal sins Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.
Because when you are one with GOD, you are God, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of, there is nothing to lust over because what you end up lusting for is actually you. Which is why it is said "When you give love, you receive it back ten fold. Jesus said that "It is better to give, than to receive". Mostly because one is giving love to oneself without expectations, because you are me and and I am you, when you love me you also love yourself. Ever notice that when you get mad at another, that it is you who are actually the one who ends up in the bad mood and that it seems to get worst over a period of time? Yet someone you love walks in the door and within seconds you are no longer in a bad mood and begin to become in a good mood?

You can either be the individual that you were deceived into believing you are, and only perhaps live 100 years or you can be the spiritual being that you truly are, the one, the everything, the everlasting, one who will never taste death. Are you really willing to give up eternity in heaven for a few years here on Earth as an individual?

This is not about religion, because the truth is, that religion is corrupt, it is a structure to keep you as an individual and worship those who want to be worshiped by you. They want you, (A GOD) to worship them as an individual so that you remain an individual and then they can control and in slave you by telling you what you can or can not do. GOD himself said that all religions of the world are corrupted, so why do you follow a religion that even GOD himself said are corrupt. Probably because you want to be with GOD in Heaven. But yet GOD also said that one should not allow oneself to be deceived by another. For the kingdom of Heaven is within oneself.

For example, when the churches believed the Earth was flat.... They killed anyone who believed the Earth was round. They forced there views on everyone. The churches would have you believe that I or You right now, right here in this vary message, are blasphemous against GOD. There is no blasphemy. Unless you use GODs name in vain.

Now I Am not trying to tell you that GOD is not real or that Jesus never walked the face of the Earth, I Am trying to show you that the Holy books are actually History books and have been misinterpreted by the churches or either have mislead the mass populous purposefully. The most sacred books of all. Take for example The great flood, if you knew it was coming what would be the one knowledge that one would keep with one as sacred knowledge? History? Science? Language? Geography? etc...
The truth is you would keep History, because everything else could be re tough or learned again through time, But if one loses ones history of who one is and are and how one came to be, then you would be lost, Just as we are today still trying to figure out who we are and how it is we came to be.


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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:52 PM
I would send myself the winning lottery numbers and perhaps a list of stocks to invest in if I could do that.

that would guarantee a better future for sure

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:55 PM
Many people claim we were Created by a creator, while many others claim we evolved from a rock.
Creationism versus Evolutionist.
The reason many people want you to believe in evolution is simply because, if you do, then there is no creator, if there is no Creator, there for he who owns the land, rules the others, and in return we become nothing but savages.Now I will show you how utterly preposterous the idea of evolution is. If man(Adam) evolved from a rock, what are the odds of that happening? 1 in a million? Now what about the odds of another(Eve) evolving from a rock? We all know that one man and one woman could not have populated the world as we know it today to be. Because science has tough us that if we keep reproducing amongst ourself(incest) then in a vary short time we would end up contaminating the gean pool, that which happeneds when a brother and sister or close cousin mate together, also known as insets. Also where does our Love and Compassion come from? A rock? So now what are the odds of not just Adam and Eve evolving from a rock but also other men and woman evolving from that rock, because we know there would have to be a sufficient amount to be able to populate the world to what the population is today. The world's population is believe to be over 6.5 Billion. On another side who created the rock that created man?

The only reason this can be explained is Creationism, Just because one can not explain the details of how creationism works does not just mean we should forget about it and accept evolution as fact. For GOD works in mysterious ways that we as individuals can not comprehend. But when we act as one and become one with oneself and everything there is, we begin to realize that there can only be love and compassion because one is everything.

Try and think of it this way. GOD created the Heavens and the Earth and then on the 7th day he rested. Now think for a moment that as GOD is resting on the 7th day, what it is he would be doing to get rest? Taking a nap or sleeping comes to mind. Now try to realize that we are GODs imagination in his dreams running wild on the face of the earth, there for I or You because I am you and you are me, that we are simply a figment of GOD imagination. What can you imagine in your imagination? Can you imaging being rich, able to fly with out wings, able to move mountains? One must admit that if one could live in there imagination that one could control destiny, live in a perfect world, have peace on Earth, never know wars, never know hunger, never know death. Jesus and the Myans claim that all that is, will come to pass, perhaps we as GOD will finally wake up and we will simple become the one that we are, the truth, the light, the alpha(beginning) and the omega(ending). The book of revelations speaks well of this end time, and that there will be a great awakening. GODs awakening, we awake on a subconscious(spiritual) level and realize that we are GODs imagination in a dream realm, to experience all that there is to experience.

You must admit that when reading the Holy books or Holly scribes, and even regular history books that allot of it seems to fiction or the works of imagination. So who is who to say either way. The more we begin to believe we are individuals the less likely we are to believe these tales from so long ago, and we become what many describe as Atheist's. Not believing anything that we can not explain or see or even touch. It become nothing more that wild imagination.

Have you ever thought about why one exists? What is one's purpose? What is ones meaning? Have you ever heard of the "Laws of Attraction" what you put out comes back to you? Scientists have performed a test with small electrons. Watch the experiment.

Now the question is, did they, with there minds control the electron by just observing it, or do you think that the single electron has a mind of it's own, to do as it pleases or did the scientists literally control the electron to do what the scientists wanted or thought it should do? If the scientist were able to control a single electron, is this not the work of a GOD? How can a mire human effect a single molecule with thought alone? Remember that GOD had said in the beginning that Man had free will and that his will be done? We have that will, to be able to control and create our own reality. This is why there is so much confusion in the world and why the world is the way it is today. because we as individuals create the world in which we exist, everyone as an individual all want different things because we believe different and in different things. But if we were to all be as one and all wanted one thing and we worked as one to create a new world with our thoughts, imagine the possibilities that could come from this.

When I was little I used to have one hell of an imagination, I used to day dream so much that it affected my life in such a way that I had a hard time being in the so called real world. My teachers always told me to stop day dreaming, and because of my day dreaming I got poor grades and was referred to as a spacial child that needed spacial attention. You know what I mean, the dumb kid, the retard. There for they put me into spacial class's with others not so gifted student's. My parents thought I was dumb and lazy and that I just did not want to apply myself to learning. The things I used to imagine in those day's are quite intriguing considering that I look around today and see all of the things that I used to day dream/imagine have actually come true, It's like how could this be? Did I really create my own reality? The answer is "yes" I did create my own reality.


posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Now I know what you must be thinking... I just admitted that I'm an idiot right? Wrong! I am far from being an idiot, as you will soon see. In the year 1999, I decided to change my life style and decided to go to college and get a Diploma in Computer programming and System Analyst. This takes about 5 years to accomplish, But I was not interested in going to school for for 5 or more years to accomplish my goal. When I spoke with those at the college, I asked if it was possible for me to graduate early. They said sure. So I decided to take the challenge as this was my will. Well I failed the entry exam, but they who were administering to me at the college said that I had failed the entrance exam and there for I was unable to attend the school, but they said they could see how badly I wanted this. There for they said they would give me a chance but that if they seen that i was going to fail they would have to pull me out of the school. I agreed. I also graduated in 11 months with a full diploma and a 91% average. Guess I'm not so stupid after all. The thing is, is if it is your will and you focus or imagine it as a reality you end up making it reality. Think about some of the things you wanted more that anything... did you achieve them, or did you create your reality so that you could achieve them?

Basically what I'm telling you is that you are a GOD! with the power of will, to make up your own reality and the reason you can do this is simply because you are everything. You are the rock, the stone, the water, the trees, the air, and most important is that I am you and you are me. So this is your "message in a bottle" to wake yourself up to the truth of who you are and what you are.

The awakening is here, it is everywhere, but if we fail to wake up as a collective consciousness we may in fact circum to our own nightmare so to speak. We can have Heaven on Earth or we can have Hell on Earth. Where we go from here is up to you.

So by now you are probably pondering to yourself as to how the power of GOD works and how can you use this power? The holy books speaks of when one is one with GOD they have "GOD Head" to achieve GOD Head is simple... in fact many of you do it on a daily basis. It's called Imagination. The best way to do this is to sit in a meditative state by crossing your legs as you are sitting keeping the hand or palms together, like as if you are praying. It is not necessary be have to be in this position, but if does seem to have a greater effect. The second thing you need to do is focus on your breathing. The third is simple just clear you mind of everything but keeping in mind that you are everything, every single molecule and/or electron is you and that everyone in this world is also you. The forth is unconditional love, and why not? If everything is you then there is no need for greed or jealousy or hate. Love everything and everyone and what ends up happening is you end up loving yourself. The fifth is to start imagining peace onto everything and everyone and just go from there. 30 min to an hour a day and you will see, that what I or you have said here, is True.

Do not let those who want you to worship them as individuals to cloud your thoughts and emotions, because they are you in another experience and they have been deceived into thinking that what we think is real is the real world. Do not be mad with them or wish them harm because you will be projecting all of that back onto yourself. In other words, if someone was to chop off my leg, I would love them and forgive them because I know that they have been deceived and that they do not know what it is that they do, because if they knew I was them they would not have chopped off my leg.

Just as Jesus did when he was beaten and crucified, he asked GOD to forgive them for they knew not what they were doing.

If you read the Holy books and Holy scribes and listen to what GOD and Jesus say keeping in mind what I have just said unto you, you will start to hear the true words of GOD and Jesus.

For Jesus said "Do ye not know that ye are a GOD, and that which I have done you can do as well, and greater".

It does not mean that we are greater than he, what he is saying is that the miracles he had performed while on Earth were nothing in comparison as to what we can truly do. I mean think about this... If you could rid the world of all evil, would that not be a greater miracle than when Jesus had brought back the dead, or cured another of disease, or make a blind man see?

Ever wonder why Jesus did not do these thing? I always have, and I know the answer to that, do you? I'll will tell you, It is the reason for our being. It is for us to save ourself.

Many believe Jesus is coming back to save us, but no where in any Holy book or Holy scribes does it say that Jesus is coming back to save us again. It's is for us to realize who and what we are and to save ourself. This is the true teachings of Jesus Christ. For whoever shall believe in me shall inharret the kingdom of my Father.

I AM The Truth; I AM That I AM.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:17 PM
There is a new DVD out there called "The Moses Code" that explains much, and I highly recommend watching it.


The greatest conspiracy is that those who want to rule the world will not allow you to know that we are a GOD. This is the true Matrix we live in.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by SpaceBits

i haven't a "message in the bottle" so to speak; not at this particular moment anyway.

just wanted to say that what you posted originally is very interesting. i have heard others on here allude to the same thing, but didn't make it quite as clear (for me anyway) as you just did. still searching for the truth, but now kind of want to look at things w/ the perspective you just gave and see what happens. thanks for taking the time to write that out in a well thought out way.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by justamomma

Thank you, you are kind.

It took a better part of 12 years of searching for the truth, and when I came to the conclusion that I have, I was dumbfounded and did not think people would understand or see what the truth really is, most are to stuck on there individuality to care about anything else. I only hope this may wake up people into realizing that we are more that just an individual and that we are actually a singular consciousness, also known as GOD.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:47 PM
I know it's not me because I have better spelling...

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by Johnmike
I know it's not me because I have better spelling...

Yes, you probably do, but you as me in this experience do not.

Thank you for insight.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by SpaceBits
Yes, you probably do, but you as me in this experience do not.


Anyway, beside the bad joke, you said you got a diploma in programming and systems? What kind? Like a B.S., certificate, etc?

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by Johnmike

I can see you are one who has a hard time thinking outside the box, this is understandable since it is the way we where all taught from birth.

As for the diploma, here in Canada it's just a diploma. A certificate I guess you could say.

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 09:40 PM
I just found the movie I was talking about that I feel many should watch.
Its 60 min long.

hope it works

The Moses Code

Google Video Link

ok well the here is a link
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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 02:27 PM
Then maybe to even out your brain you should check out a good documentary called: "The god who wasn't there".
Very interesting.

Here is an excerpt.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by blupblup
Then maybe to even out your brain you should check out a good documentary called: "The god who wasn't there".
Very interesting.

Here is an excerpt.

You do know it was the churches that manipulate religion, and the time lines.
As for there being a gap between Jesus and his apostles, it's because Jesus was crucified for teaching that we are GODs and we shouldn't be worshiping them. So yeah the apostles were in hiding and tough in secrecy until it cough on big time.

The churches had to circum to the people and probably made up allot of crap about Jesus. Like Christmas it's nothing more than a pagan holiday. Nowhere does it say Jesus was born on December 25th. The churches say Jesus died in the year 0. Probably another lie.

Who and why would someone make up what it was Jesus was saying and teaching? Theres nothing to gain from it, and it only weakens the grip of those who want to own/rule you.

Reading the book of revelations should reaffirm he was real... as to when he lived who knows. But the book speaks about the mark of the beast will be worn on the right hand or the forehead and that know one will be able to buy or sell with out it, and to refuse the beast system.

Take a look around you, have you not heard of the microchip? A cashless society? this is the beast system... so why would those who want to own/rule you have created Jesus, warning you about what there going to do to you then tell you not to comply? That make absolutely no sense.

They are trying to destroy every trace of Jesus because they are afraid that people will begin to see there deception. Practically no body reads anymore so they just listen to the churches and go along with them. Instead of reading the books for them self.

Don't allow yourself to be deceived by the beast. The only thing he has over humanity is Deception and he's a pro at it. He knows you better than you know yourself. He can't do anything to us but deceive us, he has no powers.
Unless we give him ours, then he could use power through us.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 06:43 PM
Has anyone noticed that a new user here on ATS created an account and a thread the very next day after I created this thread. It's called "Terra Papers - I was there" Have a gander

And she got 36 Flags and over 15 stars for this???? People actually believe they are slaves of a reptilian race?
Can someone please explain to me why they would have created slaves with "Free Will", "Compassion", "Love", etc... Do you knot now your own history to see that humanity has always fought against slavery. We would rather die than be slaves.

Again read the "Book of Revelations" it's all explained in there.

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:34 PM
Reptilians are as valid a theory as what you are saying about jesus and the bible.
It's just not as many people are brainwashed by it.....yet.

"The notion that religion is a proper field, in which one might claim expertise, is one that should not go unquestioned. That clergyman presumably would not have deferred to the expertise of a claimed "fairyologist" on the exact shape and colour of fairy wings."-

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by SpaceBits

I don't have time to go over this entire, fascinating thread right now, but you did inspire one quick response...

While it is entirely possible that we did not evolve. What I believe is important is that we begin. I think it's time to start evolving, regardless of whether we have in the past or not.
Also, it doesn't seem to be entirely automated (evolution) I get the distinct feeling that it requires some effort - even if that consists of simply a certain attitude... anyway there's a cent... cheers

-sorry if i'm waaaaay far off topic....

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by verbal kint

Nope, your not off topic, evolution does fit in here. I'm sure once we realize the full truth about everything that is going on in the world today and perhaps even in the past as well... We (hopefully) will learn from it and grow from it, which could be seen as evolving.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Edited to add...

I hope the march on July 12 2008 works out for yous in America. May it be a peaceful one.

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